Top 10 Best Pakistani Cricketers of All Time

The Top Ten
1 Shahid Afridi

SHAHID AFRIDI is most best players of the world no one can beat him in cricket!

Great all rounder! Always a game changer with bowl and bat! My favorite player!

He is Great. He is a man who know how to swing a bat for a six!

Really? I love Afridi but he is WAY too unpridictable. He can be the best allrounder of all time but he just isn't consistent

2 Imran Khan

He is one of the greatest Pakistani Captain of all time.

Great captain and a great prime minister.

One of the best leaders in the cricket...

He is a great cricketer

3 Babar Azam

He is well-known bats man. He has fascination with cirket. I think he should rank 1st or 2nd in this list...

He is the best across all the formats!
He is full of class..

He is better than kohli forever and ever and ever.
I love Babar azam

Going to be one of the greatest in the future!

4 Wasim Akram Wasim Akram is a Pakistani cricket commentator, coach and former cricketer, captain of Pakistan national cricket team.

Wasim akram is the best Pakistani bowler, and he also led his team to the worldcup final in 1999. when wasim akram was playing for pak, it is known as the golden era of pak cricket,I. E from 1990 to 2003

Greatest cricketer ever

Superior quality bowler

King of swing

5 Mohammed Hafeez

Hafeez is best in world

My favourite player

One of the finest all rounders of the world
Professor for a reason

He must be on top

6 Mohammad Amir

Very good rising talent he is.

World class bowler

Mohammad Amir is the best Fast bowler of Pakistan in this Year

7 Shoaib Malik

One of the best batsman's Pakistan have ever had.. till he is playing on the ground Pakistan can win any of their match..!

Shoaib Malik is good t20 player and experience player. Malik is a noble man.

He is the best batsman of all time and a good power hitter.

Only player in the world Who Played on All Numbers from Opening to No.11

8 Inzamam Ul-Haq
9 Javed Miandad

The best. Check how many runs he scored in a vs .

10 Shoaib Akhtar

I love you shoaib akhtar

Best fast bowler ever

The Contenders
11 Sarfraz Ahmed

Best captain and keeper

Worst player because he himself can't do anything he just point out other team mates

12 Fakhar Zaman

Best longer innings player from Pakistan every.

13 Misbah Ul-Haq

Best Cricketer of all time. Best captain after Imran Khan Without him Pakistan Difficulty Chase 100 Runs

He is great player. Great hitter great test player.

14 Shaheen Afridi

Best bowler in the world

15 Saeed Ajmal

He was an excellent bowler, One of the absulute best of his time!

16 Imad Wasim

Best player in the world

17 Waqar Younis

Best fast bowler ever

18 Hasan Ali

He is a best bowler of Pakistan...

Best bowler in pakistan!

Hassan ali is my favourite bowler love you hassan please come back

19 Ahmed Shehzad

I love him the best player the cuts and handsome one and I can explain him.

Ahmed shehzad is best

This is very good and telanted player in Pakistani team My favorite player in Pakistani cricket team

20 Saeed Anwar
21 Abdul Razzaq

Best player in the world

He is very great player

22 Mohammad Yousuf
23 Shadab Khan

Shadab is best. He got a lot of wickets. Even he is young and only played one international game, he is so good spinner. Best Pakistani Spinner

World Cup tournament bowler this my this my wish an Like his style

24 Imran Nazeer
25 Kamran Akmal
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