Top Ten Dangerous Fictional Things that You Would Lose Your Life If You Attempted Them


The Top Ten

1 Camping at Crystal Lake
2 Taking the paper boat from Pennywise
3 Selling your soul to the devil in Cuphead
4 Killing an officer in Silent Hill Downpour
5 Trying to fight Freddy Krueger in your dream
6 Drinking water after Kefka poisoned it
7 Wrestling a bear like Logan Paul
8 Watching Boku No Pico

True. Very true. - funnyuser

9 Wandering in a demented person's house that is filled with traps
10 Nursing Eveline from Resident Evil 7 back to health

The Contenders

11 Bringing the Goosebumps characters to life

So don't say: "Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano" out loud. This can not only bring the Goosebumps characters to life, but it can bring inanimate objects to life as well. This can bring Halloween to life, especially if Slappy the Dummy says it himself. They'll raise all kinds of hell.

12 Staying in the Cabin from The Evil Dead

Not if you don't wanna be possessed by deadites.

13 Trying to Kill Michael Myers

Michael Myers is Indestructible. No matter what you do, he always comes back.

14 Saying Candyman Five Times

That's if you say it in a mirror.

15 Staying at the Bates Motel
16 Opening the crate in Creepshow

Definitely don't open it if don't know what's in there, or without some kind of protection, such as gun, a baseball or whatever. You'll get eaten!

17 Living in the Pride Lands
18 Going to the Elephant Graveyard
19 Resurrecting Chucky the Killer Doll
20 Opening the box from Hellraiser
21 Angering a Legendary Pokemon
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