Top Ten Evidences That the Illuminati Isn't Real

I hear people talk about "The New World Order" when it has a lot of contradictions.

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1 If the Illuminati is a secret organization, than why do most people know about it?

People claim that Michael Jackson (and others) were killed because they were going to expose the Illuminati. What is there to expose? - ObviouslyNotATroll

And why is there an official website for the Illuminati? Wouldn't they want to keep their information away from normal people as much as possible?

Surely the whole point of this is that they aren't discovered. As such, why would they risk this many people being aware of them? That must defeat the whole purpose surely. - Mrveteran

lol - Solacress

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2 There is no solid proof that it exists

Triangles are not solid proof, neither are fake edited photos or documents or videos. If famous people are part of it, then why do they enjoy their careers for the most part and love the fame they get, wouldn't they be suffering? And who made up rules in this country like equality for people of skin color? The people, I don't think someone very controlling or a tyrant would pass those laws. So in reality, there is no proof.

The only thing this theory ACTUALLY has is YouTube videos and people claiming their lives have been changed under their influence. - ObviouslyNotATroll

They only use triangles as proof, just because something is triangle shaped does not mean it is evil, it is a natural shape we see in life. This shape has always been on the planet. This conspiracy is dumb.

Unless you count the 1700's. - IcetailofWishClan

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3 Blaming everything on one particular group rather than a group of events is simply ridiculous

Come on people. Would you honestly believe that one group of evil people caused everything wrong with the world? These people just can't except responsibility for taking part with the wrongs in the world. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Easier to accept falsehoods and use that as an excuse to vent your fury out rather than accept reality, because the former is far more comforting. As Alan Moore said, the truth is far more frightening: no-one is in control of the world, as it is rudderless. - Mrveteran

Accept not except

4 People can basically Illuminati confirm anything.

So, if I see just some triangle shape, that automatically makes a person or thing evil? Lets be real, a shape does not affect what a person thinks or does, and by no means does that mean they are evil or worship the devil. If they were to actually hurt many people just for the sake of it, then you are evil.

Nope! Not true! Wait, Not has 3 letters. 3+3=6. There are 6 trees in my yard. I've said 6 3 times. 666=Satan is illuminati confirmed - SirSkeletorThe3rd

ObviouslyNotATroll has 4 Upper case letters. Upper. Up. Up was a movie. Pluto Nash was a movie. Pluto Nash started Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy played Donkey in Shrek. Donkey. Ass. Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is in the Illuminati.

ObviouslyNotATroll is Illuminati Confirmed. - Puga

People even blame Dorito chips and pizza as part of the illuminati, lol! Even a rock that wasn't shifted into something can be illuminati if it is the shape of a triangle. A natural rock wouldn't be part of an organization, lol!

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5 Just because someone made changes in their life does not mean that they are suddenly devil worshipers

Yeah, exactly. The people that do worship the devil are usually black metal members, now those are devil worshippers. But most of the famous people are Christian and believe in God. And these people made changes in their life by trying to work for success.

Let's take an average rapper for example. The person can go from the "nerd" look to "gangsta" look, but the person can simply want to change their look to so they can be "original." - ObviouslyNotATroll


Uh because many certain people have admitted that they have sold their soul for fame and fortune...and unfortunately a lot die after ex. Whitney Houston and daughter...Michael Jackson. Proof is in the pudding. - n0juliet

6 No 'secret organization' would leave clues for us to discover

If a secret organization wants to stay secret, why in the world would they leave CLUES!? Secret organizations want to stay secret! The "13 bloodlines" must be really, really, stupid. - ObviouslyNotATroll

If they're leaving clues I'm assuming they think they're in a movie. I hope they notice that they aren't. - FennikenFan9

7 People have been saying that the Illuminati had something planned for decades

If they have this grand plan, why haven't they executed it ages ago? Meanwhile, if they are so intent on killing us, why don't they use something far more effective than chemtrails? And why would they want to anyway? We are the reason they have so much power, through making them rich and voting for them. So why would they want their loyal servants dead? Doesn't make sense. - Mrveteran

It something from 1776 it had a decline very fast according to Wikipedia, nowadays it's a hoax I put a few jokes on the top 10 things controlled by the Illuminati.

8 Controlling the entire human population would be really hard

There's more of us than there are of them. Quite frankly, we would be able to crush them easily at some point, considering how we vastly outnumber them. And despite the idea that they are trying to make us have the same opinion, we still have free will in democracies. As such, there are enough people to overthrow them. Besides, even if we did, what would we replace it with? Another system that will eventually get corrupt and restart the process again. Jesus. - Mrveteran

People would easily protest, there are lots of people in the world. To control a billion people on this planet would be difficult in reality because there won't be enough people to observe everyone.

Most people won't take kindly to being corntrolled. And with the population expanding, the "good" people can band together and start some sort of revolution. - ObviouslyNotATroll

9 There is no proof God or Satan exists, so there is no proof that their are 13 Satanic bloodlines

Tell me why did he bother making that tree of knowledge when he knew Adam and Eve would eat the fruit. God knows everything. Angel Michael looking through the book of life 24/7 to see if the person who has just passed away is in the book, how stressed is he or can he get stressed being an Angel who knows. Why do harmless people burn in a lake of fire for not believing in the Bible. God isn't really loving he is as bad as the Devil and you know that.

Do you have a proof that god does not exist

I agree that the illuminati is fake but I don't agree with this reason.

I'd rather make a Book of Shadows than believe an ancient book of far-fetched tales.

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10 Some events are simply innocent events

Just because (insert name here) died doesn't mean space lizards "took care of him." - ObviouslyNotATroll

Again, it's easier to believe that the Illuminati committed an atrocity than the truth. - Mrveteran

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11 The famous eye of providence symbol actually has no connection to the Illuminati

The real symbol is the Owl of Athena (which represents wisdom) while the eye of providence represents God's omnipresence over us all. Many churches also use the eye of providence in some of their infrastructures for further proof. - Neonco31

12 There's a logo, and there's a theme song! How does that make sense if they are supposedly secret?

The logo is supposed to be a way for the Illuminati to drop hints and the song is not the actual conspiracy. It is a meme. It is actually the X-Files theme. - ggggh

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1. There is no solid proof that it exists
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