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Belle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast (1991) and in the live action remake Beauty and the Beast (2017). Belle is the intelligent and selfless young daughter of an inventor who does not conform to the normal ways of her small more.


Oh please tell me more how Belle doesn't need a man to save her especially the moment when she was attacked by wolves or closed with her dad at home when people went to kill her friends. Tell me more how smart she is, taking into account that she didn't show her brain at all in the movies except from the moment when she was bragging that she reads and everybody else are little people because they do not do so and they have work to do unlike her who has plenty of time to read books and lie in a grass. Tell me more how she saved her prince, especially the moment when she showed everyone that there is a beast who lives nearby before that nobody was aware of the fact. Tell me more how she didn't need love in her life taking into account that the books that she read (and her favorite) are love stories. I never understood this cartoon she fells in love with a beast who almost killed her dad and kept her as a prisoner but still the beast is good and Gaston who wanted to put her dad into ...more

Belle is amazing! She is so beautiful yet doesn't care about how she looks. She is intelligent and loves reading and sees the personality of people not just their looks. She had a chance to go to handsome Gaston but didn't (also keep in mind that Gaston is like the town hero most of the girls swoon over him and most of the guys want to be him) Instead she falls in love with a beast because he was sweet and kind not just handsome but best of all is that she wished for adventure and for someone to understand her ( doesn't necessarily mean lover but could mean friend) she didn't wish for some prince to save her. Don't forget she gave up the freedom of her life just so her father could be free. She also has no friends I think this is a great message to other people saying that even disney princesses don't have the easiest life. To end it I would like to say that Belle is the best because she is herself and embraces it.

Everyone discusses her compassion, empathy, intelligence, and perceptiveness. Beauty and the Beast presents an opionated introvert who spends her time with animals and her father, or reading and imagining her future ( which on the enough doesn't include a man when she voices her daydreams). What people forget about Belle is: she shows tremendous bravery and loyalty. She will not let anyone insult her father. She fought a pack of wolves with a stick to protect herself, but mostly to protect her horse that was tangled up. She volunteered to be imprisoned for life so that her father could be free. She doesn't take this last decision lightly. It is not made in an emotional surge of anger or desperation. She asked to see the beast in the light (knowing nothing she saw would stop her from protecting her family), and after seeing the menacing creature before her, she sticks to her loyalty and family values. Belle is a great role model. She is as excepting and nonjudgmental and she can be ...more

Belle is the best disney princess. She dares to be different and doesn't care what others think of her. She has plans and goals for her life. She cares about her father and respects him unlike Ariel. Looks beyond the surface of a person sees the inner beauty and personality of people, she doesn't go for the guy that every girl dreams to be with just because he is handsome, unlike Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora. She realizes the jerk Gaston truly is. She has a strong spirit of adventure. She is wise and loves to read. Even when the beast changes into a handsome prince she must see that it is him and look beneath the surface, she doesn't just fall into his arms because he is handsome. She actually gets to know the beast/prince for more than a day/night and actually falls in love with him the normal way, unlike Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, and sorta Jasmine. She is a wonderful princess and a great role model for girls of all ages.

Condescending and unnecessarily judgmental. She's privileged enough to not have to get a job and to be able read and wander around town all day singing. The townspeople are toiling away trying to support themselves and their families. And she disses them in her OPENING SONG for doing their same old work and for being so boring and not reading.

She also disrespects multiple people while she's walking through town. It's impossible for her to not notice that she was walking into the middle of the work of a group of men (she walked up and down a plank and bashed one of the men's faces in in the process), nor that she was walking right through a kids' jump rope game (she jumped over the rope, for goodness' sakes. She does have peripheral vision :/), nor that she was... Well, a lot of it is already on Buzzfeed. Although my opinions were formed before I found out about the Buzzfeed articles.

Not sure why everybody likes her so much. She reads? Plenty of other princesses read. ...more - Ari00

Belle teaches all about inner beauty and not judging people by their appearance. She gets to know the Beast and finds out that he is actually very kind and loving even though the outside is scary and undesirable. I have always struggled with weight problems and this movie always gives me hope that someone out there could look past my outer appearence and get to know me as Belle did for Beast. This is by far the best movie and that makes Belle the best princess! She is just amazing! And she is down to earth, nerdy, believes in being herself even if she doesn't fit in, and she just has a great head on her shoulders. She goes out to save her father when he doesn't come home, volunteers to take his place in the Beast's castle so he can live and remains mainly positive about the situation without much complaint. She just teaches so many good qualities. And to top it off, she has an awesome horse and clothes!

Gaston: This is the day your dreams come true.

Belle: What do you know about my dreams, Gaston?

Gaston: Plenty! Here, picture this: A rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife massaging my feet, while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six or seven.

Belle: Dogs?

Gaston: No, Belle! Strapping boys, like me!

Belle: Imagine that.

Gaston: And do you know who that little wife will be?

Belle: Let me think...

Gaston: You, Belle!

Belle: Gaston, I'm-I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say.

Gaston: Say you'll marry me!

Belle: I'm very sorry, Gaston... But... But I just don't deserve you!

