Best Garry's Mod YouTubers

Blah blah blah I love gmod and if you are here so do you so vote on who is the best in gmod

The Top Ten

1 Venoss

I haven't watched a single one of his videos without laughing out loud.

Venoss by far has the most subs and he has a lot of videos in general

You are my most favorite you-tuber in the world


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2 H20 Delirious

Dude you are awesome with your houses

Delirious's knack for getting killed in games makes him the funniest on this list, but due to poor mic quality, he is better in Vanoss's videos

3 VenturianTale

He is a cool YouTuber keep up the good work venture homelessgoomba bethanyfrye immortalkyodai

4 Lui Calibre

Doritos bag for the win

6 BASICLLY I do wrk
7 NecrosVideos
8 Mini Ladd

That moon episode he is like alright Mario we are gOing back to world 1-1 He is Mario and says Nonono I don't want to go back to the pipes!

9 Kitty0706

His videos are just pure entertainment and they're HILARIOUS! Highly recommended YouTuber!

10 MooShnuckel

I don't know much about this guy

The Contenders

11 Daithli de nolga
12 CriousGamers
13 SeaNanners
14 Kuledud3

Breezy, Mike, Ramsey, Zack, and Bing are all hilarious. They just have a channel full of memes and funny random stuff (like Bree singing the "Cotton Eye Joe" in the middle of their Halloween special. I suggest you check her out.

15 Zuthar13
16 BigJigglyPanda
17 Sips
18 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

Because he is the best and plays LIKE! A! BOSS! #jacksepticeye. IS A BOSS!

He is the best YouTuber ever and plus if you don't like good he has a lot of other fun and entertaining videos #like a boss

19 DasBoSchitt

I love his idiot box videos, sadly I believe he isn't producing content anymore

20 UberHaxorNova
21 TheGamingTerroriser

NPC battles

23 SpyCakes

A good g mod player has friends named ob and Komodogameing he can bringing your day if your getting bullied in school! He will make you happy spy also dose ather games like raft. But his mayn game is g mod.

24 Kwebbelkop
25 FragOutSentry
26 Fourzer0seven
27 Theinvertedshadow
28 LetsPlay
29 Mr. Gibbs
30 The Atlantic Minecraft
31 BedBananas

Leader of the asdfs!

32 Xycron
33 PierreTheGod
34 ChiefMufasa
35 Sir Nerd
36 Mr.Sark

Yes he doesn’t upload as frequent as the stated above youtubers but when he does there is no way you don’t laugh at least once in his videos. His Videos are so well edited and should receive a lot more recognition. I was shocked to not see his name in the top ten and devastated to not even see it in the list.

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