Greatest Dragons in Fiction

Dragons are the most awesome creatures ever thought of and these are the strongest, coolest, and most notable.

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1 Smaug: The Hobbit Smaug: The Hobbit Smaug is a fictional character and the primary antagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien's 1937 novel The Hobbit.

He is truly diabolical and blood thirsty. He destroyed an entire kingdom, killing thousands of its people, and took all of its treasures for himself. He lied down on his treasure for so long that some of it fused in his skin protecting his soft underbelly (well most of it). When even the tiniest this is taken from him, he flips out and goes to destroy another kingdom (but he dies if you don't know the story. In addition he can talk and has an advance knowledge of Middle Earth. He truly is as great as the old tales say.

I don't thing Smaug should be this high on the list. Since he is one of the smallest of the winged fire drakes.

I am fire. I am death

2 Alduin: Skyrim Alduin: Skyrim

I put Alduin here simply because he is badass. He is king of the race of Dragons and is the most powerful of them. He couldn't be killed but was instead sealed along with his race when he threatened to destroy Tameriel. He could only be killed by the dragonborn, but when you think about it; if he did not attack that village in the beginning of the game, your character would be executed and no one could stop him.

Alduin is the best

3 Toothless: How to Train your Dragon Toothless: How to Train your Dragon

In the beginning of the movie Toothless is attacking Vikings and eating their sheep. He has no motives for attacking them other than to eat or survive. He's not good or bad he's a wild animal trying to survive. Like an animal he can be tamed. After being around Hiccup who's not trying to kill him, he is docile and puppy-like which is something you don't see in most dragons.

Toothless is amazing I wish I had him as a friend! - Lord_Allen

4 Spyro: Spyro The Dragon

I love this dragon he rocks

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5 Enderdragon: Minecraft

This is a very unique dragon. It's the only boss in a game that has no story or objective. Yet it is a boss in a dimension called The End and shows you the credits once you've killed it. To me it there just to be there so the players can create their own story surrounding it.

6 Balerion the Black Dread: A Song of Ice and Fire

Hello this is the creator of this list. There are many dragons I know, but I only started this list with the five dragons that have made huge impact on me. Also I have not seen Game of Thrones, because I have basic cable which does not provide me with HBO. I do hope to see it one day for I have heard many great things about it.

Are you serious? Not even on the list? His Jaws were large enough to swallow mammoths whole, his teeth the size of swords, and when he flew overhead, entire cities were covered by his shadow.

Yes he should be on the list, since in the book it mentions that his fire was hot enough to melt a man inside their armour.

7 Ancalagon the Black: Lord of the Rings

The greatest dragon the world has ever known in the Tolkien universe. Way more powerful than little old Smaug

Compared to Smaug, Smaug is a speck compared to ancalagon. I'm not even kidding.

This Beast is the best of the best.

He is the biggest and the greatest dragon that has ever roamed Middle Dearth. He was created as Morgoth's last resort, and he push back the army of Gondolin back to Thangorodrim. And then when he died, he crushed three of its peaks.

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8 Falcor: NES

I only watched this movie once so I don't have much to say. Falcor is a different dragon. He doesn't ransack kingdoms. Instead he is a wise, good spirited creature who helps others.

9 Elliot: Pete's Dragon
10 The Great Cloud Dragon: Everyone Knows What A Dragon Looks Like

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? Kilgharrah: Merlin

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11 Nicol Bolas: Magic the Gathering

Nicol Bolas is an awesome dragon. He is the most powerful being in the mtg multiverse and is a wizard.

Nicol Bolas in his prime may be the most powerful dragon in fiction. He is incredibly smart and diabolical and he is the first or second most powerful planeswalker in the Multiverse. He dominates entire universes, and at his strongest his mere presence is enough to destroy an entire plane (basically a universe) unless he anchors himself to it. He is more than 25,000 years old, and has complete mastery over the most powerful spells in MTG. His hax are incredible, as he can shoot instant death spells and travel to any time period he wants. His feats include defeating planeswalker Leshrac in a duel, defeating a demonic leviathan in a month long battle and absorbing its power, accidentally creating a hole in time during said battle, winning a war between all the Elder Dragons, creating the Infinite Consortium, bringing the five shards of the plane Alara together and absorbing their combined mana, closing the hole in time he created, engineering the release of world-eating creatures called ...more

12 Super Shenron: Dragon Ball

He's omnipotent

13 Igneel: Fairy Tail

His title is the blaze dragon king, he took on the apocalypse dragon while half dead and nearly won, and he raised the main character. And he looks badass.

14 Hungarian Horntail: Harry Potter
15 Dragon: Shrek
16 King Ghidorah: Godzilla

Far grander than all others

17 The Dragonets: Wings of Fire

Umm... they are AWESOME I mean Glory even has Magical Death Spit vote this now!

18 Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Yu-Gi-Oh!
19 Glaurung: Lord of the Rings

The first fire drake of Angband.

20 Vhagar: A Song of Ice and Fire

She was one of the dragons during Aegon's conquest, Vhagar, Balerion and Meraxes together cnquered the 7 kingdoms. She was also present during the Dance of The Dragons( The Targaryen Civil war ).

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