Best Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Quotes


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1 It helps us make pizza

This is the best quote by far. - legomen444

2 And must leave through the cap flap. Rude!

Rude mainly got it here - legomen444

3 I might paint a picture of a clown

The most iconic one is here. - legomen444

4 There's over 3 things to do

Games, youtube, and this list - legomen444

Oh look a bar graph... - MikaBeeWall

5 We all worship our king

His name is malcom - legomen444

6 I am a file and you put documents in me

Doo doo doo a file!

7 Its EZ2B a clever smart boy like me.

Its easy to be not EZ2B - legomen444

9 Cm'on guys stop mucking around/There' a time and a place for mucking around

[Insert obvious swearing joking] - legomen444

10 Green is not a creative colour!

How Is this not already on the list? It is priceless!

The Contenders

11 I'm friends with my dad.

How can you be friends with a father like roy

I thought it was spending time with my dad - legomen444

12 I'll teach you how to buy a canooooooeeee!

This is why is my favorite teacher from DHMIS 6.

13 And you could have a dream about burning your friends!

I forgot about this one haha


14 Pesky bee!

I love this quote so much!

15 I use my hair to express myself
16 Don't touch meeeeeee!
17 A little baby pigeon
18 You could have a dream about drowning in oil
19 I wonder what will happen.
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