Gaston: It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*...

Gaston thinks Belle is beautiful. And she is. He doesn't give two things about her personality though. He thinks women reading and women thinking is wrong. He ...more

Belle is the best princess!
The main reason is that she is awesome, but also her movie also has a good moral... like Ariel, her story is all about how she leaves her family and her life, dis obeys her father, and is a flat out brat to the rest of her family to trade her voice for some guy that she saw on a ship. she cares about her looks too much. and jasmine is too sassy, you can defiantly tell she was raised in a palace, when someone is annoying she sends them away or sets her tiger at them. but belle shows that she doesn't care about her looks more the books, she is one of the most simple, but elegant and beautiful princesses. she doesn't go desperately searching for love but is able to find the good and kindness in a person/beast when nobody else would give him a chance. she cares about her father and tries to save him. and come on she has talking furniture!

Just saying - Belle was not the only intelligent princess. You're not intelligent just because you read fantasy books, although I do acknowledge that she was doing this even though the rest of the town thought her strange, and for that I give her some credit.

Rapunzel charts stars and reads and plays chess and adjusted unbelievably quickly to the outside world after being locked in a tower for 18 years.

Mulan's intelligence is portrayed in her strategical and analytical skills while fighting the Huns.

I'm sure there are many other instances where princesses show intelligence but honestly, I think Rapunzel and Mulan each outdo Belle in the intelligence area, no sweat. I think Belle's intelligence tends to be exaggerated to an extent.

Belle is a ideal woman for me personally she is ultimately the only woman Disney has because Belle holds herself up she doesn't flock over a guy because he looks hot. Gaston is your normal everyday guy today who would talk about his penis size, flirt with any hot girl that falls his way, while still having girls fall over him like Taylor Lautner. Beast on the other hand is a animal who Belle falls in love with over time and later defends because she is starting to fall in love with him. Belle seen beast at his worst and best so she could ultimately say that Beast is not perfect but he's worth staying with. For Gods sake Beast has a castle and gave his library to Belle at their first date Gaston just wanted sex after he would've blew her off. - Hollis33

Belle is the best Disney princess of all time! She is brave because she takes her fathers place in the dungeon. She is not like most of the princesses just trying to get a prince so they can live in a castle and look pretty. Belle does not want a prince. She likes to do what she loves no matter what everyone else thinks. Her name means beauty! You cannot beat that! Also she is very smart to not like Gaston! Also I love Belle's singing she is so good! One thing Belle and I have in common is that I mostly have my nose in a book to! I admire Belle and she is a great role model to all kids! Belle looks on what is on the inside. Unlike other Disney princesses see a prince they want to marry just because of their looks. But Belle gives the beast a chance to see what he is really like. The beast does not like Belle just because she is pretty he likes her because she is very kind and he proves that by rescuing Belle from the wolves. So I would say Belle is the best!

I don't like Belle. I agree with user 956's comments. Belle is just so incredibly stuck-up. Belle spends an inordinate amount of time on her bottom reading books on magical- princes-turned-into-disguise, while her neighbors work their butts off just to make a living. Then Belle turns around and disses her neighbors, calling them "little people" and the place where she resides "a poor provincial town." I don't get the praise for Belle. After all, like the user 956 on this site has said--- Belle betrayed her prince/beast to Gaston--- which promptly led to a mob attacking his castle, and to the prince dying from a knife stab in the back. I also remember that Belle did not outwit/save herself from a wolf pack assault, nor did she save her father from Gaston and Monsieur D'Arque, who locked both of them up in the basement. It took Chip- the-teacup to do all the "saving the day" stuff. I think Belle is popular, but she's one of the worst examples of a character: one who loudly complains ...more - M54

Belle has always been my favorite of them all. When I was 5 or 6 years old the only reason I loved her the most was that she is a brunette, like me. Now, I realized some better qualities of hers I admire more. I don't have to say anything else, 'cause people before me did that. I agree with them. She doesn't fall head over heels in love, because she values good personality more than good looks. Although, I have to say that her prince, prince Adam is definitely the hottest Disney prince EVER. He may be the hottest animated character ever. (Gr! I'm mad that I have to write that he's animated.) They are the sexiest cartoon pair by far. And the movie, the plot, the cast and the music I fantastic!

I think Belle is such a good role model. She has all the good qualities I want to have : The confidence, the independence, the patience, the intelligence, the courage, the compassion, and above all the selflessness. She know what's right and what's wrong. She doesn't judge people from their appearances, she is responsible, family-oriented, love to learn and she likes herself enough to never mind other people's opinion. She teach children so many good and important lessons. To be sincere, to be genuine, to love yourself the way you are, care about your family, considerate of others and to love reading. I think people could relate to her so easily.. She's my ultimate favorite Disney princess. She's pretty inspirational. It's really not that hard to love her.

