Favorite Color Monorails at the Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Monorail system has a total of 12 trains in its fleet, each identified by a different colored stripe. While there is no difference between the trains otherwise, I still think it's fun having all of the different colors and I always find myself paying attention to them during my trip.

Which monorail color is your favorite?

The Top Ten

1 Blue

This Color Reminds Me Of My Favorite Character (Even Though She Has Nothing To Do With Disney)
I Sure Am Random With Comments Sometimes - JPK

2 Black
3 Red
4 Teal
5 Yellow
6 Orange
7 Green
8 Coral

Monorail coral isn't just a practical means of transportation. It is a metaphor for life.

9 Lime
10 Gold

The Contenders

11 Purple

RIP My Favorite Colour - Maddox121

12 Silver
13 Peach
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