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Rapunzel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short sequel Tangled Ever After. She is the tenth Disney Princess, the first Disney Princess to be CGI-animated, and the first Disney Princess to have freckles or green eyes.


Rapunzel is the best Disney princess for several reasons:

1. She's selfless. She attempts to sacrifice any and all chances of future happiness in order to save her true love. No other princess can say that, with the only possible exception being Anna when she guards Elsa from Hans.

2. She's brave. It takes a lot of guts to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially when you've been taped in a tower your whole life with only your mother and a chameleon for company. Rapunzel is able to take on a group of thugs her first day out of the house since she was born. That's pretty kickass.

3. She's kind. Rapunzel has a truly good heart, being able to see the good in people such as the Tavern Thugs and Flynn Rider. She is able to see their full potential.

4. She's a good leader. Okay, so we don't see a whole lot of Princess Rapunzel in action, but I think we have a lot of reasons to believe that Rapunzel will be a great ruler of Corona. During the ...more - breakfastunderthestars

One of my favorite things about Rapunzel is her outlook on life. Out of all the Disney princesses, she is perhaps the most innocent of them all, and I think the purity she uses in every situation she comes across adds to her beauty. For example, when Eugene led her to the Fuzzy Duckling, she was able to see the best in the so called "thugs" and make them see that they all had something in common; their dreams. She also chose to see the best in Eugene, even when she had reason to believe that he left her. But nobody likes a princess who sits on their butt and doesn't do anything for herself! Rapunzel didn't get a Prince Charming... she got a thief. So the chance of letting her letting somebody else take control of her destiny was practically nonexistent. She had to work just as hard as Mulan or Moana to achieve her goal, and she did a wonderful job clearing every obstacle in her path in clever, comedic ways.

Another reason Rapunzel outshines the other princesses is her ...more

Rapunzel is the best princess. Not because of her long hair or of the popular story before the movie, but because she is a smart and beautiful (on the inside as well as the outside) girl who was intelligent enough to figure out that she was the lost princess. She was also sweet to anyone she met, even when she was also scared. Like all of us she had a dream, and she fulfilled it. She also found her first love along the way. The personality of not being bratty to her "mother" but logical also makes her the best princess. And also, I think that in one way or another, all of us can relate to Rapunzel. Not asking your mother a question that you've been wondering about forever. Wanting to go past your limit. Finding your first love, having an awesome birthday, and then your mom's just like lets go I don't like this guy. I think I'm done here, but just so you know, none of us will ever forget the girl that lived her dream.

Rapunzel is THE BEST DISNEY PRINCESS EVER. She's sweet, artistic, smart, and not to mention, beautiful. We are able to relate to her so well because she's like the most of us- clumsy, making mistakes here and there, etc. I love the fact how she is made to be so kind and caring. The way she was able to find a good heart within the 'scary' pub thugs, how she was able to get the whole kingdom to dance with her, how she got Maximus to settle down, and lastly, how she softened the self-obsessed Flynn Rider. She was willing to risk her own freedom, which she had been dreaming of her entire life, just to save her love's life. I love the fact that she's not the typical princess who waits around for a hero to come by, and how she doesn't fall in love with Eugene the second she meets him. I love her and her movie, Tangled, probably the best Disney movie in my opinion. Tangled has touched my heart the second I've watched it. Rapunzel has taught me so much, and encouraged me to live my dream. I ...more

She is the best! JUST KICK MULAN AND BELLE AND ELSA OUT OF DISNEY LINE UP. Rapunzel's beauty is etherally angelic and awesome! She has those lustrous green eyes, thin hot lips, glossiest and beautiful golden hair (It is cool even If it is short and brunette), arching fleek eyebrows, those full long eyelashes, fair skin smooth as Rose Lynch's dance moves, the best stylish regal and graceful dress, curvy figure and nice feet. She has the most emotional, angelic, powerful, youthful, light, clear, lovely, airy, sweet, marvellous, strong and feminine voice for she is voiced by Mandy Moore. She has sexy barefoot and is the hottest princess with that beauty. She is attractive as bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai! Flynn and Rapunzel make a good couple. Though Rapunzel neither waited for nor liked love and Flynn was an arrogant thief, romance blossomed! Neither their love was written in some magical books nor they fell in love in 2 seconds, their relationship developed with time as they got to ...more

