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81 Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas
82 The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (The Silly Song) - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
83 Fathoms Below - The Little Mermaid

This, part of your wold, under the sea, and kiss the girl are all my fave songs from the little mermaid! Poor unfortunate souls scares me because of Ursula

84 Where Do I Go From Here - Pocahontas 2
85 God Help the Outcasts - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

All in all, this movie is a masterpiece, mainly because of the unbelievable music. With the exception of the song the gargoyles sing, every song from Hunchback of Notre Dame is purely amazing. In my opinion, it had the best soundtrack of any Disney film. Complete with high energy crowd songs, a phenomenal establishing song that is reprised again at the end to bring the story full circle, and touching songs sung by the story's hero, one of which is juxtaposed brillantly with Disney's best and most frightening villian song, this soundtrack has everything. However, the simple "God Help the Outcasts" outshines even the loudest and largest songs in this movie. I'm not the most religious, but this song gets me every time. Esmeralda's selfless and beautiful prayer begging God to help her fellow outcasts yet not do anything for her is the highlight of this film for me. It brings so much pure, heartbreaking emotion and shows the viewer a softer side to the firery gypsy heroine. It's just ...more

86 Two Worlds - Tarzan

Loved it and Tarzan is the best Disney movie ever and I loved it since I was only 2 and also it's the way it was composed and the singing

87 Fly to Your Heart - Tinker Bell

Selena Gomez sang it

This song is amazing

88 No Way Out - Brother Bear
89 Mad Madam Mim - The Sword in the Stone

I've always found this stupid song annoying.

90 The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Lion King
91 Escape from the Castle - The Black Cauldron
92 Try Everything - Zootopia
93 My Heart Will Go On - Mulan 2
94 Stand Out - A Goofy Movie
95 Lesson Number One - Mulan 2
96 A Smile and a Song - Snow White
97 Belle - Beauty and the Beast
98 One Jump Ahead - Aladdin
99 Belle (Reprise) - Beauty and the Beast
100 Part of Your World (Reprise) - The Little Mermaid
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