Top Ten Five Nights at Freddy's Characters We Should Feel Sorry For

So, a few characters had a few theories and things happen to them that are just not meant to be. Here are the top ten. This is just my opinion, so don't add items! Just make a remix if you don't agree.

The Top Ten

1 Mangle (FNAF 2 & FNAF 3) Mangle (FNAF 2 & FNAF 3) Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. She has a yellow eye and a black eye. She is designed as a broken fox.

Some people think that Mangle bit somebody because she knew that she would never escape her pain of being ripped apart by children everyday unless she did something so awful that the managers would be forced to shut her down. Considering her horrible physical state, I wouldn't be surprised.

I don't understand why Mangle is not #1 on this list. Bonnie lost his face and arm, Foxy was a little bruised up and he probably gets lonley in the cove but I mean Mangle is a head held up by cords and wires with a few other parts scattered around the mess we once knew as Foxy 2.0. She's also the most likely candidate for the bite of 87. It's more logical. Look it up. If anything Mangle deserves the #1 spot on this list. Vote now if you agree!

Poor girl, look at her! She is literally wires and metal with a head. What parents would let kids rip her apart like that? Unless you believe the theory Purple Guy messed her up because she saw the murders.

She is the best ever

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2 Bonnie (FNAF 2) Bonnie (FNAF 2)

Reason: Though he creeps me the hell out, I feel sorry for the bunny. He had his face and arm ripped off! He got replaced by his toy version! Haven't you heard of "The Bonnie Song"? Here are some lyrics.
They tore me apart...
They used me for parts...
They took away my face!
They took away my arm!
It just isn't fair...
The chicken and the bear...
Even the fox didn't go though what I had to bare!
My replacement is blue!
It's got the latest tech too!
All I have is my guitar,
Let me play a song for you!
Don't you feel sorry for the bun? - gakupo4eva

I feel so sad for this guy he's like every other character pushed away because he isn't foxy also this guy gave me flipping nightmares feel sympathy

Bonnie went through less than Mangle but more than Foxy. He is my favorite character and this is a good spot for him

Here's my advice: go on YouTube, type in "Out with the Old comic", watch the ALL of the parts, and you will know how the Origins went to the Withereds.

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3 Springtrap (FNAF 3) Springtrap (FNAF 3) Springtrap is a character in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, released in March 2, 2015. He's a green and gold bunny with another character named Michael in him. While thought to be possessed by the killer, due to the new Five Nights At Freddy's game Sister Location, it was found out that he was actually more.

I feel so bad for Springtrap; think about it! He was created, used a little, locked away for years, and then possessed by PURPLE GUY! I also feel a little bit sorry for purple guy, because he was left alone for so long instead of going to jail like he should've and then had another shot at life. Only if he was sorry, though.

I feel so sorry for him his child died from Fredbear so he got his vengeance by killing his partner's son Sammy followed by 6 other kids including his own son I really feel sorry for him by the way what I said is a theory okay? I knew you guys would understand

Agree locked away from 1987 till 2016 what a sad man even though a serial killer and a phantom animatronic maker that's what he deserved but he must have such a sad life with no son no wife and now no life he cannot even get a drink with other people with such a broken body I feel really bad for him because what he is even half dead

Is spingtrap purple gugs death?!

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4 The Crying Child (FNAF 4)

People who isn't he at number one he literally had to go to so much little brother that no one to comfort him and his nightmares except his only friends are plushy's of Freddy and the other on the tru people who isn't he at number one he literally had to go to so much little brother that no one to comfort him and his nightmares except his only friends are plushy's of Freddy and the other animtronics everyone laughed and teased him why isn't he a number one


w ithered bonnie fans... please use your heads to think...

1.) This kid got tortured by his own brother

2.) His head got bitten off

3.) No one even dare to try and comfort him after his nightmares...


Ok, this guy should be higher up on this list, higher than purple guy at least! This poor kid had to live with his brother scaring him everyday! And even worse, he had to live through his nightmares, closing doors and holding them shut. Heck, he even got bit because his brother stuffed his head in the animatronics mouth with the help of his friends. Poor kid.

This Kid has the worst life. No one even cares about his nightmares! His frontal lobe was bitten off by an animatronic bear, he saw his friends dead body being stuffed into the yellow suits and his brother uses his worst fear to bully him!

