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1 Pok├ęShipping

They are like each other and show high level of commitment for each other

Best shipping ever

This one would be good if only Misty wouldn't keep on abusing Ash.

Irl a couple like this would ether kill one/each other or split up in a heartbeat

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2 Burningleafshipping (Red and Leaf)

Wait one flipping on a stick minute... I didn't even know leaf was a girl!

3 ContestShipping

The best ever. Just watch the episodes where May risked her life saving Drew from a waterfall, saved Drew from drowning, gave up the rope to fall into the water and save Drew and the episode where Drew and May were "dating" under the sunset on top of a mountain

Yeah May blushing out of embarrassment does not mean she likes him and I am pretty sure salad head gives roses because he is player. Just because her mom asked if he was her boyfriend was a mere coincidence and it could have done so with any other guy. So in conclusion what ARE YOU GOYS THINKING? You guys are no better than LJN.

This should be #1 not the other garbage on the list

4 RocketShipping

I don't like shipping children so Rocketshipping is best by default. Besides, it more than default and has gone strong as my main ship for 18 years. This is not just something I forget, they're perfect together and they'll always have a special place in my heart.

Jessie and James probably have the best chemistry towards each other in the series, only behind Ash and Pikachu. I honestly wouldn't mind this kind of shipping. - CrimsonShark

This actually makes sense. Kind of. - RiverClanRocks


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5 AmourShipping

Ah Serena haters tsk tsk they act like every other pokegirl was great haha no Misty was abusive, manipulative, control freak, and selfish not to mention her hints of liking ash don't exist in Japanese dub lol. May was bratty, annoying and had life handed to her. Dawn wasn't to bad but she was selfish, spoiled, disrespectful and all around annoying. Iris was bratty, annoying, self centered, controlling, at times manipulative, unmannered, at times arrogant and just a little female Tarzan all around. Serena is at times bratty and whiney but she was the best out of them in terms of flaws. In terms of character development she is tied with Dawn for first. - Daws

Amourshipping is the best

I watch the anime & she is still a prissy, stupid, dependent, bratty, whinny, & stereotypical girly-girl who is a total delusional Mary Sue & is the worst female companion we had on the show! Ash doesn't even like her as he doesn't want to spend time with her ether ('date' episode he did his own thing & left her TWICE. And her first pokevideo ash didn't want to help her & wanted to train instead), and didn't want to talk to her ether (he literally told her 'leave me alone! ' in their fight).

I like it but I prefer others. I'll probably be thumbed down though because if you like this shopping on this site everybody assumes that you are just obsessed with it. But om not. Ampurshopping is not my favorite shipping at all and it is not even my favorite ash shipping so please respect my opinion and stop continuously bashing people that you disagree with please! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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6 GeekChicShipping

This ship is the first ship of mine and I still ship it!

Serena does NOT ignore Clemont! She complimented his "Bottle-Holder", they were stuck in conversation when Squishy was close to being taken away and they even went ballroom dancing!

These two are the cutest thing I've ever seen! They deserve to be together!

Nope. Clemont deserves someone better than some bratty dumb@$$ who ignores him all the time

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7 WishfulShipping

Cilan and Iris are 5 years apart. They wouldn't go well together anyways. - RiverClanRocks

Both Iris & Cilan got along better with ash than each other

8 AdvancedShipping

They has good chemistry and it has as much evidence as (probably) pearlshipping but no one likes this ship and people treat it like negaishipping. Plus we show respect so why can't you.

9 NegaiShipping NegaiShipping

I think that this ship just doesn't work

This is an underrated ship with actual chemistry - yungstirjoey666

10 MarissonShipping

This is a good ship,but they are far apart in age difference

I love this ship!

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11 Pearlshipping

The. Best.

Why the hell is this and contest shipping so far down? They are like two of the only realistic ones on this list (p.s. Amourshipping gives me bad karma)

Why is this shipping so far down? It had to be at the first place. Pearlshipping is the best. Dawn had the closest bond with Ash than any other girl. They both were really made for each other. They had a really CLOSE bond that they even high- fived. Dawn even put on her cheering clothes and cheered Ash. No other pokegirl has never done it before. They even had their own song. Pearlshipping for the win! ­čśŹ­čśŹ

12 ElectricBounceShipping
13 Egoshipping

Why doesn't anyone realize that they actually are good together! WHY?!?

14 TwinLeafShipping

if only I didn't ship hypershipping D: - gamerkitty6274

15 AltoShipping

Look, it may seem weird but Ash never reacts to the hints that other girls gave him and even when Serena kissed him he seemed pretty stale, but when kissed by a Pok├ęmon he has a slight reaction. Or it's because Latias is my favourite Pok├ęmon and I think they make a cute couple. Plus I hate Misty more than Iris or Cilan, fight me palletshippers

16 EdwardCullenShipping
17 BrightTomorrowShipping BrightTomorrowShipping

In the games this had so much more hints than boutiqueshipping (Shauna x Serena)- firstly, in santalune forest, Shauna follows you around asking to heal your pokemon. Then, in the maze she asks you where she should stand. NO matter how many times you mess up (when playing male character) she doesn't get mad at you. And at Parfum palace, she says she will remember this moment forever. Also the music played in that scene is called together with shauna when playing as male. And I'm pretty sure the sm mom is shauna - gamerkitty6274

18 Orangeshipping

Because Tracey X Misty is best ship

19 Odonashipping

Orangaru x malo forever

20 Lacewoodshipping
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