Top Ten German YouTubers that Once Were Among the Most Famous but Whose Relevance Has Decreased


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1 coldmirror coldmirror Kathrin Fricke, better known by her channel name coldmirror, is a German YouTube star, voice actress, comedian, web host and internet personality born on October 13, 1984 . more.

Coldmirror has been around since YouTube began in 2006. She quickly became the most subscribed German YouTuber and was the first one to gain a fanbase. She was the first that got attention even outside of the YouTube community. You could say quotes from her videos and everyone in class knew what you meant. That was at a time when people could not make money with YouTube, and when YouTubers were not yet considered celebrities. Basically, coldmirror brought German YouTubers on the map.
Even though coldmirror's subscribers and views are way above average, she's far away from that status now. She's not amont the 100 most subscribed German channels anymore, and is no more a core part of the YouTube scene. Nevertheless, she is still often called the greatest German YouTuber and is much respected by other YouTubers who at the moment have more relevance. But the generation after me doesn't really know her.
(She is best known for her "Abridged" parodies of the Harry Potter movies, but ...more - Martin_Canine

2 Applewar Applewar

Fun fact: Chan, the guy on the left in the front row, who is one of three "faces" of Applewar, was featured in a T.V. documentary yesterday (May 24th 2017) and suddenly had a boost in popularity... still I doubt he'll get much mainstream attention. - Martin_Canine

In the 2000s and very early 2010s, this nerdy comedy group who adores mangas, video games and visit conventions was very well known in the German YouTube scene and even brought YouTubers to fame that are still relevant like iBlali or Taddl. In the meantime, YouTubers became celebrities, and they stayed more underground, having a loyal fanbase but not mainstream attention.
The guy in the last row on the left is Ardy from DatAdam before becoming famous himself. Hard to recognize him without the anime hair and the filter mask. - Martin_Canine

3 FilmkritikTV FilmkritikTV

Uploaded popular movie reviews, but sadly he died in 2012, before YouTubers reached celebrity status. - Martin_Canine

4 CommanderKrieger CommanderKrieger

This guy's channel is a weird phenomenon.
He still has a high number of subscribers for a German YouTuber (around 800.000) but doesn't get that many views anymore. For whatever reason, his videos often gain only a few thousand views, while YouTubers like KuchenTV, who has only half his subscribers, often have hundred times as many. - Martin_Canine

5 StrawbellyCake StrawbellyCake

In the very beginning of YouTube, she was a well known singer on YouTube. That was way before one could even think of gaining fame with YouTube, especially in Germany, because YouTube still had a small community. But in that community, she was well known. When YouTube became huge and German YouTubers became celebrities, her views didn't increase.

She also released the best music album by any German YouTuber, but unfortunately it wasn't a commercial success like other albums by German YouTubers. - Martin_Canine


Was a friend of coldmirror, and back then in the 2000s, you were automatically popular on YouTube if you collaborated with other YouTubers. It was easier and more relaxed back then, when YouTube was still a small community without much fame.
As Taddl said in his video where he states why he quit YouTube to become a musician: "Back then, every YouTuber was a dude who just wanted to make videos, and everyone was connected and recorded stuff together." - Martin_Canine

7 AequitaS AequitaS

Was a popular singer in the rather small YouTube community of the 2000s, a friend of coldmirror, and also collaborated with Applewar. He deleted most of his videos in the meantime.
But a very touching musical tribute to coldmirror's dead singer by him and StrawbellyCake ("Tribute to Clo") is still online on coldmirror's channel. - Martin_Canine

8 Simon & toffa Simon & toffa

In the early days of YouTube, they were friends/pseudo-rivals with coldmirror and they frequently made fun of each other. They uploaded short pseudo-commercials for their website.
In the meantime, the channel is deleted, the videos can't ne found anywhere and they closed their we site. - Martin_Canine

9 TheTrueBlacky TheTrueBlacky

Was a dubbing artist who translated popular English language animated videos into German and helped them getting famous overseas. His most well known videos were his dubs of "Llamas With Hats". - Martin_Canine


A channel that uploaded song parodies.
Until 2015, they were extremely relevant and famous in Germany and also released a successful comedy music album, but then they broke up.
They also have solo channels, but they don't have that many views. - Martin_Canine

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11 Gronkh Gronkh Erik Range, also called Gronkh, is a German YouTube personality, computer games developer, computer and video game journalist, musician and entrepreneur best known for creating and publishing the YouTube playthrough video game series Let's Play.
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