Most Embarrasing Letters of the Alphabet

What letters of the alphabet make you feel embarrassed? Vote here on my list.

The Top Ten

1 P

I am the creator of this list, who wants top join me in a club?

I really need a P right now! - Britgirl

If You Know What I Mean - FreezingMoon44

PP=pee pee

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2 U

You this you that you are an embarrasing letter of the Alphabet.

Represents whoever is reading this... NOT! You Dick

Represents whoever is reading this

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3 Q

I never knew letters could be embarrassing... but I guess q is. - itz_izzy

Q is an embarrassment to the English language. - sketchysteve

This letter can't even make a sound without the letter U. There are only a few exceptions. - Sneslper

4 T

I always cringe when someone sais this letter.

5 F

You see plenty of these through your school years... - Cazaam

F is actually embarrassing. Worst grade ever. - sketchysteve

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6 N
7 K

K thinks she's all that and nobody likes her. - sketchysteve

8 D
9 C
10 R

The Contenders

11 A

If I remebered A, I will remember the name of the boy I like. AHH~ - rico

12 I

The most embarrassing letters in the alphabet. That is, if you put them in a familiar pattern...

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13 B

If you're Asian and you get a B you have dishonored the family!

14 G

This is worse than an F-!

15 X

It is not even used like the amny other letters

16 V
17 Y
18 W
19 E
20 H
21 J
22 L
23 M
24 O
25 S
26 Z
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