Best Garry's Mod YouTubers

Blah blah blah I love gmod and if you are here so do you so vote on who is the best in gmod

The Top Ten

1 Venoss

I haven't watched a single one of his videos without laughing out loud.

Venoss by far has the most subs and he has a lot of videos in general

Venoss is bae - XtremeNerdz12

Because he is the best YouTube in the world

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2 Lui Calibre
3 H20 Delirious

Delirious's knack for getting killed in games makes him the funniest on this list, but due to poor mic quality, he is better in Vanoss's videos

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4 VenturianTale

He is a cool YouTuber keep up the good work venture homelessgoomba bethanyfrye immortalkyodai


Doritos bag for the win

6 BASICLLY I do wrk
7 Mini Ladd

That moon episode he is like alright Mario we are gOing back to world 1-1 He is Mario and says Nonono I don't want to go back to the pipes!

8 MooShnuckel

I don't know much about this guy

9 Daithli de nolga
10 Kitty0706

His videos are just pure entertainment and they're HILARIOUS! Highly recommended YouTuber!

The Newcomers

? TheGamingTerroriser

The Contenders

11 NecrosVideos
12 CriousGamers
13 BigJigglyPanda
14 Sips
15 Jacksepticeye

Because he is the best and plays LIKE! A! BOSS! #jacksepticeye. IS A BOSS!

He is the best YouTuber ever and plus if you don't like good he has a lot of other fun and entertaining videos #like a boss

16 SeaNanners
17 UberHaxorNova
18 Fourzer0seven
19 Theinvertedshadow
20 LetsPlay
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