Top Ten Dumbest Arguments Supporting Sea World

Seaworld is abuse, and captivity. Anyone who supports it is an idiot who probably never learned to graduate kindagarten, but these are some of the dumbest arguments I've found.
Guys, don't go to seaworld. We need to bring the sales down to zero so it gets destroyed, and if there is a protest near you join it :)


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1 They Don't Take Whales from the Wild Anymore!

Correct, now they just masturbate them and do a bunch of dirty stuff, causing a cycle of the whales viciously attacking each other. Force breeding is just as cruel as taking whales from the wild, if not more. - ToptenPizza

I am sick of people making these lists people say seaworld is bad and forget about the circus

Oh great, we got a hipper over here! And she made other hippy list as well. Great…

What's wrong with being a hippy? I care about whales, and their health. Just because you don't doesn't mean everyone else needs to. - ToptenPizza

2 They Wouldn't Be Able to Survive!

Well, you could put them in a sanctuary and have them learn to fish and survive, and live in the wild, and once they've tapped back in to their instincts they can go enjoy a life of freedom. - ToptenPizza

I agree

3 Whales Shouldn't Have Rights!

Why not? Whales have complex social lives, even more complex than humans, and are extremely intelligent and self aware. They feel pain. They feel emotional distress. They deserve respect. - ToptenPizza

I learned that from the documentary Blackfish. It's a good documentary. - MrQuaz680

4 The Orcas Are Thriving

Don't believe sea world's commercial, the female orcas are in distress in these small tanks, so they attack the males, then the males being attacked must be all alone and depressed. They are dying in their teens, the median age being 13, while orcas in the wild are living 30-50 or something around that. Not to mention the smashing of heads against the wall. - ToptenPizza

5 Seaworld Has Never Abused Any Animals

The trainers don't pleasure themselves to the whales, but these whales are kept in conditions that they're not evolved for, so they're usually stressed. As a result of being stressed, these animals can turn violent and attack someone. I'm worried about both the trainers and the whales.

Ok, what about the out dated medical supplies and cracks in the tank? What was that? Have you seen how small their tanks are? An orca would have to swim around the perimiter 1,208 times and 3,105 lengths in order to make up the 100 miles they'd swim in the wild - ToptenPizza

6 They Donate to Research

Yeah, 0.6 of their profits. Research can continue without them. There are plenty of animal rescue groups and charity organizations to help whales in the wild. And what exactly does that have to do with the orcas? - ToptenPizza

7 Blackfish Is a Lie!

I am not an anti-cap because of blackfish! There are millons of sources other than blackfish! Blackfish is not the only thing out there! - ToptenPizza

8 The Trainers Know What They Are Doing

No they don't: they are not marine biologists. They have not studied whale behavior, therefore do not know how exactly they need to care for them, even then we don't speak whale. We need to release the orcas for public safety! - ToptenPizza

9 It's the Only Way to Study Orcas!

No it isn't, we can go out to sea and watch them, that's what marine biologists do, and it is much better because we are seeing the average life of a whale and how they do things in the wild. How would watching a whale circle around a tank help research? If you want to study whales, I recommend you become a marine biologists - ToptenPizza

10 Sea World Has Educating Activities

"Emotional distress"? From WHAT? A ten year old who weighs 50 pounds standing on the back of this ten ton beast? If you want to make a list about how to stop whale abuse, go a head, but this list is so whiny and stupid.

Sea world is a great place, and it doesn't deserve to be shut down because a whiny hippy like you believes the BS propaganda that PETA spouts (heh, whale pun).

Sure, they educate people...ON HOW TO STAND ON ORCAS! Thank you sea world, for teaching us how to cause an orca emotional distress by forcing it to lift you, or ride on it, thank you for encouraging animal abuse - ToptenPizza

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11 The Animals Are Healthier Than In the Wild
12 They Rescue Injured Animals
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1. They Don't Take Whales from the Wild Anymore!
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3. Whales Shouldn't Have Rights!
1. They Don't Take Whales from the Wild Anymore!
2. They Wouldn't Be Able to Survive!
3. The Trainers Know What They Are Doing


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