For some reason I like his golden Freddy bear that is like psychic or something and talks to the crying child. It's cute and it has a good script that has some good Easter eggs in them.

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5 Circus Baby Circus Baby

What?! Why is nobody voting this? Baby is so sweet and is always being kind and trying her hardest to help and protect the player and she's Number 12?! She was murdered! She is hated! She's nice! It is so sad that PURPLE GUY and the actual killer animatronics came before this. She never killed and us so sweet but yet so abused! You people are heartless!

I don't think Circus Baby deserves number 6. She at least deserves number 4 or 3.

I feel so SORRY! She has been locked away by Puppet? But how? I thought puppet was good, but nooo she took away her life!

She's so cute [my fave fnaf character] everyone hates her I love her because :
1. She's an awesome singer [my fave is "join us for a bite"]
2.she has the most adorb face
I guess everyone hates her because she's a clown and her face comes apart but I still love her

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6 Michael Afton Michael Afton

Why isn't anyone feeling sorry for the poor guy? He isn't a bad guy. He just had a horrible dad. He was forced to solve the problems his father made. He got no praise and no break. Then he gets scooped and turned into practically a humane zombie. If I were him, I'd kick William's ass.

I mean...I know people were writing stuff about Purple Guy being a horrible murderer, but now we know that isn't true. - DCfnaf

He had a horrible father who forced him to fix his father's problems.

He's the murderer, but involontary.

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7 Foxy (FNAF 1) Foxy (FNAF 1)

Okay I'm done with all the foxy fan girls he's just a bit broken plus he has the biggest fandom since charizard! He went through nothing compared to the other withered ones. How about the one with his face and right arm or that one who lost her hands and is forced to keep her mouth open or the leader who has to be the planner of all the night guard murder spree or the one who isn't a withered animatronic but is practically a bunch of wires with 2 heads?! In fnaf 2 he's the same as fnaf 1, just a bit broken he went through nothing compared to them

What the hell? He's just a bit broken and glitchy, that's all. What about the withered ones.. What about the one who lost his face, or the one that has to stay with an open mouth, or the one who is just a head with wires? They had much more pain than this guy. And also he couldn't cause the bite of 87.. He was closed and broken! I could be wrong but it's my opinion.

Disagree I personally love yet hate his fans and character hate for his popularity love for no reason and shouldn't love him at all I say why love this guy it's just pain in my ***


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8 Balloon Boy (FNAF 2) Balloon Boy (FNAF 2)

Foxy is the one that kills you.

I actually take back about what I said about him on a different list poor guy

I wanna break foxy and I'm paying purple dude to do it

I just feel sorry cause everyone wants him to die don't worry bb I will be your friend - Toptenanimallovers

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9 Chica (FNAF 2) Chica (FNAF 2)

It would be a nightmare for me to lose my arms and have an open mouth all the time. That's because I love typing things on the internet and I have ugly teeth. Plus, if I wanted to swim in the sea I could almost drown.

Think about it...if YOU lost YOUR hands and YOUR mouth was constantly stuck open...

Chica lost her hands and her mouth is stuck open!

She should be the top on fnaf charectors we shoul feel sorry for! Ok so maybe mangle is bad looking now but haters tormet chica every day! Plus she worked gne most. In the kitchen and a back up singer! Wow chica has hard work.

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10 Puppet (FNAF 2)

He went to a birthday party and got locked out and then killed I feel so bad and he is getting revenge on purple guy and helping everyone else get revenge because he is such a good guy who needs to be higher

I feel bad for the Puppet because he is being possessed by the first slaughtered child in front of FredBear's Family Diner and he isn't loved by many people. I know why the music box works on the Puppet. It works on him because while the song plays, as long as the spirit rests...

Its sad that puppet was locked out of a birthday party and then was killed by purple guy right there! It's so sad! :( vote for him!

The puppet is a dude check the voice by David near

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The Contenders

11 Nightmare Nightmare

He is killer and death ass

I hate it when he jumpscares you because you have to look out the door then when you see him you close it then Nfoxy kills you and his in the closet so scary

He is like ennard whitch I also posted

12 Toy Freddy (FNAF 2) Toy Freddy (FNAF 2)

It's not that everyone hates him, it's just that everyone IGNORES which way worse than being hated.

