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41 The Lost Mattress

It's quite disturbing to see Mr Krabs on a hospital bed like that in the first place. Also, notice how creepy the hospital is... and think about, how this hospital only appeared in this one episode, and it never appeared again...

42 To Love a Patty

Wow. Absolutely NO comments here(before this one). You'd think it'd be common sense for this one to be in the top ten, probably even top five.

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43 Nature Pants

Man, Did that episode scare me, I mean Patrick going insane, SpongeBob getting Stung by jellyfish & getting visited by poison sea urchins, its crazy.

It is a good episode, but the music background when patrick was telling SpongeBob what he was going to do with him scared the hell out of me as well as the entire Patrick trying to catch SpongeBob ordeal but nonetheless a good episode

The music box that played when Patrick wanted to turn spongebob into a trophy still creeps me out

44 Squid Baby

This deserves to be high on this list because it not shows Squidward as a baby but also SpongeBob and Patrick treating him like one. Now that's downright disturbing because of how it portrays my favorite male character in SpongeBob SquarePants. If I see the writes who did that, I'll be pretty nasty to them.

Squidward hits his head and becomes a baby. It's just very weird. - Powerfulgirl10

SpongeBob and Patrick take care of an adult in a diaper. - Garythesnail

Doesn't this episode mock head trauma? - redhawk766

45 Gary's New Toy

The moment when Gary turns around to reveal he's painted a red circle on his face is pretty creepy.

I agree that was a creppy moment I had night terors of gary for a week and still do after watching my episode

46 Tunnel of Glove

The animatronics creep me out... O.O, but that's the only reason it's a bit creepy... the rest is fun!

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48 The Two Faces of Squidward

This epsoides so scary I would put this on 7 I hate the hospital music it's scary and at the end it's werd

This epsoides creppy when it shows spongebob clip his toenails - notetoselfidoe

49 Dumped

I still have trouble looking at that was face with the black around his eyes. It's really disturbing.

The faces SpongeBob made are really creepy.

50 Ghoul Fools
51 Blackjack

Blackjack was creppy because of the music and It's creppy how spongebob thinks his parents are getting killed by blackjack this epsoide isn't like number 1 it's just kind of creppy that spongebob thinks his parents are getting killed by blackjack and spongebobs all scared it's a little bit creppy - Spongebob3546474

52 Once Bitten

This one scared me as a kid - Gangem

53 Band Geeks

This is the wurst spongebob episode ever, I had nightmares after watching this motherfreaking atrocity

54 No Pictures Please

Really weird... - Alien51

55 Little Yellow Book

Patrick eats poop, and only squidward got punished instead of everyone else that read SpongeBobs diary

Wait he did how come I don't remeber that

This ought to be high on this list because of all the Squidward torture it has. I'm glad that Squidward got back at SpongeBob for all he gave him. But I'm not glad that he got avenged by all the other townsfolk of Bikini Bottom. What hypocrites they are!

The episode's also creepy because Squidward didn't care that he got tortured. Well, he should! If I'm hin, I'd murder SpongeBob and all of my haters, and get away scott free. And if anyone tries to have my punished, I'd victimize that jerka**.

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57 Karate Choppers

The episode itself isn't scary at all, but three words: Volcano Sauce Drop. Enough said. - Chikinan

58 Valentine's Day

Some of Patrick's emotions and the imagery in this episode are pretty creepy at times. I mean, it's a fun, light-hearted episode, but Patrick's rampage could be considered frightening to little kids.

I love Patrick already partially insane and what he looks like when he says "FERRIS WHEEL! " and of course there are the lines I defy you heart man! " and "HEART ON STICK MUST DIE! "

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59 The Inmates Of Summer

I can't believe that this episode isn't high on this list. It deserves to be because of how masochistic SpongeBob and Patrick are shown in it.

60 Fungus Among Us

If there's one episode that takes up an entire page, just leave it off; it's the last episode on this list, anyway.

This episode is just all in all disgusting

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