Top Ten Fictional Character Dream Fights


The Top Ten

1 Batman vs. Albert Wesker
2 Ryu vs. Liu Kang

Liu Kang would win - MyRockets345

3 Ezio Auditore vs. Master Chief
4 Caillou vs Dora the Explorer
5 SpongeBob vs Patrick
6 Mario and Luigi vs. Sonic and Tails

Sonic and Tails wold win - MyRockets345

7 Spider-Man vs Deadpool
8 Slenderman vs Jeff the Killer
9 Balrog vs. Steve Fox
10 Jin Kazama vs. M.Bison

The Contenders

11 Jason Voorhees vs Freddy Krueger
12 Jill Valentine vs. Samus Aran
13 Mario vs Luigi
14 Link and Zelda vs. Ash and Misty

Link and Zelda would win - MyRockets345

15 Koopa vs Bowser Jr.
16 Thomas the Train vs Percy the Green Engine
17 Zeus vs. Jupiter
18 Sans vs Vriska
19 Freddy Fazbear vs Foxy the Pirate
20 Cloud Strife vs Master Chief
21 Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy vs. Percy Jackson and Grover Underwood

Percy and Grover absolutely STOMP. They don't even need their abilities, they can just dodge all the spells and cut both of them up with swords

Well there is the killing cures and the cruciatous curse. I say the Wizards win. Plus how about Apparition and the shield charm. Also the comment below me is probably a massive and biased PJ fan, saying that they would STOMP them. Draco and Harry are good wizards and they is a lot of good spells for battle. Heck, what about the imperious curse. I apologize if I am being biased. I prefer HP for it's better writing and just being better. However, Percy is Poseidon's son. I say that it would be a fun battle to see.

Harry Potter and Draco would win. - Freekissh

22 Mewtwo vs. Shadow the Hedgehog
23 Optimus Prime and Godzilla
24 Ezio Auditore vs Connor Kenway
25 Commander Shepard vs Master Chief
26 Handsome Jack vs Claptrap
27 Homer Simpson vs Bender
28 Peter Griffin vs Cleveland Brown
29 Batman vs Solid Snake
30 Haytham vs Edward Kenway
31 Bowser vs the Hulk
32 Toph vs Gaara
33 Randy Cunningham vs Aang
34 Alphys vs Francis
35 Sans vs Papyrus
36 Mettaton vs Hades
37 Mettaton vs Hatsune Miku
38 Horrid Henry vs Nelson Muntz
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1. Caillou vs Dora the Explorer
2. SpongeBob vs Patrick
3. Spider-Man vs Deadpool
1. Batman vs. Albert Wesker
2. Ryu vs. Liu Kang
3. Ezio Auditore vs. Master Chief


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