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Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


Okay, lets talk about Elsa. First off, she is a queen, she has the responsibility to take care of all her people in Arendelle. Second, she has ice powers that is a part of her that she so scared of, she is FORCED to hide away from her own sister because her parents feared it as well. Third, the directors said that she suffered from depression and anxiety. That is probably one of the worst things someone can suffer through, not only because it hurts the person physically, mentally and emotionally, but also the people who care about them, like Anna. I have never heard of another princess who was depressed or suffered from anything else, and if there is please correct me. Forth, she doesn't have a love interest, like Merida (who I also like) and is independent. She is calm and mature and knows how to act in situations. She only ran away because she was called a "monster" and couldn't control it because of her fear. Fifth, when you see her finally let it go in her ice castle, you see how ...more

I think that the most amazing thing about Elsa is the fact that she portrays the human condition and ideals in a more plausible way than most Disney heroines tend to do. She isn't perfect, but like most humans, she isn't supposed to. In fact, at the beginning, one can note deep psychological issues in her persona. She's afraid of herself, the social expectations, and most importantly, she's afraid of hurting the person she loves the most (Anna). For these reasons, she isolates herself, sacrificing her life in favor of what other people want.

However, for a princess/queen with such little time on screen, she's capable of showing a varied array of emotions that reflect her character development from an introvert who is scared of her own potential and the norms of society to a mature woman who has come to terms with herself, her sister and her kingdom, and is destined to triumph. She's capable of understanding that she can't live tied up with trying to be what other people expect ...more

Elsa in my eyes, is not Princess-level. She's Goddess level.

Her beauty is otherworldly, her flawless skin even more radiant than Snow White, her dress is made of ice (not stuff human can normally wear), her elegance and gracefulness are in a whole different league from the other Princesses. And the beauty of her magic powers are a sight to behold. All of these on a character with one of the most painful childhood experiences ever.

Being isolated her whole life dealing with what she believed was an evergrowing destructive powers she couldn't control no matter how much she tried and her willingness to still protect others at the expense of her own happiness just shows what a kind hearted, selfless and caring person Elsa is.

She's easily my favorite because of all of these. She went through a lot of pain, much more pain than a typical princess could ever have, she's the most complicated and conflicted, has the most interesting coming-of-age story of overcoming your ...more

In response to the person replying, Anna definitely didn't have it as bad as Elsa. Anna was lonely, yeah... But her pain stopped there. She didn't have to deal with powers that could potentially killed people because Anna is the normal one.

Elsa on the other hand, wasn't just lonely, on top of that, she had to endure inner battles, she had to endure living in fear, she had to go through her life believing that her powers were dangerous (no thanks to her parents). That would be a huge blow to any kid's mental state. Poor Elsa fell into depression because of that. The fact that she knew she was pushing Anna away pained her just as much, but she had to because she believed it was her responsibility to conceal, and not let anyone knows to avoid putting them in danger.

She chose responsibilities and her sister's well being over her own happiness. She had every reason to turn evil and yet she didn't. She had every reason to lash out at the world for not being allowed to be ...more

Don't get me wrong, I love Elsa. However, Anna has dealt with the same amount of pain. Elsa was in self-created exile (her parents did not help that), but Anna was stuck in that exile, too. She didn't even get an explanation, whereas Elsa knew what was going on. Elsa is conflicted, but Anna has undergone the same pain. Doesn't it make her stronger for smiling through it all?

When I was little, my favorite princess was Ariel, mostly due to her beautiful voice. Plus, she was a mermaid. But, as time goes on, you realize that shouldn't be the only qualities in a princess. Then, you meet Elsa, who has a better voice than Ariel, is prettier than even Aurora (who had been my second favorite for that quality), and learned to be herself. She didn't need a man to save her, she didn't even think about it. She's sensible, beautiful, and smart and has ice powers. Just felt like I should mention that. However, even without her voice and good lucks, she's still the best. In Let it Go, Elsa finally opens up and becomes free. And while some are saying the makeover is unnecessary, I think it was necessary. It's symbolic of her new freedom, and it's what she wants to wear. Elsa, unlike the others, didn't spend her days wishing for her prince to come rescue her from her room; she saved herself.

Elsa is the most amazing princess/queen. She is caring, strong, mature, and beautiful in every way. Somehow I think she's different from the other Disney princesses, even from Anna.

I think she is the most detailed one, too. Like, it really looks like the producers spend years designing her, perfecting her, every little piece of ice in her dress and like every single hair.

Also, I really like the part of no needing a man, every other princess are always dreaming of love, crying for love, waiting for rescue.. And all Elsa wants it's just to protect Anna and Arendelle, be a good leader, be someone their kingdom can look forward to, and she really wants to prove her parents that she can actually control her magic. She has real dreams, unlike the other princesses (No offense).

