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Here is the list of top indian player's of all time.
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1 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

No Doubt he is the king of Indian Cricket. He was the solo entertainer during his first few years until Dhoni and other
new players started entering in to the cricket team. He amazed people of all ages. Entire match depended on his batting. Now you have multiple options of players, Dhoni, Kohli, Sharma, Yuvraj...

I think Sachin Tendulkar made over 100 centuries and scored more than 1708 runs and he is a good bowler in cricket. He has taken 5 wickets twice on the Australian Stadium Pert. He is my one of the favorite player.

He is the right hand of Sir Don Bradman. His shots are same like Sir Don Bradman. He is always cool. He had many strength problems but he never gave up till he holds the World Cup Trophy, his dream was just to hold the World Cup. For chasing his dream he became the best cricketer also.
Abhimanyu Vaykar

He is the best. He is the manager, director and producer of Cricker. Got it!

2 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

More than only a batsman & a wicket-keeper! He's the mastermind of winning any match. I don't think there is anyone else other than MSD who has a better understanding of ongoing game. No doubts, he has degraded his batting strength for the team by coming down the order. But when it comes to batting, there is no comparison in running between the wickets and the power he has in his magical hands, which can scare any bowler in this world, no matter how dangerous he is in front of others. Love you MSD... from the day you hit 183*, your highest score, on my birthday to save India against defeat from Sri Lanka.

Nothing to say

Cricket means DHONI
Whenever I think of cricket only one name MSD come to mind. The Chanakya of cricket the great MS Dhoni.

Dhoni has excellent record in all formats of cricket. And remember, he achieved all this along with his body breaking wicket keeper job. When we count someone great, it is not only due to various records of cricket, it was all achieved holding the captaincy pressure also. So, if you account all three responsibilities ie, captaincy, wicket keeping and personal performance to win various championship, tell me who stand taller than MS Dhoni?

Long live Dhoni... And long live his captaincy... Because he is the only captain who can lead the Indian team to glory... He is a true legend...

3 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the biggest choker of cricket. He is just a bilateral bully who scores many runs in meaningless matches, only to choke in important matches. His ODI WC knockout records are 24(33), 9(21), 35(49), 3(8), 1(13), 1(6)- averages 12 compared to his career Average of 59. Not even a 50, horrible! Also don't forget his amazing performance in CT17 final. Laude ka best batsman. What an embarrassment for India! Ponting, Gilchrist and Sir Viv Richards are baap of Choker Kohli. They have scored match winning mammoth scores of 140,149,138 in finals respectively. While Kohli has not even scored a 50. Also biggest panauti and worst captain for India. Has not any won any trophies till now. He is not even dust of Thala Dhoni who has won trophies and that amazing 91 in final.

An awesome player nobody can beat him

He is the only batsman to score 5 centuries in a row

He is the fastest to hit 13 hundreds

He scored 1000 runs the fastest

He is the next Sachin tendulkar

He is an awesome player. Nobody can beat him. He is too handsome. He is the next sachin tendulkar. Virat is the best & HE will be the best captain in future. Nothing more to say.

Classy player and is a rather vicious hitter and slams his shots with supreme power and speed. He will for sure be a cricket legend later in his career

He is the best and a wonderful cricketer he make team India to a best team in the world. No anyone beat him and no anyone bowler face him. Really he was our second Sachin Tendulkar. When he play all batters and bowlers are down. He make records and beat everyone in this earth. Virat Kohli is the only player who beat all records in one time. And he's 1st 200 runs make him a Indian Best Cricketer...

Virat kohli is awesome, handsome, passionate and stylish cricketer.
He is the only player who is best in T20, ODI and TEST formats.
No doubt he is the next captain and next sachin tendulkar.
Virat kohli is a true chaser, who likes batting in dark lightes and a complete match winner for India.
He can also chase 400 runs.
Even great people like SAURAV GANGULY, VIV RICHARDS love virat kohli batting.
In future VIRAT KOHLI is a true legend.

4 Kapil Dev

I think Kapil should at least be second on this list. I think this because
A.He won India the 1983 world cup facing the best cricket team of all time. (The early! 980s West Indian team)
B. He is the allrounder with the most records and could have made more if Azhar did not have him retire
C. At that time most of the Indian bowlers were spinners, so the pitches in India were mostly for spinners, so he was not able to reach his full bowling potential because of this.
D. Kapil Dev batted at number 7! If he batted up the order he would have more records and more time to bat winning more matches for India.

Kapil may be after sachin but must be above the rest Indian player. He was not only best Indian medium fast bowler or best Indian all rounder but also hurricane batsman positive thinking captain and a good fielder of that time.No other Indian player excluding sachin can stand before kapil paji. Dhoni may be eqal to him in present time.

He is the first reason why Indians started watching cricket! He is the first legend and is most under rated now due to the different times! He won World Cup When there were no ad revenues no glamour no technology. Truly legend!

