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1 Dimitris Kyrsanidis

The best of the best.. unique Style - passion - run.
He won 2 times in a row the world competition of red bull. (2014 &2015). I believe that he will win also this year
A legend of free running

Because he is the first best parkour in the world but I don't know this is real or what.

Dimitris kyrsanidis is the best freerunner in the world, he even won the red bull AOM twice, his creativity is so good, and also good at twisting, he invented the kamikaze vault

His passion and his devotion to freerunning and parkour made him best of the best!

2 Pasha Petkuns

What makes Pasha the greatest is that he's go the flow and rhythm which not seen in many of the freerunners!
Pasha the Boss!

He is super creative and has a lot of difficulty in his tricks

The most creative movement I have ever seen

Best freestyler and his flow and creativity is better than dk and almost every freerunner

3 Jason Paul

Jason paul is ten times better than pasha, it's just pasha is better with flow and style. Jason is 100% better in my overall opinion thanks.

He is the best red bull art of motion champion and a great freerunner.. He is of course better than others and uses great tricks

Jason paul is an amazing freerunner and has multiple Red bull art of motion lists

He has a better capabilities than others.. He is Jason Paul

4 Tim Shieff

You are so good that I would invite you to my house and also your rating 50 it's how good you are

Most athletic human on the planet

I just did a random

Your mom gay lol

5 Victor Lopez

An OG who should certainly be on this list.

He is the best

Victor Lopez is a member of team tempest and one of the best freerunners around he also invented the dash bomb

6 Dominic Di Tommaso

Is the best in high front flips

Dom Lyon 25, amazing!

The coolest of the Farang team

Just cray

7 Ronnie Shalvis

Ronnie Shalvis is really inspiring he's a really good teacher, he pushes the limit and trains hard. I used to sit home and play video games all day, but when I saw Ronnie street stunts videos it changed me I become a different man. Parkour makes me feel free and clears my mind. Ronnie is an amazing guy, I hope one day to be just like him. He's really good at free running. He's not a a tipical free runner

He has the all around best tutorials explaining them well and thoroughly so that we are safe when we do them. He taught me my first backflip and if there is a trick I want to learn it's him I go to.

One of the best role models in modern day fitness and parkour/ freerunning. My favorite parkourist and role model. He is also great at parkour and freerunning. He inspired me to do parkour and now I know many things because of him.

Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie... when will you understand that there is no one in the world better than you in free running. you have really inspired a lot of lazy and simple humans to start learning parkour. you have made parkour so easy that it has become a part of our lives now. I can't even imagine one day of not doing parkour in my life.

8 Bart van der Linden

Very good creativity and clean movements

He is the bart life, and accepts it

Best in the Netherlands

He won the art of motion

9 David Belle

I think you have to see more David Belle videos. He has the best physique and body for parkour and he does stunts and jumps are crystal clear

He should be in top he is the one because of whom parkour and freerunning had started

He is the founder of parkour and freerunning. Everyone comes after him

He is the inventor of modern parkour

10 Jesse la Flair

Probably the most famous freerunner around thanks to his YouTube account he is also one of the best at tutorials. But he throws down when he trains and throws huge tricks and jumps

Jessie makes the impossible happen, he is so fun to watch but he is also great at motivating people to get out there and try parkour.

La flair is good but where is the founder of the free running.. David Belle should be on number 1

He is creative/does creative tricking. He is the best I have seen

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11 Damien Walters

Damien Walters literally triple front flipped over his house off of a swing. Most epic parkour I've seen in a while. And if you check out the video he did with DevinSuperTramp, the skills he used were AMAZING. I also once saw him jump about 1-2 stories by backflipping and landing on a mat. I seriously don't know how Damien isn't number one

No other guy has got such unique and extraordinary skills and speed that this guy Damien Walters has got. He's a gymnast and trampoline and tumbling expert and he incorporates his expert skills in his parkour. He is the apex free runner. I'm a huge fan of him

I think that he is the man with the best freerunning. He deserves to be at the top and that's for sure. And about being weird... Actually he IS the BEST. Yup

I think damien walters should be 1st because he is one of the best gymnastics people so why not parkour and free runing?!

12 Toby Segar

Toby Segar is one of the best free runners out there. He’s participated in many parkour, free running events, this includes ninja warrior and is apart of the awesome YouTube channel STORROR

This guy is best double kong in hong kong

Hi I have red hair and I do parkour

The best guy at long distance

13 Calen Chan

Crazy crazy tricks, Loves doing kong gainers too.

He coached me in utah for parkour cool dude

Epic dude overall and awesome tricks

So talented!

14 Erik Mukhametshin

Yeah this guy has the biggest tricks around the Russian throws double backs flat on concrete and does ariabian 1 and a halfs on cement he is insane

this guy doesn't even care

15 Simon Nogueira

He has a appropriate style has he even, he is fluid and show creativity. Simon makes natural movements thus beautiful.It is the principle of the freerunning.

I think he is one of the most underrated freerunners! His style is awesome

Best free runner French 2016

He is the best

16 Anan Anwar

The Thai pop star/freerunner is one of the most influential out there today him and his team farang are stationed in bankok and own the city he is amazing

17 Nick Provost

Nick provost has always been an inspiring artist for me to watch. He not only makes his stunts look amazing but he makes it entertaining for everyone else.

Nick pro is the most inspiring parkourer on earth heck he's the reason I started in the first place! 😁

Nick provost is really inspiring he encourages to keep trying you should check out his get back up Kong gainer video on YouTube

You are good

18 Ryan Doyle

I ve seen many freerunners but no dubt that in reality no one is like Ryan doyle also the first freerunning competition he had won the 1st position amongst all (red bull art of motion he is just awesome probably he may feel difficulty because of his broken leg but no one is like him he is the first person who had created the real mixture of freestyle tricking and parkour and form freerunning after him all had came and will come. He is the emperor of freerunning

He is good even after breaking his leg

Best free runner in my opinion

He is the best and No. One

19 Flip Rodriguez
20 Corey Demyers

Corey is a very unique freerunner make grabs in flips really popular

Cory has a great style :D

One of my all time favorites Corey Demyers is the best freerunner/tricker out there he has all kinds of crazy grabs that I can't even understand and the power in his moves is unmatchable

21 Bob Reese (The Cookie Monster)

My coach, has his own line of clothes in American Parkour

Best flow and creative tricks with high difficulty

Great flow, good lines, and perfect technique

He is be of the best free runners in the world

22 Drew Taylor
23 Yoann Leroux

He watches pewdiepie and loves blue crocodiles and is in redbull art of motion

Is the best one

Most risky tricks in art of motion, made templars be good at parkour, freerunning for such a long time, definitily in my top 5

24 Kie Willis

Freerunner since 10 years. He is a member of storm freerunning and he do incredible parkour moves.

25 Yann lobito

Is the best freerunner!

El mejor representante en Mexico

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