Her voice it's the most amazing one I ever heard, it's so different from the others too. The first time I heard it I was like "What? Its this really is the voice of a Disney princess? Like ...more

Elsa is by far the best disney princess. Or should I say queen? She has the most beautiful pale skin, and her hair is gorgeous. She also has amazing fashion sense. She could be a dress designer! She has magical ice powers and could freeze the world if she wants to. She only wanted to keep everyone safe, especially Anna. She hid inside her room and hated herself because of what she could do and was as selfless as Anna, if not more. People say Anna is more selfless because she gave her life, but Elsa would do that for anyone. She just wants what's best for her people and her sister. She also has the best voice in the entire world. She's mature and she doesn't care about romance at all. Plus, she's the first person to say "No, you CAN'T marry a man you just met."

I love Elsa, but she wouldn't give her life for anyone. She was on the verge of killing two men, even if they were horrible.

I agree. Elsa may be willing to sacrifice a lot, but her life isn't one of them. I admit my opinion has changed on her, but I still wouldn't go as far to say she would risk her life for others. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I had a hard time deciding whether to vote for Elsa or Belle, but I eventually chose Elsa. Why? First of all, she's voiced by Idina Menzel, an extremely talented Broadway star. Secondly, she has magical ice and snow powers. How awesome is that? Then there's her personality. She is mature and reserved because she has to be, but she can be friendly and she cares deeply about her sister and her subjects. Despite the fact that her awful parents taught her to fear her powers, she eventually accepted them and wasn't afraid to be herself. I do love the fact that Belle reads, but in the end, Elsa is a better character.
By the way, although she did become a queen, she was a princess at one point, so she still qualifies. Besides, Disney will make her an official princess just like they did with Mulan and Pocahontas. They aren't princesses, but they meet the criteria, and so does Elsa.

I was never interested with Disney princesses until she came along. I love how she was so emotional, and insecure about her powers. She's not some generic happy go lucky, super confident, tomboy-ish princess. Neither is she a generic demure princess who waits for her prince to save her.
Elsa can kick ass when she needs to be, but she isn't so over-powered that she never needs help from anyone. She needs her sister to save her -not from anyone else- but from herself. That's new. I haven't even expressed how much I love her selflessness. Everything she did, she only did what she knew would benefit her sister, her family and her people, not for herself.
Her expressive face when she was in agony and pain, her happy face when she 'let it go', her face when she was drawn in sadness, her lost, empty stare when she realized her sister was "dead". Amazing, just amazing. The all kinds of emotions she went through, I could feel them all.
Her appearance, is simply stunning. Her singing ...more

I don't get why people hate her so much, I mean sure the movie isn't as pitch perfect like the rest of the princess movies out there. And over look past her ability crap that you people judge mainly about, and how cold she treats her sister. People seem to forget that she was just trying to protect her sister so she always stick to her room in isolation, and the only reason she ran away was so she wouldn't hurt anyone and that people judged her and made her feel like a monster. SHE DIDN'T KNOW SHE MADE HER KINGDOM FACE AN UNEXPECTED WINTER. You know what, she is a strong independent women along with Belle, Merida, Tiana and Mulan who didn't need a prince to rely on. The ones who doesn't fall in love in first sight, etc. I respect Elsa, she's the perfect queen! She's definitely the top three along with Belle and Rapunzel in my list

Elsa (for those of you who don't know) is from the movie Frozen, and while her sister, Anna, is the main character, Elsa is way better. Although originally portrayed as the villain, she really isn't, and is actually the 13th official Disney princess, unlike Alice or Wendy or Kida, etc. Elsa is beautiful, kind, has magical powers, and is one heck-of-a singer. She has pipes! She's definitely my favorite princess.

Elsa has awesome ice snow powers. Enough said. What's not awesome about that? Also, Elsa has been through so much pain and struggle because of her powers, and still remains strong. She hid in her room all her life because she loves her family and wanted to protect them. She didn't want to hurt anyone so she grew up believing she was a danger to others and therefore the only way to deal with it was to suppress it and try and run away from it. it caused her to become emotionally unstable and depressed, yet she was strong. She was also kind, caring, fun, and charismatic. She's really super duper beautiful, too. Love Elsa.

Elsa is the best princess/queen for many reasons. One, her worst fear came true when everyone found out about her powers, and instead of crying and crumpling inside, she totally rises up and becomes more confident and empowers herself to stand her ground and be proud of who she is. Two, she is not interested in 'true love' and develops her sense of self through her own confidence, not that of a man. Three, most beautiful, nicest dress, hair, voice, everything. Four, Let it Go is possibly the best moment in Disney history. Not to mention the magic powers. Everything about Elsa is beautiful.

Elsa is the best. I love her because she's the most selfless Princess of all.

Olaf said Love is putting someone else's needs before yours. How did the innocent little Olaf know that? Because Elsa had been doing that all her life!

Every other Princesses only learned altruism during their adventures including Anna. Elsa knew that since young and had selflessly lived in horrible isolation for 13 years straight for the sake of other people, until they drove her out of her own kingdom and called her a monster for having magic. She's so tragic and noble and wonderful, and every time she smiles she looks so kind it makes me want to cry.

As much as I love Belle and Rapunzel, Elsa is the best princess Disney has ever created. She is so much deeper as a character. Much more is happening in her soul than just dreaming for true love/adventure as all the other princesses do. Her story is touching in a very human way.