Wow, you totally didn't get that from the FNaF Milker. Very original comment. - DCfnaf

He isn't just hated, he's forgotten, poor Toy Freddy, I'd hug him if I could, he's like one big teddy bear

He is cute and a little creepy why is he hated?

He got taken apart in the 3rd game... poor toy... - TeamRocket747

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13 Purple Guy (FNAF 3)

Don't feel sorry for this thing. He murders kids over and over and actually ENJOYS it! Child murder is the cruelest, vilest, most disgusting, ruthless, inhumane, heartless demonic sin a human can commit. It's a revolting waste of human life, abuse against innocence, an extreme example of child abuse and irresponsible and unacceptable in every way. And people are FEELING SORRY for purple guy, FALLING IN LOVE with him and SAYING HE'S A GOOD GUY?!?!? People who voted for PG are worse than him.

You are so right he was such a bad person and people say ho hum well duh he's like good and stuff duh.. I AGREE WITH YOU HUNDRED PERCENT WITH THIS - Bubblegumrage456

Purple Guy didn't mean to kill the five kids! His evil side took over the good side, and he couldn't control it! Why does everyone think Purple Guy is just a insane killer? All villains are not evil, their just misunderstood. They were just like us too! Purple Guy is just as good as all of us yes he did kill five children, and yes you have the right to not like what he did, but he couldn't control it! I know he regrets that he killed the children. I just know it...

'His evil side took over' HE WAS ALREADY A BAD GUY. He deserved that death. - TwilightKitsune

He deserved that slow, painful, bone-crunching death. We're talking about a sadistic serial child murderer here! Don't feel bad for this monster. I can't think of doing something WORSE that killing kids. And this guy does it again and again and even ENJOYS it! And people are feeling sorry for him!?


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14 Golden Freddy (FNAF 1) Golden Freddy (FNAF 1)

Why are you people feeling sympathy for robots? They don't have feelings and can't be hurt. Flame me all you want :l

His eyes are gone, so he's legally blind, and he was left in the back of the place to rot. Poor Gold Freddy! - QuarterGuysApprentice

Poor little Michael. That poor kid... - DCfnaf

He looks like he was in a really bad fire. Poor thing

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15 Mike/Jeremy/Phone Guy (FNAF In General)

Jeremy most likely was the person bit on the bite of 87

Phone Guy. This man gave you instructions when no one else was brave enough to..or at least survive long enough that is.

Mike was the kid in the bite of 1987. He always wears a hat to cover the scars.


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16 Guard (FNAF 3)

At least he LIVES almost everybody else dies. by the way he is a guy because of how he breathes during a ventilation error or after a phantom attacks him women don't pant like that.

Reasons:He/she was almost killed. He/she is usually forgotten just like Toy Freddy but people forget this character more than Toy Freddy that's how bad it is for this character!

Because it's the player being tormented

Dude, think it through. The Animitronics are childrens souls of kids who were killed in Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place. They can't return to their home, nor their familys. Who cares about the ADULT Guard.

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17 Ennard Ennard

I'll be friends with you Ennard. Let's party all day! - Bswaggers

I made this one you know

Dude he has like 15 endo's and no skin guys help him he deserves #1

SHE is crazy (only call her a she due to her being Baby).

Baby had to deal with multiple controlled shocks and she did this to herself and the other Animatronics just to escape.

"Don't Hold It Against Us" - We NEED your body, we don't want to kill you.

"You don't know what we've been through" - controlled shocks - DCfnaf

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18 Broken Bonnie (FNAF 2)

Come on he got ripped apart in the Bonnie song why don't you feel bad about him?!

Cause we're busy feeling sorry for 'Bonnie (FNaF 2)' who is currently in the second place spot.

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19 Chica (Fnaf 1) Chica (Fnaf 1)

Chica is a normal chicken that isn't broken. She happily stares through your window waiting for you to open the door. Funnily enough, she doesn't care about your choice of words. Door is open, boom. Be prepared. She's fine, feel bad for the withered one.

Her hands are all wires, Her arms and legs got torn up. That picture of toy chica near the beginning of the list is this chica not the second!

I chica best and should be top on best list

20 Bonnet Bonnet

He's probably tired of people tapping him on the nose. He probably got a really bad bloody nose if he was human!

so bad

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