Top Ten Most Exciting Months of the Year


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1 December

This month has Christmas, New Years Eve, Winter Break, Seasons change from Fall to Winter, and Snow.

This is the month when I joined this site - Righteous

I actually joined the site on November 17, 2017, so if I had joined two weeks later I would have joined in the same month of the year as you. - allamassal

I think December is the worst. - lovefrombadlands


2 October
3 June

Running out of the school on the last day, enough said. - 3DG20

June is so exciting because I go to a concert on the 29th! - lovefrombadlands

When school ends - Nateawesomeness

4 May
5 April
6 July
7 March

Time of results - Righteous

8 September

A new school year always gets me excited. And my motivation is always through the roof for the first couple months. - keycha1n

You know, school is actually exciting until after the first one or two months.

The NFL Season comes back! - htoutlaws2012

9 November

Thanksgiving dinner!

November 11 2017 the day lovefrombadlands was a real user on TheTopTens - lovefrombadlands

10 January

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11 February

This is my created day - Mewtwo_

12 August

Augest is the same the whole month

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