She is a lot more complex than other disney princesses so far, and in a good way of course. She has a deeper problem than the rest of the princesses for her problem (s) are actually self acceptance. I personally think she and Anna evoke a lot more emotion in a disney movie. She is also the most beautiful princess / queen I have ever seen, closest to rapunzel I guess..

I hope Elsa's rank will keep going up since her movie's very new.

Elsa is the only one who doesn't run around chasing after "true love," which almost every princess so far has done. She understands that the sister who she grew up with and the country she has be put in charge with are her first duty. Elsa has powers that are difficult to control so she sacrifices her enjoyment of life to protect others, whom she loves. She is wise enough to look beyond what she wants for herself and and sees that the real true love is putting yourself last or completely taking yourself out of the equation to make someone else happy or safe. Unlike the others, Elsa is a true Queen, and not just of Arendelle but she is also the Queen of beauty and grace both inside and out.

Elsa does NOT love boys and has awesome snow powers. She is FABULOUS of course. She has the best voice of any of the princesses. Elsa She makes the best dresses out of her magic because she's a DRESS MAKER OF COURSE! If she did marry a man he would be so HANDSOME! And Anna who loves Hans (which is evil) Is crazy love in first sight like what the hell that's just weird. And she can make things alive seriously. And why didn't she come first she's like the best queen/princess everyone just vote for her. She can even control her magic now. Why would Anna even be her sister because she has orange hair and does not have magic so CRAZY! VOTE FOR HER RIGHT NOW OR I'LL KILL YOU NOW!

Elsa is the BEST Disney princess by far! She has one heck of a voice and has the whole package to go with it. She is so gorgeous and is so loving. She should be the main character because we all know we couldn't think about anyone else but her. Her powers and personality gives you the shivers. You get the magical feeling inside and you can't help but love her! She really is Disney's best Princess!

Elsa was my favorite character in Frozen and my new favorite princess. She had an amazing design (props to the artists) and has a great story. Though Anna is the official protagonist of the movie, I thought Elsa fighting to control her powers and keeping those around her safe was a much better conflict (s) than Anna's conflict to find true love. Also, Idina Menzel voiced Elsa beautifully and I have fallen in love with her song Let It Go.

The thing about Elsa is that she is relatable, and not hyper-active like Rapunzel or Anna. She's beautiful, intelligent, and distant, which is very unique. She's reserved, but fierce and powerful. She's also very unique in the sense that she doesn't want to meet New People, or go New Places or Find True Love, she just wants to be free forms her powers and keep her family safe. She is one of the best disney princesses ever!

Well, Elsa is probably one of the latest princesses to come out, but hell, she is amazing (and badass). She's one of the only princesses in the princess line up not to have a love interest, can defend herself, actually USES her power and is not evil, just misguided. She doesn't feel artificial, she doesn't need a man to save her, and honestly she DESERVES to be number one in this list!

Elsa is the only Disney princess that matters to me. For almost 2 decades now, I had outgrown Disney movies but Elsa, she reminds me again why Princesses can be extremely charming and charismatic, like how Princess Diana used to be. There's just so much to her, from her regal and elegant appearance, her softness, her noble qualities, her beautiful magic powers to her emotional depth that are just so irresistible and memorable, not to mention, marketable. She's now not only my most favorite Disney princess, but also my all time favorite female character in any media, which is completely unexpected, even to me.

Can I hate Elsa? No. Her personality is unique and like all princesses, she believes in the good of others. But GOD ALMIGHTY, she is overrated, and it's not her fault! It's the movie's! Those Disney directors REALLY screwed up her role in the movie! First, where did she get her ' ice powers? Was she taught by Sub-Zero? Second, she wasn't even the main character in her movie! Even KRISTOFF was more important and got more screen time. And last but CERTAINLY NOT least, GROW UP, PEOPLE! When my little sister's friends come over and SOMEBODY mentions Frozen, it's the same thing all over again: "SQUEAL! I LOVE FROZEN! Elsa is so awesome, she has ICE POWERS! AND LET IT GO IS TOTALLY THE BEST SONG EVER! " There's more to the movie than ELSA, people. And don't get me started on that "Let It Go is the best song ever" comment. It lasted A MINUTE AND A HALF and repeated the same things again, and again, AND AGAIN. Vote for Elsa, I don't care, but if SOMEONE says something about Elsa being the ...more

ELSA is beautiful kind and keeps her self away from her sister so she will not hurt ANNA. She can be a little stubborn but she is always confident and is a little fun. She also stays away from Anna to protect her and her country she is a wonderful Queen and princess her powers grow a lot but in the end learns how to control them She saves the day even thou it was mostly Anna. I still think she is the best princess/queen ever to be made by disney.

I LOVE Elsa she is my favorite because not oh I need a man to save me and protect me because I'm a girl and oh I just met this prince today and I am going to marry him. But rather when her younger sister decides she is going to marry hans (yuck) the day she meets him and asks elsa for her blessing and her response is "no you can't marry a man you just met" so yeah she is strong, pretty, and wise. so yeah that is why Elsa is my favorite disney princess.