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1 George

5 things why Curious George sucks:

5: In one episode where George, Hundley and Gnoochi get stuck in a truck and Steve, who is busy beating a video game clearly doesn't know he's stuck in a furniture moving truck.

4: The Man in the Yellow Hat usually don't really explain about George's mistakes or accidents which makes an episode boring and him dumb.

3: There are too many episodes where Hundley gets tortured for no reason by George, for example in one episode where the two go on a sailboat to an island and George accidentally unties a rope that holds the boat.

2: Similar to 3, Gnoochi gets tortured for no reason by Charkie and Chef Pisghetti gets tortured by the public because of his food is wrong. In one episode he makes burgers for firemen but gets replaced with George's.

1. Charkie is by far the worst character in the show, all she does is destroy stuff, constantly bark, and is just ruin important stuff that George is doing with Betsy and Steve. ...more

2 The Man with the Yellow Hat
3 Chef Pisghetti V 1 Comment
4 Mr. Quint
5 Hundley
6 Bill
7 The Doorman
8 Mr. Renkins
9 Allie
10 Professor Wiseman

The Contenders

11 Jumpy Squirrel
12 Mr. Glass
13 Charkie

Charkie is so cute. - Curtis_Huber

Why doesn't she get run over by a car


14 Steve V 1 Comment
15 Marco
16 Compass
17 Wint Quint
18 Flint Quint
19 Sprint Quint
20 Mint Quint
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