Top 10 Best Indie EDM Artists

This is a list of EDM artists who have great music, but are quite unknown/unrecognized. These artists can usually be found on DSG, MonsterCat and NewGrounds. This list was made to give recognition to these great artists.
The Top Ten
1 Teminite

In my opinion this should be number one for having such badass dubstep and amazing drops. My favorite songs made by him are party time, uprising, and his collaborator with mdk space invaders.

Teminite is an EDM producer well known for his sick drops and awesome bangers. He usually makes dubstep and glitch hop. He is famous for his songs Earthquake, Ascend, his remix of Hyperreality by EH! DE, Beastmode, and his legendary collab with Panda Eyes- Highscore.

He even started out good. And the hot fizz glitch hop was really catchy. Great collabs with Panda Eyes, MDK, Evilwave, etc. He can even rival the #1 spot on the list, Hinkik. Just one more spot up and Teminite takes the lead!

2 Hinkik

Hinkik never fails to impress with his melodies and beats. Listen to his songs Outbreaker, Time Leaper and Skystrike. Hinkik's music genre is usually Prog. House, Drumstep and Glitch Hop.

3 TheFatRat

TheFatRat is a german EDM producer, well known for his pleasant melodies and the catchy vibe of his songs. His most famous tracks are Monody, Unity, Windfall, Never be Alone and Xenogenesis. His songs usually has vocals by singers like Laura Brehm.

4 F-777

F-777 is a lot more famous than the people in this list because of his songs that are featured in the game Geometry Dash, such as Deadlocked, Dance of the Violins, Sonic Blaster and Ludicrous Speed, The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots.

He should be number 1.This list is dumb.

5 Bossfight

Bossfight is a swedish EDM artist. He is known to make great songs with cool beats and drops, as well as cool visualizers that come with it (courtesy of Catlinman) He is known for his songs that have good melodies such as The Maze of Mayonnaise, Elevatia, Okiba Crackdown, Milky Ways and its Redux version, Glitch Gremlin, as well as his newer tracks that have a more aggressive tone such as Nock Em, Subside (collab with DJ Ephixa) and his latest song Work.

6 Dex Arson

Dex Arson makes a lot of awesome bangers with sick drops. He usually makes dubstep. He is known to be a friend of Bossfight as the latter makes remixes of his songs. My personal favorites are his songs Machina, Payload, and Unarmed.

I like Dex Arson better than crappy Bossfight.


Morgan David King, or more popularly known as MDK, is a canadian EDM artist. His songs are inspired from videogames, as a lot of his songs have sounds that are really influenced by old school videogame consoles. He is famous for his songs Press Start, Fingerbang, Super Ultra, and Astral Badass.

8 Kotori

Kotori is a bit different from the rest from the list because his songs are heavily influenced by anime, as his songs have sound clips taken from animes. His songs are known to have ruthless drops. My favorites are Nanamori, Eroge, Fooly Cooly and Mintflake. He makes animestep music.

9 NightKilla
10 Panda Eyes

He is really good at making music, with catchy melodies, that builds up into a satisfying drop. He is famous for his songs Colorblind, as well as his legendary colllab with Teminite- Highscore.

The Contenders
11 Au/Ra

She is awesome! Love her music!

12 JD
13 EnV
15 Chime
16 Atomic Berries
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