I really do think Rapunzel should have been ranked in the top three at least. When you think about Rapunzel's story and personality compared to the other Disney princesses, she's actually one of the most interesting and innovative princesses Disney has produced. Her story is basically a toned down version of "Finding Carter" in a fairy tale world! She's suffered years of emotional and verbal abuse from a toxic relationship with a kidnapper who posed as her mother that she loved dearly. Instead of probably whining and complaining though, she actually tries to go on with her life, pushing her troubles aside and looking to the future, educating herself with books, teaching herself to read, paint, clean, bake, cook, etc. all so she can have something to busy herself so she doesn't have to wallow in misery because of her mother and the fact that her need to see the world with her curious mind has never been satisfied. She probably had to teach herself all this activities because ...more

Rapunzel is the best princess ever. You think she's bad because she leaves her mother but it's not her real mom! Rapunzel has gorgeous hair, big green eyes, and a beautiful voice. She has a wonderful personality and she's really funny! Plus, she is a great bargainer. :) you all know it people! And she doesn't pick a handsome prince. She picks the person she loves, and her tears heal Flynn Rider at the end. Tangled is a well thought out movie with twists, laughs, and singing along is a have to. Rapunzel also keeps thugs from hurting Flynn.

I think Rapunzel is the best Disney princess. She is smart and creative and just wonderful. She is brave and eventually leaves her tower just to see her dream. She saved Flynn too by just being nice to some thugs and, of course, by singing. Rapunzel is just a princess you have got to love. She was willing to give up her freedom just to save Flynn. I just think she is the greatest Disney princess and heroine. I love her.

Rapunzel is amazing. She doesn't care about being a princess and is super talented. She falls in love with a regular (but must I say gorgeous! ) guy who initially didn't care for her at all. She acts like a real princess and doesn't care about looks or whether your rich or poor. Rapunzel is also so beautiful and is by far the best Disney Princess.

I love Rapunzel! She has a great character! She is sassy, brave, sweet, nice, and romantic (not as much until she bonded with Flynn Ryder). She doesn't care if she walks without shoes on, which I wish my mom let ME do. And did you realize she doesn't do her hair all fancy like in a braid every day? She has many likes and interests and involves in cooking, sewing, knitting, painting and many more. She kind of has my personality, and when you look at her face, (not her 70ft long hair) her eyes have real life gestures. When she's annoyed, scared, sad, crying, rolling her eyes, smiling, her eyes always give it away! The only thing I don't like is her skin. It is so smoothe looking and in some parts it looks like really fake like bad animation job there, disney. ;) But I still love her, and, laugh out loud, she's got FRECKLES!

Why I love Rapunzel? She's sweet and badass. But while everyone else made Eugene look like the worst criminal of all time, almost everyone disliked him, he was almost killed, Rapunzel turned his life around. She was the only one, literally, who could tolerate Eugene despite his character and did not judge or bash him because of how he lived his life. She loved him for who he was and not what he had. She loved Eugene so much that she decided to give in to Gothel's eternal torture in order to save Eugene's life. And she's the only one who told Eugene what no one had ever told him before, that she liked his real name over the fake one (Flynn Rider)

One of the best-developed Disney Princesses to date. The romance in her story is extremely well-done, as both characters learn from each other and change as a result. Also, she has an amazing singing voice, just like all the Disney Princesses to date.

As a daughter of an emotionally abusive mother, I'm attracted to Rapunzel. She's sweet and kind and lovely, everything I wish I could be while dealing with my mother. Rapunzel literally pulls a smile to your face without trying because she's adorable and is like a real girl. She doesn't need a man - just her dreams. She may be a little one-tracked when it comes to loving Eugene, but she's had so little experience with the world, can you blame her?

