Top 10 Fictional Things That Should Exist In Real World

The Top Ten

1 Light Yagami's Death Note

I would write Justin Bieber on it. - guccigangkid69

Write criminals' names.done - zxm

2 Sherlock's Mind
3 Thor's Hammer

Bang your enemies heads - zxm

4 Batman's Gadgets

Batman has every gadget prepared for any circumstances - zxm

5 Harry Potter's Wand
6 Bilbo/Frodo Baggins' The One Ring

The greatest ring ever! - zxm

7 Dr. Emmett Brown's DeLorean
8 Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak
9 Captain America's Shield
10 Nigel Marven's Time Portal Sticks (Prehistoric Park)

So we could bring extinct animals back from extinction, either reintroducing them back to the wild or have them in humane (cruelty-free) zoos, safari parks, and sanctuaries, depending on a species. - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 RoboCop's Cyborg Arm
12 Poke Ball
13 Mega Stone (Pokemon)

So we could mega evolve some real animals, like maybe mega evolving some dogs, cats, elephants, tapirs, horses, rhinos, bats, and among other real life animals. - DinoLover4242

14 Ender Pearl
15 Night Howlers (Zootopia)

So we could determine what would these flowers' effects would have on humans (since humans are predators, not just herbivores or scavengers), maybe humans would act wild and behave like aggressive chimpanzees, this would prove that humans still have wild animal behavior in them. - DinoLover4242

16 Ghost-Hunting Equipment (Ghostbusters Franchise)
17 Ingen's Cloning Techniques and Technologies (Jurassic Park/World Franchise)
18 All Today's Animals (All Yesterdays)
19 Bifrost Bridge (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
20 Tesseract (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
21 Stormbreaker (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
22 Anti-Gravity Gun (Gmod)
23 Duplicator (Gmod)
24 Eternal Flame (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
25 Gravimetric Spike (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
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