Future Technologies That Already Exist

It's hard to believe that technology that seems to be from the next century could exist today. No one could comprehend this 10 years ago.

The Top Ten

1 Nanotechnology

How is it future tech if it exists in the present day? - Cyri

Scientists are now able to manipulate materials on an atomic level. Who knows what possibilities this has? - Cazaam

2 Genetic Engineering

Another technology where the possibilities are endless. From crops that can grow faster and resist insects to possibly a breed of humans that are immune to all known diseases... Who knows? - Cazaam

Genetic Engineering is the most difficult and creative Subject.

3 Thought Controlled Prosthetics

There exists artificial limbs which can be controlled the same way you'd control your actual limbs. How is this possible? Through a small implant into the brain, that's how. - Cazaam

4 Powered Exoskeletons

Ever wanted to be Master Chief? Well now you can. Many people are developing suits which can greatly increase a human's abilities. - Cazaam

5 Artificial Conciousness

I don't know how this works... It's just strange to see artificial creations that seem to be people and act somewhat like people but aren't. - Cazaam

6 Cloaking

By manipulating light using metamaterials it is possible to make things "invisible" This was successfully done with a paperclip in the UK. - Cazaam

7 3D Biological Printing

A life saving technology. Transplants are a thing of the past. Using this technology, scientists have created bones, hearts, teeth, and blood vessels. At the moment it takes approx 10 years but I see this can be reduced yet... - Cazaam

8 Curing Blindness

With an implant into the retina, people who were blind can see somewhat... - Cazaam

9 Holography

Who wouldn't want their very own hologram? Coming in 2017! - Cazaam

10 Suspended Animation

Replacing a person's blood with a saline solution keeping them alive but unconscious. This is a good for people with serious injuries to their circulatory system. - Cazaam

The Contenders

11 Driverless Cars

I'm not so sure about this one it could be really dangerous

Just get a nap and you are in your destination.

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