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Pocahontas is a title character in Disney's 33rd animated feature film Pocahontas, and its direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.


Pocahontas is a very important person in history. The movie was probably a bit too complicated for young kids so I don't think they enjoyed it much, but knowing the history of such an inspiring and brave girl, you might find yourself respecting her a bit more. The movie was able to highlight the importance of protecting the earth and the many important creatures and respecting them. It also demonstrated an understanding of equal human rights and relationships. She was a brave young woman and wouldn't let anything stop her from doing what she believed in, what she knew was right. She persevered and helped change history. At first she wasn't respected much by the English, but we now can see how talented she is and how important a woman can be to our society.

Pocahontas is the most passionate and wise of all the heroines. The folks at Disney that worked on the movie said that Pocahontas is the most mature, passionate, and overall their favourite princess. She has the deepest connection to nature and life out of everyone of the Disney characters. Not to mention she was the only princess who gave up life with her love for what's right.

Pocahontas' "Color of the Wind" is all about preserving nature and the world before it becomes destroyed. Watched it and felt like getting off my computer and going outside to explore and enjoy the Earth. Hits close to home every time I watch it--it's a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning. Pocahontas and Mulan really have something to fight for, something they care about. All the others fight for their love, and Elsa and Anna are fighting... to work together again? Anyway, to conclude I really do think Pocahontas should definitely be higher. And even if you don't agree, go watch Colors of the Wind and at least you'll be happy for the rest of the day!

She is simply amazing! She is fearless and will do what she knows is right. She had a heart of understanding when everyone else was filled with hate. She knows what to do because she listens to her heart and risks her life for the one she loves.

Ariel? Number one? I think you might have the wrong princess. The #1 spot belongs to Pocahontas - a caring individual who always finds the good in others. The top spot should not go to a crazy choir girl who wants to walk on land! Pocahontas is, and forever will be, my top princess! Not to mention she is smarter than all the other princesses combined. She is a true warrior and a compassionate one at that. You go, Pocahontas!

HOW IS POCAHONTAS NOT NUMBER 1? I mean, Belle is pretty cool, but Pocahontas is so strong and fearless and she's not afraid to speak up for what she believes in. Even though the movie is historically inaccurate, it's still a awesome movie! Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney movies ever! I watched it so much I was little, I remember every single song from the movie. This should be number 1!

I love how true and pure Pocahontas is, how close she is to nature and her animal friends. She is open towards new things, is not prejudiced against them and tries to understand and communicate. She has a strong heart and is refreshing, always surrounded by the wonders of nature. She is not only a very understanding, but such an adventurous personality, too, and does not want to take the path somenone else chooses for her, but the path that she leads herself to. Her free mind is what makes her beautiful in my eyes.

She's adventurous and puts her family before anything and that's something worth admiration. she is courageous and always staying true to herself. I think she is a wonderful example to girls right now, pocahontas stays true to herself and follows her heart, whilst in the world today, we be the person we think others would like, we are fake. I love how pocahontas listens to her heart and naturally guides herself towards the right path.

She stays true it not only herself but others too. She tells you to follow your heart. She was a real princess too, Pocahontas has a wonderful message to spread to children everywhere of all ages. She does what is right and will go out of her way to help someone or something

Probably one of the top five Princesses in my book. She is just so down-to-Earth and doesn't want to marry! She follows her heart and has a racoon and humming bird and friend! Also grandmother Willow just cracks me up!

People like Pocahontas for her spirit not her big dress like Cinderella. She deserves to be one of the most popular Disney princesses, like mulan she stopped war with the English and her tribe. She also saved John Smith. She is also prettier than Snow White, Belle, and cinderella

She's pretty bad ass and she's not afraid of letting go in the end. I like her because her story is not necessarily a happy one. She also falls in love with the prince by spending time with him. It's not one of those love at first sights. That's why I also love Tiana.

She's the only native American and princess that is actually based off of a true story. She is one of the most anti-feminine princesses and was willing to put her life on the line for others. I mean name another princess that did that?! Go Pocahontas!

She is strong, courageous, thinks things through, questions, loves AND goes on adventures, fights for whats right, promotes peace, is understanding and open to new things, loves nature and at the same time very beautiful on the outside as well.

She's my favorite because of her appreciation of nature and being native american. I always loved and admired the native american culture its beautiful. The songs in the movie have real meaning behind it and its not the typical boring fairy tale.

She didn't allow race and discrimination away from who she loved.

She stood up to society's expectations! She is the only Disney Princess that actually really (and I mean really) formed a true friendship with the enemy. She is one hard core chick and a great roll model!

She doesn't care about race, she loves the man she loves! She is so intelligent and knows about all these different types of nature. She fights for equality and does not want a husband "assigned" to her.

She respects everything around her, She's fun and full of love, she wants to find her way in this life, Though most of the people don't even bother to think about it, She's brave and also I love the song

I love Pocahontas she is beautiful and truly inspiration to all young girls. She fights for what she believes in, has fun and is a kind friend. Why is she only 8 she should be number 1

I love Pocahontas. There's very Little love for nature lately. I think more people should follow Pocahontas. she is also the prettiest princess by far.

She has the best figure of all and I love how she stands on the edge of a cliff and waves at John Smith at the end of the story it was so pure and beautiful

I'm a white girl living in a country full of white people, so at first you will think that my favourite princess will be white. I thought that too untill I watched Pocahontas. Her determination and love for both Jon Smith and her people impressed me. I even cried when I saw she didn't have a traditional happy ending.

I'm drawn to her cause of her views of the world and her movie changed my views. That song colors of the wind is possibly Disney's best work. And I love her no make up look.

Pocahontas went against her father and tribe for love. She is independent, gorgeous, has a nice voice, and WORTHY OF BEING NUMBER 1!