Top Ten Cutest Soul Eater Couples

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1 MakaXSoul

I mean, by the end of the series Maka was only 14 and I assume Soul was 15, since it didn't specify in the manga, so they were fairly young, but you could clearly tell they were meant to be together

They care about each other so much and it makes me upset that they didn't AT LEAST KISS sure maybe they have strong differences but that's why they would be the best couple

Soul was willing to put his life on the line multiple times for Maka. Episode 8 I nearly cried seeing soul fall to the ground

They just click so well!

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2 MakaXCrona

My favourite ship in any anime ever


Corona is afriad of anything except Maka. After their second fight Maka somehow manages to match soul waves with crona.

3 MakaXDeath

Please say they mean kid instead of Death himself (love his voice though! )

I don't understand this ship at all?

I like this one I don't know why

I hope this is MakaXKid, because that is my OTP. it’s so cute!

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4 Mr.SteinXMarie

She is pregnant with his child at the end of the manga, so of course they are a couple.

I hate SteinXMesusa because I think the shipping is rather creepy and isn't really good. I'm not saying that I love this couple but I think Marie is a better person for Stein.

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5 Mr.SteinXMedusa

Sucks for all the shippers since Stein ended up with Marie

Nope. Medusa u manipulated my poor baby Stein.

6 BlairXSoul

I hate this ship - MLPFan

Lol is it bad I like this more than soulXmaka?

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8 BlairXSpirit V 1 Comment
9 StarXTsubaki

Well they've got no choice...

Were ment to be

No poor tsubaki :(

So cute thought she with him all the time any ways so it makes them. she their with him every problem he has to. so cute

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11 CronaXRagnarok


NO STOP THAT - HydroTail

12 KidxPatty

WAIT if this is KIDxpaddy does that mean all the DeathxMaka and DeathxCrona is Lord Death - HydroTail

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13 BlackstarXSoul V 1 Comment
14 Mr. SteinXSpirit V 1 Comment
15 KimXJacqueline
16 LizXtsubaki V 1 Comment
17 BlackstarXblair V 1 Comment
18 MakaXKid

It's adorable!

19 PattyXKid
20 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
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