Top 10 Best Right Hand Batsmen in Cricket

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1 Donald Bradman Sir Donald George Bradman often referred to as "The Don", was an Australian international cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman's career Test batting average of 99.94 has been cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.

He was, is and always will be greatest, most loved, most popular, most decorated, best, fastest, one of 7 wonders of cricket history.

Better than every batsman in cricket history.He played cricket with best average approximately 100 which is the proof of his greatness.

2 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

DON couldn't have scored as consistently as him in this era. Accept it guys there was no competition in his era. And as far as 'flat pitches of sub-continent' are concened let me tell you that sachin has a better away record than home record. And ponting has a poor avearge on these so called flat pitches. And by the way not every batsman scores highly on these so called flat pitches. So don't think its easy to score on flat pitches consistently. But when you are comparing eras you have to keep certain factors in mind. Just think about cricket being played 100 or 90 years ago... It sound same as playing gully cricket in the sub continent. And as far as modern batsmen are concerned then 2 stand out to be compared with the master... Sangakkara and Kallis. But both of them are not complete batsmen as sachin... Like poor averages in few countries. You could say they are better in term of average but I would always prefer watching tendulkar or even lara over these 2 batsmen. They are great... No doubt but they aren't exactly lara or sachin. A cricket fan will understand what I'm trying to say... But in my opinion opinion lara is the closest to sachin in the history of the game. I would like to conclude with a similar (not exactly) statement made by warney- sachin is the best batsman in the history of the game... Daylight second... Brian lara third!

3 Rahul Dravid

He is a wall. He will chase down runs so well there will be no way out from DRAVID

I love his batting style. No one can replace him

The well supper man

4 Virat Kohli

Virat kohl is the best

King for ever

Great classical player good luck for future he may broke the record of sachin

5 Ricky Ponting

Ricky ponting si the king if anyone say that he is a bad cricketer so he is big mental in the world

6 Virender Sehwag Virender Sehwag is an Indian cricketer whose aggressive batting has found success at the top of the batting order.

He is master mine

7 Jacques Kallis
8 Vivian Richards

Arguably the most aggressive and destructive batsman in the history of cricket

9 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

MSD is the best cricketer. He has all the qualities that a good human being and the cricketer must Have!

MSD is the best cricketer. He has all the qualities of a good human being and the best cricketer..

He has gone out of form these days.

10 Rohit Sharma Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians.

He has gone out of form these days.

His Best of cricket

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11 AB de Villiers Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, commonly known as AB de Villiers, Mr. 360° or simply AB, is a South African cricketer.

Ab de Villers is the best batsmen ever and is the heart of cricket. I love him more than anything else

12 Mahela Jayawardene
13 Kane Williamson

He is my favourite cricketer. I like how he bats. I hope to be like him

Kane at 14 outrage

14 Kevin Pietersen

This is great

15 Shahid Afridi
16 Inzamam-ul-Haq
17 Misbah-ul-Haq
18 Kieron Pollard
19 Trent Boult Trent Alexander Boult is a New Zealand international cricketer who plays as a bowler and tail end batsman for the Delhi Daredevils in the IPL, Northern Districts in New Zealand's domestic cricket, and New Zealand internationally.
20 Babar Azam
21 Hashim Amla Hashim Mahomed Amla OIS is a former South African international cricketer who played for South Africa in all three formats.
22 Glenn Maxwell Glenn James Maxwell is an Australian cricketer who plays One Day International and Twenty 20 International matches for Australia.

I like your sixes

23 Sunil Gavaskar

Sunny is the best technically sound batsman in the world.

24 Umar Akmal
25 Michael Clarke
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