Top Ten Reasons Why Circus Baby is the Best Five Nights at Freddy's Character

I can't even believe I'm making a list about a Five Nights at Freddy's character. The characters were never that interesting in FNaF. Oh, look, theres Freddy, and he's a killer robot with a child ghost. Oh look, there's Mike, he's a security guard. The closest they got to making an interesting characters was William Afton, as well as a tiny bit of The Puppet and Golden Freddy. Sister Location changed ALL of that, by introducing us to Circus Baby. So why is she the best FNaF character (and only real character)? Let's find out.
The Top Ten
1 Instead of killing you, she earns your trust

Okay, I've only played the first three games (haven't beaten the third one yet), but aren't the animatronics basically mindless killing machines?


2 She has an actual reason to want to kill you
3 She has a personality
4 She is the smartest character

In the novel she... I won't spoil it she's smart

5 She transformed herself into a monster
6 She has a backstory
7 She is cunning
8 She isn't a bland and boring fox

I wonder how many rage comments I'll get from this entry. I bet those kiddies on the Internet will get angry over this one.

Don't sorry you won't get rage comments but you should check dead I why foxy is the best five nights at Freddy s character

Er...that she isn't a bland fox, not because you'll get rage comments to make it clear.

Definitely. I agree.

9 She acts like a human the most, making her relatable.
10 She is a completely original character
The Contenders
11 She's adorable

She really is adorable, I wanna hug her

I love Baby so much! She's so CUUTTTE!

12 She is not mad like the others

She's not necessarily angry about anything, she's just desperate for your body. She doesn't want to kill you, she NEEDS to. Ahh, what a great character.

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