Top Ten Best Electric Guitar Shapes

Since 1931, a myriad of electric guitar shaped have evolved. These are my top ten, please vote for or add your favorites!

The Top Ten

1 Les Paul Les Paul Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, songwriter, luthier, and inventor.

I have play so many brands and once I got my hands on the Les Paul it was all over with. It may not be the most metal looking guitar but it is the most iconic hard rock guitar known to man. And dammit if that guitar don't make you feel like a rock star just holding it than it isn't for you - Johnnyt800

No other guitar has become as much of an icon as the Les Paul, or covered as many genres from Blues to Metal. Think Gary Moore, Slash, Zakk Wylde... - dragonzrmetal

I love this guitar

2 Random Star

Very 80's metal-ish, Chris Holmes of WASP, Gus G of Ozzy and Firewind, and Syu of Galneryus have all played these! They're much more comfortable to play than a traditional V guitar. Similar to the ML but with a smaller rear horn. - dragonzrmetal

3 Stratocaster

Everyone uses this basic shape, from PRS to Mayones and Charvel, and nearly every guitarist started with one of these. - dragonzrmetal

What isn’t to like about them, les Paul’s and sg’s are amazing but look at how well known they are and how many brands make this style, sure prs have a Les Paul shape too but they simply aren’t as good

4 Reverse Firebird
5 Moderne

Admit it, you like it really. - dragonzrmetal

6 ML

Similar to the random star, but with two equally sized rear horns. Dime really made these into an icon, just a shame this shape is wasted on Dean guitars in my opinion. - dragonzrmetal

7 Explorer

Few guitar-guitarist pairings are as iconic as James Hetfield with a white explorer. - dragonzrmetal


8 Razorback

Dean's pointier version of the ML definitely looks very metal, just keep it away from eyes. Worth noting that Dimebag designed it! - dragonzrmetal

9 King V

A more modern version of the Flying V and more pointy! - dragonzrmetal

10 ES

At home with Jazz and Blues, but guys such as Reignwolf have used these in rock for a really unique sound from the hollow body. - dragonzrmetal

The Contenders

11 Warlock

B.C. Rich makes the most underrated and unique Guitar Shapes - countnightdark13

12 Rhoads V
13 SG
14 Jackson Kelly

Cool heavy metal feel

15 Telecaster
16 RG
17 Jag-Stang
18 Jackson warrior

Just looks awesome

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