I love how Rapunzel is so artistic, I love her personality, purple is the best colour, and I love how she loves lizards like Pascal I never Belle or Cinderella has a lizard. I love her long blonde hair and I love at the end of the movie that she had brown hair. I love her big green eyes it really suits her, and I think she is silly because she uses a frying pan as her weapon. And I'm so glad they made a second one on a series. And that's all the reasons I love Rapunzel

Rapunzel is obviously the best princess! She is like Belle, but just SO very much better. Belle doesn't want a prince? Rapunzel doesn't even know what a boy is. Belle likes to read? Really? Well, Rapunzel may only have 3 books, but do you know how many times she has read them? Hmmm... Breaks spells with tears? Ha. She does that AND heals wounds with her magic hair. She is SO pretty too! She may be very nieve, but at least she has a sense of humor, am I right? Nothing against Belle here. I love the girl, but DEFINITELY in second. She is so brave and never gives up on her dreams. She is kindhearted, and has lots of talent. (Frying pan, excuse me? And those beautiful paintings in her house she made? GORGEOUS! ) I am such a Disney geek :P

Rapunzel is amazing! She can do basically everything! (Cleaning, reading, painting, playing guitar, knitting, cook, do puzzles, play darts, bake, make things with paper mâché, play chess, do pottery, do ventriloquy, make candles, stretch, sketch, climb, sew dresses, brush her hair. ) and that's all in one morning. She's a great princess with an amazing personality. She didn't let anything stop her from accomplishing her dream, and was willing to go with Gothel for the rest of her life to save Eugene.

Rapunzel was a BIG hit with little girls and women. She's a great artist, a great singer, well Mandy Moore and she's really pretty, just not as pretty as the others. I love Rapunzel which you would know if you read that long so each about Merida. Rapunzel has the best hair obviously. Seriously I'm her biggest fan. I know everything about Tangled.

Rapunzel is way better than Ariel! Rapunzel followed her dream, and it did not lead to giving up everything, but getting back all that she had missed in her life. She did not fall for Eugene because of his looks, and he did not fall for her vice versa. Ariel may have been a hopeless romantic, but what for? His face, that's all. For goodness sake, Eric only loved her because of her face. She could not talk to him, and that just shows how shallow their love is. Rapunzel got Eugene to open up to her, and in a way no one else ever could for him.

Rapunzel is definitely the best princess. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is loving and kind in the inside. She is so happy and optimistic and she believes in her dream. She also has a amazing singing voice and she has magic hair that glows when it sings. MAGIC HAIR. How can you not love magic hair? She's not like some princesses that sit around waiting for the prince to come, she can fight with a frying pan. A FRYING PAN. How can a weapon get more awesome?
Also, her love is not a 'perfect' prince that makes all her dreams come true, she falls in love with a thief, someone who is wanted all over the kingdom. And Eugene becomes a new person and has a new dream because of her. There is no other princess who is so inspiring to change the opinions of many 'bad guys' and giving them hope to believe in their dreams.
The most important thing about her is that she is brave. Brave enough to chase her dreams and to stand up against Mother Gothel.
Overall, Rapunzel is the ...more

Of all the Disney Princesses Rapunzel's personality is the most likeable because she acts like a normal girl! Everything from her diction to her singing is incredible. There is no way she can be below the top 5. Get voting people!

Rapunzel is an amazing princess for sure. She is kind, fair, and stands up for what's right. Like Belle, she reads. And even better, she paints, which individually shows how girls can be cultured in various arts. She even protects herself when Eugene unknowingly invades her tower, which shows her courage and bravery.

First of all, Rapunzel has always been my favorite fairy tale - I had been waiting for Disney to make this movie for a LONG time. She also has a lust for adventure, just as I do. She is like most of us - unaware of the world and longing to find herself.

Rapunzel is the best princess she is nice and awesome at painting and Flynn is so cool and she is so positive and when he cuts her hair it looks beautiful but she is kind and smart and it makes for a great roll model for young kids

She's one of the only princess who has actually turned down a guy's proposal (see Tangled the series) and the only princess who didn't compromise on her freedom and adventure for a guy... Unlike some other princesses she didn't love Eugene the first time he batted eyelashes at her (which he actually does) but loved him only after knowing him for sometime... She's one of the princesses who actually tries to rescue herself from the villain(she tries by not letting mother gothel take her)... And last but not the least she's fun, bubbly, funny and doesn't let anything get in her way of fulfilling her dreams

She's intelligent, caring, understanding, loving, and beautiful. She knows how to do a lot of stuff such as helping her mother do housework unlike any other classic princesses. She's more human than the other princesses and her story is different from the other princesses.