Top Ten Signs You are in Need of Friends

This list will go into deep depths on why you urgently need friends and why did I attempted eating the curry powder.
The Top Ten
1 Often or every time you try to choose a table to join in at lunch, people beside you or everyone moves away from you.

Some people are so mean and vain that they think they can only talk to or be around certain people. They think everyone else is beneath them and too uncool to be around. I hate those people so much. Honestly, what makes you better than someone else? Nothing!

Similar to what always happens to me. Every time I decide to join a loud and funny group, that group, which was once happy and laughing, becomes silent and angry. This happens every time. It makes me get the feeling that everyone actually hates me.

2 When you get angry or p****d off, they either smirk or laugh.

There's this really camp kid who, whenever I get annoyed, just does that irritating laugh of his.

3 Every time you try to join in a conversation, they tell you to "F***k off."

A "friend" told me something like this before.

4 You don't have or use Facebook

I don't like or use Facebook because it's more gossip than anything else. It's just another way for people to bully others and insult them without having to say it to their face. I don't want to be involved with that crap.

That's a good thing. I don't need or want friends, and if I did, then I wouldn't go to these toxic places.

I use Facebook. I don't have any friends, but I keep in touch with nice people.

5 Every time you tell someone what you did was awesome, no one is impressed and said they did that better.
6 You love fictional characters more than people you meet.

Well, not "love" in the kissing sense, but in most cases, I agree. As a writer, my characters are really the only friends I have seen in about a month.

I do have best friends in real life. I have kindly acquaintances online, but I do treat fictional characters as friends sometimes.

I wouldn't say this was true of me, but I have connected with some of these characters before.

7 The only events people bring up that happened to you are the worst, embarrassing and down right sad moments.

Do 1,000 good things. No one remembers. Do one bad thing. No one forgets.

8 You're never invited to any awesome parties at someone's birthday and you don't even plan any parties at your birthday.

I don't plan any birthday parties, you know, to save money.

9 You can entertain, amuse and awe people on the internet
10 You talk to yourself

It's nice to have privacy or alone time every now and then, but when you go too long with no company, it gets lonesome and boring, and the only person around to talk to is yourself.

The Contenders
11 You always forgive them for what they did, but now that you're the one wrong, you say sorry but they don't forgive you.

This happened. I got really violent, and it scared the crap out of everyone because I was always the nicest boy in class.

I guess you can do that to move on.

12 You're nice to other people, but they give you dirty looks and are mean to you

Some people are just mean and snotty and think they're better than everyone else. Why would you want to be friends with them unless you're just as bad? I don't want anything to do with those idiots.

13 You are often bullied or humiliated by other people
14 You don't get along well with others

I never got along very well with my friends. Every time we get along, the next day we're enemies.

15 You feel so lonely you could die
16 You often think of suicide
17 You're depressed all the time
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