Top Ten Cutest Eddsworld Characters

Vote for which Eddsworld Character you think is the cutest, or hottest if you prefer.

The Top Ten

1 Tord (The End)

He look cute when he is evil

I want to have sex with Tord

He was very cute when he tried to kill Tom

For me it’s between Tom and Tord... AHHH HELP ME CHOOOSESSE - CrystalTheWolf

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2 Tom
3 Matt

In lots of episodes he is so cutee

Yes matt I think he's cute

Matt is a pure cinnamon roll and he is adorable

4 Edd

Screw you Tord. Edd is amazing.

5 Paul

Probably the eyebrows lmao(X3)!

6 Patryck
7 Zanta Claws
8 Ringo


9 Jon

Jon is a smol bean. I love him. <3 I wish he didn't die. ;v;

10 Loud Bob
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