A true champion, he is one of best all rounder of the world of his era, who can change the fortune of the matches of his own in little time, with his seam bowling or hurricane batting!

5 Sourav Ganguly Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, affectionately known as Dada, is a former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team.

Apart from being one of the all time greatest batsman in the world, It was DADA who made Indian Team to Team India. He brought passion for winning the matches in the Team. His contribution to Indian Cricket is the most. He made the Team India what we see today. He brought Passion, Aggression, Hunger, Wit in the team.

His legacy will stay forever in the minds of all the cricket lovers in India and abroad as well.

A) winning habits are created only after persistent attempts to transform, so in my mind he is by far the most impactful cricketer in indian cricket history. Someone who transformed Indian cricket for good.
b) He was among the all time one day greats and among India's finest in Tests too (taking into consideration his weakness against short pitch, lean patches et cetera).
c) Someone who spotted, inspired and groomed India's next gen talents and leaders

He is the one who brought back the self believe in Indian cricket. He tought how to win. There are lot of controversies surrounding him, but its for sure that he is the one that changed Indian cricket. A lot if players playing in the current team wad taken up by him. Even MS Dhoni. So lets not forget the great man. The true gem of indain cricket. The game changer. We love you dada...

He is king of all captains. He shows the meaning of the leadership to the entire cricket with out him there is no name for Indian team because of his decisions only bcci got in first. With in our country it is for Indian players out of India only its difficult to play all of you just remember 2003 worldcup. Finally we salute ganguly ji India ka DADA.

6 Virender Sehwag Virender Sehwag is an Indian cricketer whose aggressive batting has found success at the top of the batting order.

SEHWAG is a great legend player who plays fearlessly and has many unbeatable records like 2 triple centuries and 5 double centuries in test with career strike rate of over 80 averaging 50 in tests which is a miracle milestone he achieved. In Onedays he scored 219 which is highest and in career has 8500 runs at strike rate of over 100 averaging 35.
He is a great player India is blessed with.
YOU can ask many great bowlers about how destructive sehwag is.
For me If sachin is number 1 in cricket then SEHWAG comes in NO 2.

When he stands on the pitch awaiting the delivery, everybody has their heart skipping beats.

He is the blistering opener in the world
When he stands on the pitch awaiting the delivery, everybody has their heart skipping beats.

He is a devastator for opponent.. When he keeps going no one can stop him and history shows whenever he hits a century the chances of win rate is more for India

7 Yuvraj Singh

He is the most aggressive batsmen that the world has ever seen. The cricket ball must be honoured by his bat. His pledge to fight cancer was a remainder of his strong will power

A man of his character will never be seen again, man behind India's biggest achievements, ability to deliver under extreme conditions.

Success doesn't mean climbing too high when you are fit, but it lies in escaping a well when one fall into it and Yuvi is the perfect example for that.

He is powerful batsman in indian team and he was best make to won for important situations and maintain our team to won...

8 Sunil Gavaskar

I think we should change the title to "Favourite Indian Cricket Player", too much bias for my liking. Some of these players are good but they aren't that good. Did they have the face one of the best bowling line-ups? (West Indies) No they didn't. Vote for the best, not your favourite player...

The top 5 should be Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Dev, Dravid, Kumble, once that's done then you can work out the appropriate order.

Humble yet a performer but he did not ever was high headed like Virat Kohli. That was the beauty about Gavaskar. Long live the champ!

The very most selfish player who only played for his personal records.

One of the best the greatest batsman of his era.

9 Rohit Sharma Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians.

His sixes are POETRY IN MOTION no one else can match him What a gift by the GOD to cricket lovers. Keep sailing Rohit the whole cricket lovers are with

Nobody else in cricket's history can be compared with Ro-Hitman Sharma when it comes to hit the ball with an brilliant time..
He's a genius on pitch during batting.
Excellent and wise cricketer.
Except yuvi no one else in Indian cricket could as easily loft the ball beyond the boundary like Hitman.

He is best classical player than anyone else.. In almost all the time he don't fails to give a good score for his team.. No one can beat him.. I like him very much after the god (sachin)..

Just look at his strike rate after scoring a 50...!
Plus he has a unique record of scoring 3 double tons in ODIs..
Therefore he is regarded as the most destructive batsman in limited overs cricket of all time..!

10 Rahul Dravid

Test cricket is being considered as the real cricket as it tests not only your technical skills as a batsman but also your mental abilities. I don't know why he is at number 11 in the list.Dhoni/Ganguly is top in the list because they got good team who performed well for them.If you can see record of dravid as captain its pretty good.Under his captaincy India recorded 17th consecutive wins in one -days by chasing. Most important is he is the most respected cricketer and that's why he is at NCA and not on any profitable profiles in BCCI.

