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1 Nobita Nobi

He is always the main attention I every episode

He's like most teenagers are/used to be, which makes it just good.

You will learn many things from this boy. - Miyaeko

Love you Nobita - Nikhita

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2 Doraemon

Doraemon's Japanese voice is SO FUNNY! - Animefan12

Doraemon should be at first! What nonsense. HE IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER! The show is based on Doraemon!

He's another hand of this cartoon

Cutipie doraemon u are great...I love y
Him and his gadgets

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3 Shizuka Minamoto

She is the sweetest, kindest, best doraemon character in this entire world!

My favourite character in Japanese good...she will be cherished by all doraemon fans

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4 Dorami
5 Suneo Honekawa

I hate Suneo, he shows that he's the world's richest boy, I don't like him.

Suneo is awesome he's my favorite

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6 Hidetoshi Dekisugi

Dekisugi is Ash Ketchum's carbon copy. - Animefan12

I hate this boy he never does a mistake and he is the vilaiin of this story

7 Takeshi Goda
8 Mini Doras
9 Jaiko Goda
10 Sewashi Nobi

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11 Pippo

He is sweet and when he gets in anger, he looks the cutest - WHO AGREES WITH ME can vote...

12 Riruru

Okay, I know she is not their in the episodes, but she is in 2 movies?! she is also very polite and humble.

13 Tamako Kataoka

Always scolds nobita

14 Teacher
15 Sunekichi
16 Nobisuke Nobi
17 Nobita's Dad
18 Mii-Chan
19 Muku
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1. Doraemon
2. Nobita Nobi
3. Shizuka Minamoto
1. Nobita Nobi
2. Doraemon
3. Suneo Honekawa
1. Nobita Nobi
2. Doraemon
3. Shizuka Minamoto

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