Top Ten Franchises That Need Fighting Games


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21 Namco
22 My Little Pony

Imagine beating the hell out of your biggest enemy with a gigantic scythe that is also a GUN!

24 Metroid
25 Chronicles of the Emerged World
26 Minecraft

I don't think Minecraft really needs any fighting because of how bad the physics and fighting style is (spam click) but since the 1.9 combat update is coming, maybe.

Except I hate watching Minecraft gaming videos. - IAmNotARobot

What? You mean like YouTubers fight? Like skydoesminecraft vs bajancanadia?

27 Roblox
28 Fire Emblem

Just imagine it. Smash isn't big enough for this amazing series!

29 League of Legends
30 Modnation Racers

To be honest, I'd like to see a ModNation Fighting game.

31 Kirby

Okay, so Kirby has had 2 fighting mini-games, but there needs to be a full priced retail Kirby Fighters with MORE THAN KIRBY as fighters.

32 Hasbro

We be seen games based on there toys like transformers fall of cybertron. but I think a fighting with all there characters from there toys and board games would be the most fun. imagine all the crazy match ups and stages to do it in. cobra commander vs. Action man in ponyville. mr. Potato head vs Mr. Monopoly in candy land. maybe making it even crazier and adding summons like snake eyes and furby or using items like a super soaker. And maybe even but dlc for mattel so you can fight as he man or barbie. Just not in the. main game or but more dlc for stuff like playmates. it sounds crazy but think about if you want it. we thought so

33 Monster High
34 Xeno
35 Overwatch Overwatch
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