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1 Patrick asks if mayo is an instrument

No Patrick, horseradish is not an instrument either! LOL! - Squidward48

This needs to be a running gag! - DynastiSugarPop

Hahaahahaahahaahahaa funny a food as a instrement - indian

2 Patrick gets beat up by Sandy

"Whoever's the owner of the white sedan... you left your lights on! "

3 Spongebob sings the Kusty Krab Pizza Song
4 "No, this is Patrick"

Is this the Krusty Krab? Lol

5 Spongebob meets Patrick Not-Star
6 Spongebob and Patrick raise a baby clam
7 Where's the leak ma'am?
8 Spongebob and Sandy get marries in a play
9 Finland
10 Patrick shows he's wearing a diaper

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11 Chocolate!
12 Patrick won't stop laughing
13 We have technology (Patrick hits Mr. Krabs dollar with a computer)

SpongeBob: "It didn't work"

No kidding?

14 Patrick says Spongeboop

Spongeboop man patrick is totally my favorite spongebob character - simpsondude

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15 I Love You

So much for flattering the customer

16 Spongebob annoying the Strangler
17 Patrick throwing snowballs at Squidward

You said you were SpongeBob, SpongeBob...

18 Squidward throws snowballs at no one

"Patrick, did you hear something? "

19 What? It's Just An Ordinary Krabby... OH MY GOODNESS.


now a meme

20 Plankton's version of F.U.N.
21 Patrick's Wallet

Return what to who?

Doesn't look familiar to me, Manray.

22 I'm Ready
23 The most important meal of the day, servin up gary's way! Pop!
24 Mr. Krabs swearing
25 Patrick asks SpongeBob to turn him into a jar of mayonnaise so he can eat himself

This is a season 5 joke... You don't want to remind me of season 5 - bdcool3

26 The Ugly Barnacle
27 Excuse me sir, I hope my horrible ugliness won't be a distraction to you. Not at all boy! (Sniffs air) DIAGUAHG!

This should be in the top10s. I laughed so hard about that guy's face.

28 I'm Ugly And I'm Proud!
29 Firmly grasp it!
30 Boo!(Patrick putting is thumb down)

"SpongeBob, what are you doing? "
"Oh, y'know, just... Hanging around..."

31 The Intermagments of my mind are Inagma (milk falling down in Patrick's mind)
32 Spongebob's Fork Joke
33 Patrick draws on Mr. Krab's dollar

I thought, y'know, maybe he'd buy it...

34 Write that down. Write that down. (Patrick draws tic tac toe signs)
35 The Seabear attack

"What'd I do that time!? "
"I don't know! I guess he just doesn't like you! "
"Pretend to be someone else! "

36 Sandy's a girl?
37 Customizations
38 He's tenderizing the ground


39 I can't see my forehead

Patrick, you have a problem too?

40 Soap Soap What Is Soap?
41 Too Much Sauce

Review's over...

42 Overtime?!
43 I'm Dirty Dan!

"Uhhh... I am? "
Then Patrick gets smacked by Sandy

44 Wumbo (SpongeBob this is 1st grade!)

I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me... WUMBO?

45 Spongebob attempts to show Patrick how to open a lid
46 It's a solid... It's a liquid... IT'S A LOUD SQUID!
47 Patrick reading a book that teaches him how to count
48 SpongeBob: what do you usually do when I'm gone? Patrick: wait for you to come back
49 Today's the big day, Gary!
50 There it is. The finest eating establishment ever established for eating. I'm gonna go in there and I can't do this!
51 Bring It Around Town, Bring It Around Town!
52 It's all about finger strength, baby!
53 Order Up!
54 Barnacles!
55 Tartar Sauce!
56 Ah, Shrimp!
57 Good morning world and all who inhabit it
58 Kare-A-Lay!
59 Fish Paste!
60 Sandy, You May Have Not Noticed, But I Is 100% Mam-Male!

Ready for hibernation

61 Life Is As Extreme As You Wanna Make It

Maybe we didn't sing it right...

62 Kare-A-Tay!
63 Who you callin' Pinhead?

"Why can't I be Dirty Dan!? "
"Why do you want to be Dirty Dan? "
"I'm dirty! "

64 Hahahahahahahah it's a giraffe!
65 There Is Always a Shortcut
66 Patrick tells Rocky he can go when he feels like it
67 Sandy asks Patrick if he has to be stupid somewhere else

Not until 4:30...

68 Patrick asks if he can say people from Texas are dumb
69 Patrick asks if he should start running now
70 It may be stupid but it's also dumb!
71 Who needs dumb old Texas!
72 Could you give me change for a quarter?
73 Spongebob filter feeding
74 Would anyone care for a bon-bon?
75 Mr. Krabs Crying
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1. Spongebob annoying the Strangler
2. Squidward throws snowballs at no one
3. Patrick throwing snowballs at Squidward
1. Patrick asks if mayo is an instrument
2. Patrick gets beat up by Sandy
3. Spongebob sings the Kusty Krab Pizza Song
1. Patrick asks if mayo is an instrument
2. Patrick gets beat up by Sandy
3. "No, this is Patrick"


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