Best Engagement App Companies


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1 Soft Intelligence

Our engagement apps permit organizations to link with customers/body of workers thru cellular apps, and vica versa. - llarrywatson25

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2 SavvyApps

We believe we have the best team in the game: a group of passionate, particular, and proven individuals. We care about each other, our customers, and doing great work. - llarrywatson25

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3 Clearbridgemobile

We bring the creativity and freshness of a studio and the technological expertise of an engineering firm to deliver compelling, user-centric products. - llarrywatson25

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4 Pendo

" Pendo helps product teams understand and guide users to create product experiences that customers love - llarrywatson25

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5 Tinypulse

We believe people are the most important asset your organization has. So keeping them happy is just as critical as any other part of your business. - llarrywatson25

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6 Gethppy

Happy delivers insights, research and information to business and HR leaders to create better employee engagement initiatives - llarrywatson25

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7 Quest Back

Meet the curious and passionate people working to help our customers mobilize the power of feedback for competitive advantage. - llarrywatson25

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8 Waggl

Waggl is designed to elevate the authentic experience of people and deliver the analytics leaders need. - llarrywatson25

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9 Tap My Back

Tap My Back allows for a culture of feedback to emerge bottom-up. It's digital, innovative, easy to use and quite fun. There was a clear WOW effect since day one. - llarrywatson25

Super easy to setup and use for recognition and feedback.

Tap my Back has worked perfectly for our company

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10 Zonkafeedback

Zonka Feedback is a powerful multi-channel feedback app & customer feedback system. Collect feedback on Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets, Online Surveys on Website, Mobile, Email & SMS - llarrywatson25

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