Top 10 Debates People Are Tired Of

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1 Boys VS. Girls

Shut up Brit. Anyway, sorry for being rude, but SERIOUSLY, my class basically IS this monstrosity! They play it in sports, offend each other, scream when they go to the opposing gender, get boys only pizza and girls only pizza, if someone gets chicken and fries they will give fries to their gender (no food sharing allowed), LIKE?! They even ask me (a boy, the only non hyped up kid with this awfulness) to help them, the girls saying me being on their team is for the greater good (I can choose my future) and boys say it only makes sense to be a boy if you are a boy (I just wanna stop the madness)
MEH. At music, they will cheer if a boy does good or if a girl does good based on the surrounding gender, don't they know that as a teen, boys and girls wanna be with each other? Gez

The simple and best answer is that boys and girls are equal


Can't awnser myself we need a bi to awnser that

2 Apple VS. Samsung VS. Microsoft

Phones, computers & tablets. I can't afford each product from every single company. How about Microsoft computer, Samsung Android phone & iPad? There. Problem solved.

That's how I'd have it. Which is precisely why I have exactly that combination (plus an iPod Touch). - PositronWildhawk


3 Google VS. Bing

Call my a hypocrite, but I'm sick of this argument, and that is because I will argue that Google is best, and that's an end of it. - PositronWildhawk

How about... SHUT UP!


4 Straight VS. Gay


5 Summer VS. Winter

Hey, I'm the creator of this list. I have a confession to tell you all. If I choose between summer & winter, I would go with summer. I know I putted this on the list, but I had to. So, go ahead and choose which one you like more. And yes, I do like winter.

Why would you want to know which season is better?

Winter (I live in a tropical climate) - coolguy101


6 Nerds VS. Jocks


7 Great Britain VS. America
8 Facebook VS. Twitter

At least Google+ isn't involved because a lot of people don't like Google+.


9 Old Music VS. New Music

Old music. - Misfire

This is from a remixed version of this list made by PositronWildhawk. You have such a clever idea, PositronWildhawk.

Don't make me listen to decking ball again so old

10 Cartoon Network VS. Nickelodeon VS. Disney Channel

I've seen all three, but I don't know which is the best. No more arguing over which is the better channel. How about we combine them together & call it Disney Cartoon Nickelodeon, or DCN for short?


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11 YouTube VS. Vimeo

Always thought this was a no-brainer... - Entranced98


SHUT UP! You want a result? HERE!
There! Now, shut up about this whole 'YouTube VS. Vimeo' thing.

12 Batman VS. Superman

How should I know the difference between the two? I know! I'll compromise them together & call it Super Batman.

BATMAN.'I'm batman'

13 Star Wars Original Trilogy VS. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Original! - Misfire

I'm not a dork

14 Childhood VS. Adulthood

Yeah. I mean, who knows the difference between a kid & an adult?


15 PC vs. Console

Pc gaming and console gaming give different experiences and good in their own ways.

16 Books VS. Kindle

Books win by a landslide!

I vote for...Wattpad!


17 Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars! - Misfire

Star Wars

18 Call Of Duty VS. Battlefield

Call of Duty but not black ops 2 or3 because its not realistic

MY IDEA:Call Of Battlefield

19 What Color Is This Dress? (Black & Blue vs. White & Gold)

Who cares? It's just a dress! Any type of color is good. STOP ARGUING OVER WHAT COLOR THAT DRESS IS! I believe that it depends on how people see it. I see that it's blue & black, and I do not ask other people what color it is. If they see it white & gold, then I'm okay with it. Now, let's forget about this debate for good.

I have to clue I'm colerblind in a lot of comers except blue red and DARK pink

20 Nature vs. Nurture


21 Trump vs Clinton


22 Mario vs Sonic
23 Pokemon vs Digimon
24 Avengers vs Justice League
25 Ford vs Chevy
26 Xbox vs PlayStation
27 Coke vs Pepsi
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