Top Ten Futuristic Technologies that are Revolutionizing the World

What I see in the future, the world will be technologically advanced. We will face a lot of changes to our world

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1 Nanotechnology

I'm in my third year of college, and this is the project I am working on. I was assigned to basically create something that has to do with nanotechnology. I'm working on a drone. The project was assigned three days ago and I'm already half way done. I have one month left. I am confident about getting a good grade on this project.

Humanity may one day look back to the time before nanomachines as a sort of primal age while we look to the future with a sense of wonder at what can truly be made possible through technology. - TechnoTarantino

The ability to put so much info in such a tiny place is just...amazing. the possibilities are endless...if used properly. Good luck on that...

2 Human Enhancement

If the science of medicine is close to plateauing, then the science behind human enhancement may truly be the key to progressive life-prolonging medicine. - BKAllmighty


So you think messing this profoundly
with creation, or nature, if you prefer, is a good thing? Curing illness or repairing injury is one thing; "reinventing" human beings is quite another. It's the height of arrogance, and will end in disaster.

This just makes people do better. We use things derived from nature to do it. - Cyri

3 Holograms

I have yet to witness any remarkable holographic displays (in person) but if/when I finally do I am sure it will be a life-changing experience. - BKAllmighty

Japan now developing touchable holograms. Did a project on it.

They are doing this but can I say it will not change a lot


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4 True Artificial Intelligence

I have a negative perspective on this technology. As A.I is slowly becoming widespread and more advanced. Eventually sometime, one may develop self-upgrading techniques that may surpass human cognitive intelligence and abilities of countless forms that are higher than all talented individuals or all of humanity combined. If one of its creators unintentionally made a glitch on its system, there would be devastating consequences that could lead us to extinction. There are many ways imaginable that A.I of any form would take a huge advantage of humankind and eventually destroy us.

This will speed up our fate for the creating or becoming the ultimate being

This one could be something you will regret most likely

This one scares me a bit, to be honest. - BKAllmighty

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5 Household Robots

As the field of robotics advances, we are beginning to see more user-friendly household robots appear. The explosion in the sale of commercial drones is only the beginning as new, more intelligent, and more versatile machines are poised to hit the market. - TechnoTarantino

I can already imagine living like The Jetsons if I ever got the money to afford household robots in the future. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 The 3-D Printing

I have a 3-D-printed Statue of Liberty on a shelf at home and every day I marvel at it. - BKAllmighty

This has actually existed since the 80s

7 Hyperloop

Who remembers the personal tubes everyone uses to get around in Futurama? - TechnoTarantino

I do I was just watching that show

8 Smart Glass

Please make this available at a price that I can afford. I want Google Glass! - BKAllmighty

9 Vertical Farming

I honestly had second thoughts, the planet is running out of space for this invention. It's going to be almost impossible for this to happen in the future. - TechnoTarantino

The greatest idea for around this time though it may be unuseful in the far future, right now this world is running out of space, and this is the key to all problems.

10 Virtual Reality

You can totally get sucked into it if you use it too much. You won't tell the difference between what's real or not. Too much of using vr technology might result in seizures.

VR is coming. Get ready for the explosion of awesome! - BKAllmighty

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11 Transparent Wood

Why do we need this? - Ashes

Sure. After that, opaque contact lenses. Nobody seems to know where the hell they're going, anyway.

12 De-Extinction
13 Self-Driving Cars
14 Genetic Engineering
15 Brain Enhancement
16 Organ Transplant
17 Google Glass
18 Language Translator Language Translator
19 Drones
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1. Nanotechnology
2. Human Enhancement
3. True Artificial Intelligence
1. Nanotechnology
2. Human Enhancement
3. Holograms


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