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1 Call of Duty

I do play this game it's the best out of the Call of Duty fanchise in my opinion. I love the different exo mechanics. However saying it's my favorite doesn't make it under hyped. Everyone talked about this game at it's time of release Simply for the publicity it was getting. Again really fun game for me and I know not everyone loved it but it was still too over hyped

Call of duty started getting stale around the end of the modern warfare games I haven't rlly played advanced warfare or black ops 3 not even world war 2 which I have heard is better than most of the newer types of games

Call of Duty is played by 8 year olds who think playing it will make them popular at school. They also swear (the characters and the players). There should be a law banning kids under 13 years old from playing M rated games.

Way too frequent releases, mediocre graphics, no single play or cooperative aspect worth talking about. Boring enemies. OVERRATED

2 Minecraft

I think that people should stop talking about the franchise as if it was something new. Instead just treat it like a normal game, not one which the media posts articles about 24/7. Come on, it's been 6 years already!

I'm almost 12 and I already out grew it.There are actually a lot of kids who are my age but outgrew this game and there are a lot of them in my school.There are still so many kids between the ages of 7-13 that still think that this game is better than everything else.-TheCoolGuy1

Kids from age 6-14 worship this game like it's the holy bible, I mean sure it's cool to create whatever you want but it gets boring really fast and it gets very repetitve.

33 million sold why because of those cliche Minecraft only YouTubers


My friend bought this game 2 years in a row, I'm sensing that he'll buy it next year. It's starting to annoy me.

I believe that if you would like to play soccer, go play it outdoors.

Shame thing every year

Same thing every year

4 Grand Theft Auto

Come on guys, the fastest selling game ever in Grand Theft Auto V, now that game is overrated and overhyped.

5 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite was good on launch but was taken over by children too young to play or adults who need to pick a better game and has such become overrated

Fun, but overrated. The fan base is more toxic than a nuclear fallout.

Should be higher up! It is a very overrated game in my opinion

I seriously don't get how people like this game to be honest.

6 Flappy Bird

All you do is tap a screen

7 Mario

All Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Sticker Star are phenomenal, especially Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars and Paper Mario. How many times have I said that? Proof that Classic Nintendo is much better than Modern Nintendo, which is much less innovative.

Call of Duty: *Changes setting, Story, Maps, Weapons, and graphics every new game*
Mario: *Same story and plot*

He is the worst video game ever. Every game it's the same old thing. Bounce on things, save a princess, different game. Reference to sonic adventure ;-)

Hopefully super Mario maker is Nintendo's last game. It's great, but they need to stop making Mario games.

8 Madden
9 Assassin's Creed

This franchise is not overhyped. Everyone finally realized that the game was using the same gameplay mechanics.

At least it has storyline

10 Clash of Clans

Now there are about 20 million games exactly like this on the app store, and people actually enjoy them?

This is actually a good game, the social aspects are integrated very well.

This is one of the most boring games I have ever played

Good game. Overrated, though. Still a less toxic fan base than 4tnite mobile.

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11 League of Legends
12 The Legend of Zelda

I feel really intimidated by the fanbase and the huge timeline of games (what game is where, which Link is in the same time period? It's confusing...). There was a time when the whole format of the games was just being chucked up again until we got BoTW.
I think many fans put this series as "the best" probably due to nostalgia? I don't know. Also side quests in 3d Zelda games can be annoying sometimes.

But if the game used the same formula for multiple games, I hope the next game isn't some semi-carbon copy of BoTW.

Everybody says this game is perfect, I disagree it's a typycal 'save the princess' storyline and I'm not even gonna mention the main character (he just agitates me on so many levels)

Majora's mask was great, Ocarina of time, and the original were. Zelda 2, was is the worst, and every other one was mediocre to bad.

Best game of all time my dick. The best games ever are Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption, and any Halo game (except Halo 5.)

13 EarthBound

What the hell is EarthBound doing on this list? I am sure 90% of the users didn't even played it.

I played Earthbound on the snes recently and I believe it is a little over praised.

I'm pissed we didn't get mother 3 still. Release it outside of Japan

This is not over hyped it hasn't had a game in forever

14 Lego

Um no comments?

15 Temple Run

Stupid to the max

16 Super Smash Bros.

Because it's awesome! A lot of us are already deciding which characters we think should be in the next game!

This Needs To Be Number One

This should be at the top.

Ultimate, just stop.

17 Mario Party

I know this will be controversial but I think that Mario Party was never good, not even on the N64.

2018: Mario Party 11 is released.
2020 somewhere: Mario Party 12 will rock the series.

18 World of Warcraft
19 EA Sports NHL
20 Mass Effect
21 Destiny

This was the game to me that may have ruined console games forever. It was the first game I personally bought in which it felt like I was intentionally only sold an intro to the game with the goal of the developer being for me to buy expensive add on content to just get a full game experience. Previous games like Borderlands had additional content for sale for it truly felt like "add-on" content, new scenarios only tangentially related to the story and fairly affordable. With Destiny, much like many mobile games, I feel like I got the demo version (for $60) and was expected to pay even more for the full version.

Oh, and it was really boring.

22 Undertale

Most. Overrated. Game. Ever! And it's not even that good.

The two games are quite decent. But the FANBASE? Noipe (that typo was intended).

Crappy overrated pile of garbage.

23 Red Dead Redemption
24 Halo

Halo 5 very much deserves to be on this list. The lack of splitscreen coop was simply too egregious an oversight to be forgiven and I won't forgive. You had one good game halo. Then three mediocre sequels and then you made me angry.

Halo 3 god *nostalgic seizure* that hype

25 Battlefield
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