Best Electronic/Dance Music Genres of 2017

This is my first list in a very long time. More like a month but whatever. lol.

Anyway this list includes the top ten best Electronic/Dance music genre's of 2017. Message me if you would like me to do a "The Top Ten Electronic/Dance Artists Of 2017".

Also Please respect my opinion! Thanks! Stay tuned for my next list. Ten Reasons Why The Xbox One S is better than the original Xbox One!

The Top Ten

1 Dubstep Dubstep

There sure has been a lot of interesting dubstep so far this year, but not in the mainstream scheme of things. The good stuff's not that well known, but I'm adoring the new tracks by Koven, Yeurotoxin and Slips & Slurs right now. - PositronWildhawk

With people like Panda Eyes & Spag Heddy, Dubstep should always be as good as I remember it! - Merggy

Skrillex made dubstep so goood

Excision - Virus Remixes LP
MUST DIE! - Forever Digital EP
Code: Pandorum - The Lovecraftian Horrors LP
EH! DE - Cult EP
Panda Eyes - Continue LP... - -Phoenix-

2 Trance Trance
3 Hardstyle
4 Electro House
5 Ambient Ambient

Gas made a comeback this year. - djpenquin999

6 Downtempo Downtempo
7 Trip Hop Trip Hop
8 ER (Electronic Rock)

Best genre in my opinion and it is underrated-Trollishman1

9 Techno
10 IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)

The Contenders

11 Drum & Bass
12 Drumstep

Definitely need more Drumstep in 2017 and the coming years. - Merggy

13 Edm (Electronic Dance Music)
14 Glitch Hop
15 Dance Pop

It's at its best in years. - ProPanda

16 Microhouse
17 Neo Trance
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