Best Curious George Characters

Curious George is a media franchise that began with a series of illustrated children's books, which were then adapted into numerous films and television series.
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1 George

He embodies the innocent sense of wonder and discovery that's central to childhood

The curious monkey that started it all.

He's the star!

2 The Man with the Yellow Hat

This is the most memorable human in the entire show

The film reveals his name as Ted

He is the best

3 Chef Pisghetti

Chef Pisghetti is awesome! - BrideiMacBella

4 Hundley

Irritates the balls this dog, but it has its comic side

5 Bill
6 Mr. Quint
7 Maggie Dunlop

The love interest from the 2006 movie

8 The Doorman
9 Clovis

The inventor of the projector from the film

10 Mr. Renkins
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11 Mr. Bloomsberry

The museum director from the film

12 Allie

Most annoying character. I find her very irritating and wish she was never added to the show.

13 Professor Wiseman
14 Ivan

The Russian doorman from the film

15 Junior Bloomsberry

The antagonist of the film

16 Jumpy Squirrel

I always found him funny

17 Ms. Plushbottom

The landlord from the film

18 Thin Firefighter

He arrests George in the 1st book

19 Fat Firefighter

One of the 2 firefighters in the 1st book

20 Charkie

Why doesn't she get run over by a car


21 Alvin Einstein
22 Gnocchi
23 Mr. Glass
24 Steve

Why is Steve this low?

25 Marco
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