Funniest Smosh Characters

The Top Ten

1 Ian Hecox

Yes yes yes

2 Anthony Padilla

YEEES, ANTHONY IS AWESOOOME, BUT WHY IS HE NOT NUMBER WUUN. I mean, I like Ian, but Anthony is the BEEST. - gakupo4eva

3 Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

From Drunk Guinea Pig Bath
Ian: A lot of you suggested that I do something with Charlie. So today I'm going to give him... A BATH.
Charlie: WHAT THE F*** IS A BATH? - gakupo4eva

4 Teleporting Fat Guy
5 The Damn Neighbor
6 Sergent Anous
7 Cletus
8 Ian's Mom
9 Stevie
10 Billy Jean

The Contenders

11 Hugh Jasshol
12 Courtney Miller
13 Noah Grossman
14 Larry Smellbutz
15 Keith Leak II
16 Peter Peter
17 Shayne Topp
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