Top 10 Dumbest Reasons to Call 911


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1 There is an ant on your bed

I think you shouldn't call the police because there is an ant on your bed. I mean... it's just an ant! The ant won't rob you or anything (unless it's a fire ant. ) - Klaudia

KILL IT! Put it in a grave! Dig it up. Kill the grave too! Now throw it off a balcony!

Fluttershy Style.
Take care of it. After a month, it needs to go back to its family. Let it free into soft grass. - TristGamer

Ah it going to kill you yeah right

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2 Someone stole your pen or pencil

Punch him then steal it back

This one is just plain dumb!

Get another one then


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3 Someone stole your cookie

This isn't stupid, this is robbery. You payed for that cookie, it's illegal to steal it. - SoulEaterFan

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4 An ant ate your doughnut

Who would expect the police to arrest an ant. - Koolness88

Who cares, I claim strict ownership of that doughnut! - PositronWildhawk

Is the person who made this list a troll? Nobody would come up with something so dumb!

5 To insult the operator

Caller : " You are horrible. You should work at Wal-Mart instead of being who you are.
Operator : No, Wal-Mart is horrible. Any other options?
Caller : McDonalds?
Operator : I hate kids.
Caller : Fine, your out of luck.
Operator : Thanks, I don't like what I do, I shall be a band director.
Caller : good choice.
Operator : I do need a real job.
Caller : Or, an expert video game tester!
Operator : Perfect. Let me ask if I can quit.
Caller :...
Operator : I can't, there's an emergency.
Caller : good luck! Will you be here tomorrow?
Operator : no, I'm leaving.
Caller : whatever, bye! - funnyuser

6 Someone shot an ant with a gun

What's with ants and this list? - SoulEaterFan

That wouldn't really matter. There are millions of them everywhere. - cosmo

Why would you shoot an ant with a gun? Can't you just step on it?! - missyweirdo

Even a bullet is bigger than a ant. - SamuiNeko

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7 To invite them for apple pie

Well it's nice but still. - Koolness88

Inviting them for chicken pot pie is stupider! - missyweirdo

Why bother. The police have an important job to do!

8 Someone stole your Lego pieces

At least you don't have to worry about Lego pain. - Koolness88

They are weapons of mass destruction, after all.

9 Someone touched your food

If you have OCD... - missyweirdo

10 To tell them you're out of hairspray

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11 Help with a math problem

A 4 year old MORON did that once!

He most likely didn't understand that 911 is only for life-and-death situations and reporting serious crimes. - Entranced98

Operator: "911, what is your emergency? "
Caller: "I don't know the answer to 15+20, please help! "
Operator: "The answer is 35."
Caller: "Thank you, ma'am! "
Operator: "It's what we're here for, after all" *flies away*

12 A robber stole your broken old phone

But the robber might come back after he realises that. Precaution is the best safety. - Kiteretsunu

It doesn't work anymore! So why? Unless that's your only phone then it would be a nightmare. - Koolness88

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13 Your dog ate your sandwich
14 You find a hat that no one owns
15 You got Shreked

Operator:911 what is your emergency? Caller:I got Sherked Operator:What does that mean? - Jordansalesguy2392

16 To get tacos

what? - missyweirdo

17 Your mum puts cheese in her panties
18 Someone stole your illegal drugs

You would get arrested for having illegal drugs. - funnyuser

19 Young Boys and Girls are having a party
20 Someone pooped on you V 1 Comment
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1. Someone stole your cookie
2. There is an ant on your bed
3. An ant ate your doughnut
1. Someone stole your pen or pencil
2. Someone stole your cookie
3. There is an ant on your bed
1. Someone stole your pen or pencil
2. Someone stole your cookie
3. There is an ant on your bed

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