Top 10 Expectations vs Reality

That's right, lets fill this list up til there's no more and hit rock bottom.

The Top Ten

1 Let's party / Let's watch TV

My Asian relatives: we all will party!

Then we all just watch T.V.

2 I will never forgive you / I forgive you
3 All nighter! / Its only 9:00pm and I'm tired already

For me it's the opposite. I can do an all nighter if I want. But the effects of an all nighter won't be good for the next day morning, I promise. - Kiteretsunu

4 I will remember about this forever / I didn't remember doing it
5 This movie is not going to make me cry / I just cried someone a river
6 I can save something to drink for later / I NEED IT!!!!
7 People will know it's sarcasm / Oh look, people who thought I was serious

Me. - 3DG20

8 Gonna get up in the morning with no problem / Hi and welcome to Born Survivor
9 My page will be a success! / Hello mice, looks like you are my only friend

Haha! This is actually really creative! That's how I felt when I first got my YouTube page. There were literally only two views for about a week! - NerdyPweeps

10 This game is going to be easy! / How the hell do you get past the first level!?
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