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1 Tangled

Probably my favorite Disney movie. Rapunzel is a strong female lead. There's a guy who helps her, but she makes him do it. She even saves him, more than once. The dialogue is funny, the songs amusing (and not annoying), and the horse is hilarious.

Yep tangled is best on this position, I mean exactly it has action, drama, romance, thill and etc. So the couple suits perfect. But it deserves 2nd because it was not that happy ending, I mean at last he cut her hair and that to so much short. So I think it got 2nd

How have I not noticed that Flynn has a frying pan in his hand on the cover? What is wrong with me?

Come on! where is moana on the tops!

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2 Frozen

What? Why so low!?

Frozen has an outstanding female lead, plot and pretty much everything.
Elsa alone makes Frozen different from any other Disney female lead. I'm sick and tired of Mary Sues

Number 2 she should be

I May Hate This Frozen Related Things Because It's So Overrated
But The Movie Itself Is Great

Wow frozen it's the best

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3 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White may be a product of her time, confined to domestic duties rather than fighting back against the Queen, but she also makes the most of surviving out in the world on her own and actively earns her keep in taking refuge with the Seven Dwarves, forming a stronger, more maternal bond with them than the brief romantic connection she had with the prince. On the day she's tricked into eating the poison apple, she was trying to win one of them over, and judging by his reaction to her kissing him on the head, she succeeded.

Also, the art is breathtaking, and the animation is just so beautiful to look at.

I love this movie

4 Mulan

Unlike 99% of the movies on this list (other than tangled, Alice in wonderland and frozen being the 1%), Mulan is a movie that showcases a girl getting along without the help of a man. It was one of Disney's first feminist movies.

When someone says you fight like a girl, remember this movie

Wait, Ping was a female the entire time!?


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5 The Little Mermaid

Ariel had the mot beautiful voice and the greatest sense of adventure. Loved her and loved this classic.

My little sis loves this movie

Ariel is one of the greatest Disney leads in my opinion.


6 Cinderella

I grew up loving this movie. I love Cinderella. She's my favorite.

Cinderella is amazing!

I love this movie


7 Beauty and the Beast

It is actually pronounced Belle but anyways at least put this at number 2

Queen of all Disney movies

Bell should be number 1!

8 Alice In Wonderland

Alice is a great female character. She can be bland at times, but she's also smart, witty and tenacious. She actually does have a spine.

Curiouser and curiouser

9 Sleeping Beauty

I love this movie 10 best animated movie it's so good

10 Moana

Moana is brave, caring, smart, strong, pretty much anything you'd want in a character. I don't know why she's so low.

Not my favorite but voting because I feel this movie is very underrated - Phillip873

Easily the best film on here see it and upvote it.

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11 Pocahontas
12 Zootopia

Judy is the best, she is brave and so beautiful too

Emotional but strong, strict still caring... Judy hopes

Judy Hopps Is Such A Strong Female Lead

Judy Hops is Amazing,Awesome,Brave,And Cool 😎 She Standing Up For Her Freinds To Get There Movie Tickets Back And She Got Them! Nick Wilde Is Funny...I love The part Where She is on a train Going To Zootopia I watch This Movie Like Two Times a day! This Movie Never Gets Old!

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13 The Princess and the Frog
14 The Aristocats
15 Inside Out

Joy is such a strong and interesting character, and Sadness is, too!

16 The Rescuers
17 Finding Dory
18 Brave

This movie shows us that not only prince or some hero can save the day but even a princess can do it on her own

This is the unique princess story. I like it!

Very Underrated


19 Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is awesome! She feeds kids SHUGAR

20 Lilo & Stitch
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