Belle shows every girl that it's okay to be smart and nerdy, even if it results in mockery. She knows that physical features don't matter as much as the traits you exhibit on the inside. She knows that family is the most important part of being happy, and is willing to do anything to protect her father. Belle proves to every person that women are not to be pushed around by men, that they can decide how they want to lead their own lives. She wasn't born a princess but exhibits the most princess-like qualities because she knows that independence is. As a feminist, I think Belle will be even more spectacular when played by Emma Watson, a feminist playing a feminist princess. Feminists don't treat men like trash; they just protect their honor and individuality, trying to be equals. Belle is the best!

Belle is a kind, smart, and gorgeous girl who yearns for excitement, and discovers the grandest adventure in love. She selflessly sacrifices herself to take her father's place as the Beast's prisoner, and in that time fall for each other. She is a wonderful role model for young girls, what with her being an avid reader of books, and doesn't fall for shallow men like Gaston. She may be beautiful on the outside, but her true beauty shines within.

Belle's kindness to all is what makes her the best Disney princess. She is also beautiful, loyal, and doesn't judge a BOOK by its cover. She also loves to read just like me! I also love Belle for realizing that although he may be cute, Gaston isn't very nice or thoughtful, and she noticed the opposite about the Beast. Lastly, she wears a beautiful YELLOW dress! My favorite color! If Belle walked into a dance with that on I would faint! Thank you Disney! Though I love most of the Disney princesses Belle is my favorite.

She is a woman who treasures intellect, genuine affection and putting her own desires off to the side for the benefit of others. There's no brat qualities like with Ariel or Merida. She puts everything on the line by taking her father's place to become the Beast's prisoner and then does everything in her power to help the Beast become a reasonable human being once again. She is incredibly empathetic even with legitimate reasons to fear the Beast and rejects the idea of falling for someone purely for their looks or merits. She is my ideal Disney princess.

I'm not so similar to her, but I related to her the most out of all the Disney Princesses. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere too, but I can't just leave for it due to family issues, just like Belle. I love reading like her and my favorite is fairy tales too. I was very close with my father and I don't give any thoughts about my appearance (Not so much). Belle is such a great role model. She has all the good qualities I wish I have. The patience, the courage, the intelligence, the independence, the confidence and above all, the selflessness. She's my favorite Disney Princess because I'm aspiring to be like her.

She is beautiful and very kind hearted, not to mention intelligent. She is able to see the good within the worst; despite of the arrogance and temper of the beast. She is devoted to save her father, and she just be who she is, even if it differs her from the rest of the village. She is the 'rose' of the town but she stays humble and simple. She is my role model, and I respect her the most.

Who could ever love a beast? Belle did, no one ever can. Her name says it all, BEAUTIFUL on the outside and on the inside. Smart, caring, understanding, strong, brave, independent, talented, kind... I can't possibly think of all the pleasant adjectives to describe Belle. Before there was Frozen (an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart), it was Belle who showed us that love can bring out the goodness even from the unseemly exterior of the Beast (Prince Adam). Belle is my favorite Disney Princess (I'm 18), and she will always be the best Disney princess to me.

Belle is genuinely independent but she got locked up thus making her look like she's not. She asserts bookworm pride, is adventurous and doesn't give a care what others think of her. She wasn't born a royal like most disney princesses are. She sacrifices her life's dream of exploring the world by agreeing to take her father's place and the things she said to Gaston was badass. She didn't dream of being rescued by a prince charming, in fact during the beast's battle on the roof she pulled him up from falling (talk about physical strength).

It's hard to choose the best Disney princess since the arrive of Frozen. Before Frozen, it will be Belle for perfection. Now, Elsa ruled my heart for her imperfectness. So, I choose both. Here's the reason for Belle.
1. Belle is a nerd. She loves reading. Many Princesses from Disney aren't fan of literature.
2. She's beautiful inside out. She is kind, and looks gorgeous.
3. She never show her beauty. Unlike my another choice Elsa which quickly dressed herself in a blue dress, Belle never wear something beautiful until in the palace with the beast.
4. She never choose a lover for his handsomeness, but kindness
5. All people gossip about her weird characteristic, and she don't care.
6. Her goal is to search for something grand, amazing, bigger than her. Which, is cool.

Anyways check my comment on Elsa.

My favorite princess for a lot of reasons. She is kindhearted and caring. She loves the Beast not caring what he looks like. She goes with the beast instead of letting her father go and get killed. She doesn't like the good looking Gaston. She loves to read books and so do I. She doesn't care that the townspeople call her a nerd and think it's strange that she's always reading. She is gorgeous as well but that doesn't matter because she is even more beautiful on the inside. She doesn't choose the prince like all the other princesses. Even though the Beast turns out to be a prince, but she didn't know when she fell in love with him. She doesn't care about looks. Just not on herself, but on anyome. Therefor, Belle is the best princess.

Belle is awesome. She shows us it's okay to be weird, and she's selfless and brave. She's the one girl that fell in love with the beast that a lot of other Princesses may have turned down. If there is a "see the beauty within" trend, she started it. She's strong and mature, and more realistic. She lived a hard life, but she was never a damsel. After being captured, she never was scared of the Beast. She had no problem showing the Beast that she wasn't a damsel. I'm not hating Aurora and Jasmine, they're great too. But Belle is very smart, and head strong. She really does deserve the number one spot.