Top 10 Dumbest Reasons to Call 911

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1 There is an ant on your bed

I think you shouldn't call the police because there is an ant on your bed. I mean... it's just an ant! The ant won't rob you or anything (unless it's a fire ant. ) - Klaudia

KILL IT! Put it in a grave! Dig it up. Kill the grave too! Now throw it off a balcony!

Fluttershy Style.
Take care of it. After a month, it needs to go back to its family. Let it free into soft grass. - TristGamer

Ah it going to kill you yeah right

This is a great reason - Jabber

2 Someone stole your pen or pencil

Punch him then steal it back

This one is just plain dumb!

Get another one then

Just get another one

3 Someone stole your cookie

This isn't stupid, this is robbery. You payed for that cookie, it's illegal to steal it. - SoulEaterFan

Then get another cookie. - cosmo

IT DOES NOT MATTER! - Koolness88

It is not serious. Just grab another cookie.

But if they steal a cookie that's your favorite and that's the last they had of it ever, oh boy! - The_Violist

4 An ant ate your doughnut

What is up with ants - Jabber

Who would expect the police to arrest an ant. - Koolness88

Who cares, I claim strict ownership of that doughnut! - PositronWildhawk

Is the person who made this list a troll? Nobody would come up with something so dumb!

5 To insult the operator

Caller : " You are horrible. You should work at Wal-Mart instead of being who you are.
Operator : No, Wal-Mart is horrible. Any other options?
Caller : McDonalds?
Operator : I hate kids.
Caller : Fine, your out of luck.
Operator : Thanks, I don't like what I do, I shall be a band director.
Caller : good choice.
Operator : I do need a real job.
Caller : Or, an expert video game tester!
Operator : Perfect. Let me ask if I can quit.
Caller :...
Operator : I can't, there's an emergency.
Caller : good luck! Will you be here tomorrow?
Operator : no, I'm leaving.
Caller : whatever, bye! - funnyuser

6 Someone shot an ant with a gun

What's with ants and this list? - SoulEaterFan

That wouldn't really matter. There are millions of them everywhere. - cosmo

Why would you shoot an ant with a gun? Can't you just step on it?! - missyweirdo

Even a bullet is bigger than a ant. - SamuiNeko

7 To invite them for apple pie

Well it's nice but still. - Koolness88

Inviting them for chicken pot pie is stupider! - missyweirdo

Why bother. The police have an important job to do!

8 Someone stole your Lego pieces

At least you don't have to worry about Lego pain. - Koolness88

They are weapons of mass destruction, after all.

9 Someone touched your food

If you have OCD... - missyweirdo

10 Help with a math problem

Oh, ha ha! I remember watching this on YouTube, it was hilarious! - RandomThings

A 4 year old MORON did that once!

He most likely didn't understand that 911 is only for life-and-death situations and reporting serious crimes. - Entranced98

Operator: "911, what is your emergency? "
Caller: "I don't know the answer to 15+20, please help! "
Operator: "The answer is 35."
Caller: "Thank you, ma'am! "
Operator: "It's what we're here for, after all" *flies away*

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? We ran out of ketchup

Diary of a Wimpy Kid reference.

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11 To tell them you're out of hairspray
12 A robber stole your broken old phone

But the robber might come back after he realises that. Precaution is the best safety. - Kiteretsunu

It doesn't work anymore! So why? Unless that's your only phone then it would be a nightmare. - Koolness88

No it's good! The phone might be antique!

13 Your dog ate your sandwich
14 You find a hat that no one owns
15 You got Shreked

Operator:911 what is your emergency? Caller:I got Sherked Operator:What does that mean? - Jordansalesguy2392

16 To get tacos

what? - missyweirdo

17 Your mum puts cheese in her panties
18 Someone stole your illegal drugs

You would get arrested for having illegal drugs. - funnyuser

19 Someone shot you in the forehead

Yes, yes it is

20 Young Boys and Girls are having a party
21 Someone pooped on you

And why would they?!

22 Justin Bieber is in your house

This is actually a very good reason to call 911! It's an emergency! This is worse than a fire in your house! - missyweirdo

Actually a good reason. He is a hated person!

I would call 911 if that happens:HELP THERE's A DRUG ADDICT IN MY HOUSE! - SamuiNeko

23 Someone threatened queen Elsa

That's something caps girl would do. - SamuiNeko

24 The world has run out of surprisingly intelligent ants
25 There are too many ant related items on this list

I ant going to take this any longer! - PositronWildhawk

Ha, positronwildhawk, I see what you did there. - SoulEaterFan

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