Tigerheart x Dovewing


Forbidden relationships are over-used were tired of this Erins! Besides this couple being forbidden, its just really bad its not developed at all. Tigerheart annoyed Dovewing on the journey to free the water and then all of a sudden she's head over heels for him? Dovewing only uses her power to STALK Tigerheart and calls her sister, Ivypool, disloyal for going to the Dark Forest (Ivypool was tricked) when she sneaks out of camp to be with him. She screams at Ivypool because she thinks Ivypool is in love with Tigerheart and complains when Bumblestripe likes her. She betrays her clan even more when she tells Tigerheart about the catmint, eventually landing Ivypool in ShadowClan's camp because Tigerheart told ShadowClan about the herbs. She gets back together with him when she can easily have a relationship with Bumblestripe, a nice caring young cat. I just hate this couple and hate DoveXBumble because Bumble deserves better and I can not stand Dovewing or Tigerheart

This is my favorite couple... I think I'm a bit in love with Tigerheart myself... Bumblestripe seems so LAME compared to Tigerheart. Tigerheart is, like, my dream warrior cat mate

They are an amazing couple. I love them so much. That little secret relationship with the bad boy is just so dramatic, it really pulled me in, and I think they deserve each other.

This pairing is so much better then dovexbumble. I mean her feelings for Tigerheart were so much stronger then her feeling for bumblestripe. I mean she BROKE THE WARRIOR CODE for Tigerheart. She shrugged her shoulders and settled for second best with bumblestripe.

They were always sneaking around to talk to each other, and how can a cat mate a stick?

How many cats like cats from other Clans? What's with Jayfeather and the stick?

I like tigerheart he is so protective over dovewing! I don't even care they are not in the same clan they are perfect together

Okay, I know the are from different clans, but Tigerheart really loves Dovewing!

As much as they wanted to be together it could never happen because they came from different Clans. - RiverClanRocks

Why is this not at the top of the list?!? People must be crazy to not vote for this.

I absolutely hate bumblestripe! All right, it was against the warrior code for Tigerheart and Dovewing to mate, but he always loved her much more than Bumblestripe, breaking the warrior code each night just to be with her. Look at stupid Bumblestripe, the way he snapped at her when he became jealous that Dovewing clearly liked Tigerheart more. What did Tigerheart do? He's sweet and gentle and saved Dovewing's guts twice! I don't understand at all why Kate Cary made Bumblestripe Dovewing's mate in the end. Victoria Holmes would've made a much better choice.

I hate this couple. They're meant to be but they're both bad that's why they're meant to be

NU, these are my two LEAST favorite cats. - BlazeHeart

My fourth favorite couple! If Dovewing wasn't such a brat I would like them even more

Best couple ever. I was just mad when DoveWing dumped him!

Their the best couple so glad bumble and dove broke up

Any people who say this couple is terrible needs to READ MORE. bumblestripe is a jerk, and ivypool is a jerk.*SPOILERS* tigerheart was willing to travel to a city to be with dovewing. besides, you're supposed to see how well they get along, not how much you like this couple.

This my favorite couple beside crowfeather and leafpool.Bumblestripe doesn't deserve dovewing

I absolutely HATE this couple they are both idiots. First there's Tigerheart who is a stupid kit pretending to be a warrior, and then there's Dovewing who is selfish, useless, and stupid. I hate both characters and I don't understand this couple. in one book of Omen of the Stars Dovepaw gets all bent out of shape because to use her words "Firestar was treating her like a pair of walking ears" I'd actually like her better if she was a pair of walking ears, and I hate this couple.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Purrfecttt it's the grandson of the evil tigerstar and she's related to Firestar.. wow too cute..


I love Shadowkit and I think he needs to be apprentice of Puddleshine. Okay, that was off topic.
I'm not even gonna lie, I did not like this couple. Dovewing needed to be loyal to her Clan and Bumblestripe was a perfect way to do so. However, when Dovewing has his kits and was clearly showing affection for him at Gatherings and in ThunderClan camp, Bumblestripe was said to have noticed. In Darkest Night, there is something said about Dovewing showing her feelings a lot, while cats like Blossomfall and Bumblestripe noticed. (I remember this because I thought he would be heartbroken, BUT NO. He is just "uncomfortable" because her loyalty seems to be wavering.) He didn't take it badly, after his mate disowned him for a ShadowClan tom. HE. DOES. NOT. CARE. Nope, not even a bit, he seems to have moved on. I think that he would be an amazing mate to Leafshade, Honeyfur or Sorrelstripe. (HollytuftxMolewhisker seems pretty good if you were wondering. She ...more

Tigerheart truly loves Dovewing. I mean, I hate Dovewing but Tigerheart would join ThunderClan to be with Dovewing. Tigerheart would also travel across the continent to be with Dovewing. Proof: Tigerheart travels out of ShadowClan to see Dovewing again AND he has kits with her.-Riversky of BloodClan

Yes I love this couple also when I read the books as soon as Dovepaw/Dovewings met Tigerheart and when they first talked I knew they were in love with each other. But I'm really sad they can't be together because Dovewing is in Thunderclab and Tigerheart is in Shadowclan.

I homestly do not like this couple,but I respect your opinions.Well Dovewing doesn't deserve Tiherheart for all I know.