Best Fairy Tail Crack Couple

What's you favorite Crack Couple? No Canon or Semi Canon just Fan based couples.

Expectations and rules:
1. You are allowed to talk about Canon or Semi Canon but only to persuade someone join the fandom
2. No complaining about having no Canon or Semi Canon Couples
3. Only Fan based Couples
4. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Enjoy voting and replying and commenting

Consequences for breaking rules and/or expectations:

READ THIS: If you are just a Canon or Semi Canon shipper and can't stand any of this couples I suggest you leave. This is only for people who like these Fan Based Couples. If I find out that you were putting Canon or Semi Canon Couples on this list It will not be the list it was meant to be and I will Report you so don't make me do it so follow the rules and/or expectations.

The Top Ten

1 Gray and Lucy Gray and Lucy

It's not really crack because they actually interact. But who cares? Still my favorite couple!

Gray and Lucy are so sweet together. They understand each other so well. It's adorable.

Best fandom couple ever! It's my favorite couple in the whole series. - ErzaScarlet

Why is this Number 1 I hate it! This stupid ship. Whatever I'm going to bring it down.

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2 Lyon and Juvia Lyon and Juvia

Lyon realised Juvia's beauty and kindness before any other guy. He deserves her.

I think Lyon would make Juvia more happy than Gray would. - ErzaScarlet

3 Sting and Yukino Sting and Yukino

Sting needs a kind and understanding partner, while Yukino needs someone to show her adventures and fun at times. This is a beautiful pairing.

That episode where Sting sent Rogue flying for accidentally touching Yukino's boob. 😂

4 Natsu and Lisanna Natsu and Lisanna

This is really a sweet childhood relationship.

This disgusts me... - NicoleBaeB

Hey I checked this on FT Wiki. It's semi-canon. - Goku02


5 Mirajane and Laxus Mirajane and Laxus

I just have a feeling that if Mirajane and Laxus interact more often, they would most definitely hit it off!

Both would make a super powerful and badass couple!

6 Rouge and Yukino Rouge and Yukino

It's a very poetic and underrated ship.

He cares about her. The chance of Yukino being with Rogue is as high as Sting, though...

Rogue needs a little star in his darkness, a sweet and goodhearted person. Yukino needs some shadow to shine, a calm and brave person.

I prefer Yukino and Sting but this is okay too... - NicoleBaeB

7 Loke and Lucy Loke and Lucy

Awe how adorable. Loke always shows up to protect Lucy. They are the sweetest.

8 Natsu and Erza Natsu and Erza

This couple deserves respect. Not many people like them but I love them.

This is the worst couple ever. Natsu is ugly and Erza is stupid.

If there wasn't Lucy and Lisanna, I would definitely ship Natsu with Erza.

If lisanna was dead
and Natsu wasn't Dense
If you all paid a cent
and laughed at her death
If Gray would back off
and wouldn't take off his shirt

That NaLu will always forever remain on top! - NicoleBaeB

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9 Jellal and Ultear


10 Natsu and Juvia Natsu and Juvia

As they say, opposites attract.

Wow, I never thought about this before lol. Interesting. - parisinslame

The Newcomers

? Eileen and Acnologia

The Contenders

11 Dimaria Yesta and Wahl Icht Dimaria Yesta and Wahl Icht
12 Mirajane and Natsu Mirajane and Natsu

I've actually never thought about this couple, but it's kind of cute really.

13 Laxus and Freed Laxus and Freed

If Mira doesn't have Laxus, I want Freed to be with him!

14 Brandish and Dimaria Brandish and Dimaria

Well... I think Dimaria somewhat cares for Brandish, but I think the ship sunk.

15 Laxus and Cana Laxus and Cana

I like this better than LaxusxMirajane. - Tia-Harribel

16 Gajeel and Juvia Gajeel and Juvia
17 Bacchus and Cana Bacchus and Cana
18 Sting and Minerva Sting and Minerva
19 Natsu and Gray Natsu and Gray

Brotp material.

OTP forever.

20 Macbeth and Meredy

They seem compatible, I love it.

21 Lucy and Lisanna Lucy and Lisanna
22 Juvia and Lucy Juvia and Lucy
23 Erza and Lucy Erza and Lucy
24 Gray and Mirajane Gray and Mirajane
25 Erza and Kagura Erza and Kagura

They kissed in the manga.

I hate yuri. - ErzaScarlet

26 Natsu and Happy Natsu and Happy

I ship it for laughs.

27 Gray and Erza Gray and Erza

He did say she looked pretty when she was asleep.

28 Rahkeid and Dimaria
29 Sting and Rogue
30 Sawyer and Sorano

I really love this ship, their personalities could match perfectly.

31 Lyon and Kagura
32 Dobengal and Flare
33 Kagura and Millianna

I don't ship them but Kagura kissed Erza in the manga. I think Kagura is gay.

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