Top 10 Dumbest Would You Rather Questions to Ask People

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1 Would you rather cook all day or eat how much you want everyday?

Eat how much you want obviously... wow so dumb


The second one. I don’t even know how to cook! I would burn down the house!

2 Would you rather sit in your home or Stand in the gutter?

Can I stand in my home?

3 Would you rather lick a lollipop or lick Sulphuric Acid?
4 Would you rather brush your teeth with a living lizard or read a book?

Reading is like a film or game, there are good ones like harry potter and the bad ones like twilight so it depends

The sad thing is... Most kids my generation would choose the first...

I don't have anything against reading, but at least I'll know how it feels

How about none!

5 Would you rather vote on a list or crack your head open?

What if I had to vote to crack my head open?

Well, I already voted on THIS list, so that is what I'd do.

If you voted, then you already did the 1st option.


6 Would you rather destroy your home or clean your home?

I like destroying things, but then again I'll need a new house

Destroying stuff is more fun

I destroyed my house as a kid. Now I clean it.


7 Would you rather sit on a lit Bunsen Burner or switch on the lights?
8 Would you rather pee in public or eat spaghetti?

Pee from a hidden place, I always wanted to pee on anything

9 Would you rather write in English or write "In English"?

What the hell?

10 Would you rather live forever or have Dyslexia?

If you live forever it would be bad because all your loved ones would die and when the world eventually ends, you would be floating in space alone for all eternity

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11 Would you rather be a cat or be rich?

Be rich! Then, if I had enough money, I could buy a realistic cat costume, and still have money.

My cousin asked this once...


12 Would you rather drink pee or drink nothing?


13 Would you rather have a ticket to see your favorite singer/band or a speeding ticket?

I mean maybe you really would like to contribute to police budgets.

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