Should be in the 1st Place...for his all time play..
Dependable Bats man
Trusted Bats Man
Technically Giant than Sachin
Confidence levels are very High than ever had
is being respected by any player
Doesn't how to play politics.
Doesn't Know how to make groups
an Icon for the Honesty
A role model for every youngster
Calm going
The book of Cricket.

You should not be a great batsman to be on the should have the Great qualities like him, I am sure you don't find these qualities in any of the older generations to him and the younger.

Many legends during 99-2000s have their picture in Indian cricket museum. And the wall behind them is special. He is the success story behind every other one's success. The glue to Indian batting order. The thread that keeps batting intact. Marvelous jewel in Big 5. Dravid, Sachin, Ganguly, Laxman and Kumble

The impeccable wall, a strong foundation in batting line-up. Much profound as a team-player and devoted team member. His potential as a true player could never be harnessed by the team. Deserves much greater accolades and appreciation...

The Contenders
11 Anil Kumble

One big match winning player for India and would have been the same or more famous if he would have played for any other side.

Definitely a greatest spin bowler and most under rated player. Only player in India to take all ten wickets in an inning.

An outstanding personality of Indian cricket history on and off the field. 100% dedication and professional player.

Awesomeness! Team India's lucky to have him coaching! Royal challengers Bangalore forever!

12 V.V.S. Laxman

Finest middle order batsmen India ever had in the team. Classy batting is his style

Technical cricket player in world. Back bone of the Indian test cricket

Classic player with great ambitions and will be one of the most elegant players of India

I vote for vs laxman

13 Suresh Raina

Suresh Kumar Raina is the best player and best fielder. In every season in Ipl he secured above 400 runs. He is a only player to play all the matches. Dhoni is the best friend for Raina. He played very well for Gujarat lions. This team is the top of the list in Ipl. He is the first batsman who secured above 3800 runs in Ipl. He is the best captain for the gujarat lions.No one can beat raina as a fielder and batsman. He is the top batsman in twenty-twentys.

He is the only indian cricketer to make centuries in all formats of international cricket. He is a future captain for india and raina dhoni partnership is better than the best

He is the best fielder, one of the best batsman and a really good all rounder.
I am so dissapointed that such a good player is not selected for the indian team.

Selfless cricketer. Sincere Team Player. Charismatic on field.
Best in attacking and counter attacking batting. Appreciates everyone immensely

14 Gautam Gambhir Gautam Gambhir is an Indian politician and former cricketer, who has played all formats of the game.

You are the real champion. You can be the role model of young cricketers. You are the second wall of India.

He always sets an example.
I want Gambhir to make a comeback in Indian Cricket Team.

Unlucky You! got chances when you were failing and lost place after became dependable.

He is my idol and one of the best Indian cricketer. He should be the captain of India

15 Shikhar Dhawan

He is a powerful hitter! One of the great Indian openers!

Power shots of shikhar I can see. Powerful sixes

His celebration style after taking a catch is the best...

He is the best player and he should be number 4 or 5. Change it RIGHT NOW

16 MS Dhoni

Ms Dhoni's name is already given in number 2... why again?

Dhoni is number 1

I love you mahi

17 B.S. Chandrasekhar
18 Hardik Pandya

He is a fast player. He is better than rohit sharma. If someone supports him please feel bad. Bad player rohit best player
.hardik panda
.virat kohli
. Sachin tendulkar
Bad player
.rohit Sharma
. M.s dhoni

Best ever cricket player in India..

He is the best cricketer

He is a very best player

19 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

He is best bowler in team India.

Best bowler I seen... ! He is future legend... !

Yes... he is future legend

Best blower in world

20 M.Azharuddin

He is really classic player, with great athletic, he is second step of india who made India be great position..

He is a real inventor of Helicopter shot... And specialised in flick shot..

Lolz he was the one who was found guilty of match fixing he is the one who ditched the nation. Hats off for his greed for money if every player will be stylish like him India will losse every match even against Canada lolz

World best player ever seen.!

21 Ravi Shastri
22 Ravichandran Ashwin

Right now the number one test bowler and is rapidly taking wickets. So he should be in the top ten.

You are true I can see sir! Very intelligent cricketer.

He is also effective in bowling as virat in batting...

Our plus point... opposite minus point

23 Jasprit Bumrah

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has never made even David Warner Duck-Out, but Jasprit Bumrah has made Chris Gayle out by 5 Runs.

Jasprit Bumrah is an outstanding bowler, so I think that this position is not adequate for him...

Bumrah Dismissed Gayle by 5 Runs... Did The Bhuvneshwar Kumar Chump ever do something like that?

Jasprit bumrah is a jerk!

24 K.L. Rahul

Kl rahul is the best player and he is the future of indian team .Love you sir keep it up

Very nice player and very awesome..

Very nice cricket player

I think he is the best young player of indian cricket team after all those legends.he is future for our indian team

25 Ravindra Jadeja

He is an amazing spinner and batsman.

He is a best all rounder

He is the sir of cricket

You are the great

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