Best Garry's Mod YouTubers

Blah blah blah I love gmod and if you are here so do you so vote on who is the best in gmod

The Top Ten

1 Venoss

I haven't watched a single one of his videos without laughing out loud.

Venoss by far has the most subs and he has a lot of videos in general

Venoss is bae - XtremeNerdz12

Because he is the best YouTube in the world

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2 Lui Calibre
3 H20 Delirious

Delirious's knack for getting killed in games makes him the funniest on this list, but due to poor mic quality, he is better in Vanoss's videos

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4 VenturianTale

He is a cool YouTuber keep up the good work venture homelessgoomba bethanyfrye immortalkyodai


Doritos bag for the win

6 BASICLLY I do wrk
7 Mini Ladd

That moon episode he is like alright Mario we are gOing back to world 1-1 He is Mario and says Nonono I don't want to go back to the pipes!

8 MooShnuckel

I don't know much about this guy

9 Daithli de nolga
10 Kitty0706

His videos are just pure entertainment and they're HILARIOUS! Highly recommended YouTuber!

The Contenders

11 NecrosVideos
12 CriousGamers
13 BigJigglyPanda
14 Sips
15 Jacksepticeye

Because he is the best and plays LIKE! A! BOSS! #jacksepticeye. IS A BOSS!

He is the best YouTuber ever and plus if you don't like good he has a lot of other fun and entertaining videos #like a boss

16 SeaNanners
17 UberHaxorNova
18 TheGamingTerroriser
19 Fourzer0seven
20 Theinvertedshadow
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