All Time Greatest Home Run Hitters

Steroid suspicion or not, they gave us some memorable moments.

The Top Ten

1 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.

No steroids and he pitched for a few seasons not as many at bats.

Hank Aaron played way longer he had way more at bats and only had 41 more homeruns - shoobs

Really great baseball player. He was always my idol in baseball. - jasonfoxrox

He was on track for HOF as a pitcher.

2 Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron still has the all time home run leader in my book. Using steroids is a way of cheating the game of baseball. And cheating like in everything else gets you disqualified

Awesome, Would of had the most home runs if Barry Bonds would have not took the steroids

The all-time home run leader, minus steriods. - nevaehotyawriats

He was a good guy and showed it on the ballfieild

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3 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

Never pick up the steroids, and you'd get Hall of Fame votes.

Drop the steroids, and you still got Hall of Fame stats.

4 Willie Mays

Willie Mays would have had more homers if he hadn't served in the army for two of his prime years, and if he hadn't played his home games in unusually spacious ballparks. - 5ToolPlayers

5 Ken Griffey Jr.

Only player from the steroid era who didn't cheat. Also with all his injuries, he likely could have had the most home runs all time if he was more healthy. Very underrated and unappreciated due to the cheaters like Bonds, Rodriguez, and McGuire.

Ken had the sweetest swing in baseball. - Jman2021

6 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez

Pretty good at cheating. Only got caught and suspended 3 times. - 5ToolPlayers

Pretty good shortstop but took steroids


7 Chris Davis
8 Reggie Jackson

He didn't just hit homers...he hit CLUTCH homers. By the way, y is JIM THOME on this list!!! Sosa and McGwire aren't even in the top ten - 3anegroes

9 Mark McGwire

Steroids or not the man could hit it to the moon

Big Mac hit Em farther than anyone

10 Jim Thome

The Contenders

11 Mickey Mantle
12 Frank Thomas

He intimated his opponents by swinging an iron rod on the on deck circle he found at the wreckage of Old Comiskey Park - crazyeyes56

13 Ted Williams
14 Josh Gibson

He was known as the black babe Ruth, and rightfully so. He was said as hitting 74 home runs in one season. He was a pure power hitter - Jman2021

15 Frank Robinson V 1 Comment
16 Giancarlo Stanton Giancarlo Stanton

Totally. If he does't get injured, he has a good chance at 600

Best power hitter of all time. most potential out of every man on this list.

17 George Brett
18 Albert Pujols
19 Evan Longoria
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1. Barry Bonds
2. Hank Aaron
3. Babe Ruth
1. Hank Aaron
2. Babe Ruth
3. Willie Mays
1. Chris Davis
2. Ken Griffey Jr.
3. Barry Bonds



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