Top 10 Greatest Jedi

The Top Ten Greatest Jedi

1 Obi-Wan

Yoda isn't number one. I'd have to rate it like this:

1. ) Obi-Wan: Brave and passionate Jedi, basically trained Luke as a ghost and defeated Anakin's anger and hate. Also gave us one of the most passionate scenes ever, on Mustafar. Beat a guy wielding FOUR LIGHTSABERS!
2. ) Luke Skywalker: The only Jedi ever to turn a Sith Lord back to the light side of the force.
3. ) Mace Windu: Defeated Darth Sidious and would have killed him without Anakin.
4. ) Yoda: Was winning fight with Sidious until the two of them blasted backwards. Also you could see Sidious was afraid of him.
5. ) Qui-Gon: He may not have been the greatest at combat (debatable though, because Maul won by cheating) but he was very wise, and shaped the series. Trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, and discovered Anakin Skywalker, which led to the creation of Luke Skywalker. Qui-Gon is awesome.

Well since Luke was the actual person who did 2.), then Luke should be the best. - jmtoptens

This is not correct though he was a good jedi there's no way you can rank him number one

Best Jedi ever, the only Jedi master who fought against siths, troops, tanks, everything and gave shape to the destiny of the galaxy with sword and blaster (defeating both "the trade federation and the empire). He was also the master of many great jedis like Anakin and Luke, He defeated Anakin, darth maul and general Grevious in combat and more.. He guided Luke to destroy the death star from beyond the force... He is by far the most influential character of the star wars saga..

Ben kenobi chose to die... When and how

My favorite Jedi ever! he defeats Anakin in a duel he defeats Darth maul twice. he is amazing and survives order 66. he trained Luke and he trained Anakin. he learned how to be a force ghost and represents hard work.

2 Yoda Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

Even sidious try to run away of yoda.

A short green guy with weird ears who talks funny. what's not to like

"Do or do not, there is no try" - qaz9999

Yoda makes Sidious scared as hell in one short fight through a basic force push.
Trained practically everyone in the Jedi Order for the past hundred years due to his old age. No him, none of the people below can even be qualified to be on this list.
He is a Jedi who never fell to the Dark Side even after hundreds of years whereas Anakin thought he could save Padme and fell to the Dark Side thanks to Sidious.
Only weakness of Yoda - Force technique too slow but very powerful due to him being a consular and not requiring it to be quick and effective.

Yoda is the strongest jedi ever. Even the more powerful Sith Lords lost against yoda. He is an impressive, little guy with a unique wisdom in the force and an excellent jedi master. Even Darth Sidious tried to avoid a fight, so how come we have to discuss who's really the greatest jedi.

3 Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker is a fictional character appearing as the central protagonist of the original film trilogy, and as a supporting character in the sequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.

Luke has the most character development on this list. He goes from a complaining teen to a powerful, mature, and flat out awesome young man. He's the guy you just want to win. The power of his father, the wisdom of Yoda and Obi wan, and the compassion of Padame. Luke is just flat out incredible. All the stuff he has done at such a young age. He defeated his all powerful father, and later, the most powerful sith to EVER LIVE. He blew up the Death Star at age 18, and becomes the most powerful force user of all time.

Luke is my favourite jedi. There are not many people who survived battle with Darth Vader and did not die. And even if they did, the didn't return to second round. Luke did it. He fought Vader twice and once was victorious. He brought him back to light and saved the galaxy. In legends, he became the MOST powerful jedi ever. And of course, his suit and lightsaber from episode 6. He should be first.

I agree that there are better Jedi on this list, but you really have to credit Luke with restoring the Jedi Order that had fallen under the leadership of those above. If he had turned to the dark side, only one person (Leia) would have a shot at stopping him. Instead, he chose not to strike down his father and now the Sith are no more.

Luke skywalker in episode 7 he could do force waves force heat waves and becoming one with the force that means turning all of his cells into force with out having to die.

4 Mace Windu Mace Windu is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel films.

Awesome in the films and even better as he was developed and fleshed out in clone wars

Mace windu is probably the most powerful, we never see him did, just fall off the edge of the building. Obi wan also says to anakin "if you practiced your saber skills as muh as your flying, you would match even mace windu " or something like that. This suggests that mace windu has the best saber skills.

Yes, I agree, that Mace Windu is a strong jedi. His lightsaber skills are incredible, and he even beat Darth Sidious, who is probably the most powerful sith lord ever (no one knew, that he was the sith lord, but he manipulated anakin (! For his own schemes). Even Yoda (who is - for me - the most poweful jedi) couldn't beat him unanimous

Lol Darth Sidious defeated Mace Windu. You have it backwards. Darth Vader defeated Darth Sidious. - Tommy_99

Mace Windu has won against Darth Sidious and can channel rage against the sith he can beat almost any sith because they use rage, hate and fear

5 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He appears in the original trilogy as a main and pivotal antagonist serving the Galactic Empire, while his past as Anakin Skywalker and the story of his corruption are the focus of the prequel trilogy.

I mean, he was the chosen one. His path was rocky but he did the right thing in the end

He killed count dooku with ease once he was a Jedi. While obi-wan would have been killed by dooku if it wasn't for anakin. Obi-wan may have defeated anakin but it was once he was darth vader, and you can tell at that time anakin/darth vader didn't have a clear mind, and was in conflict with himself.. Which probably kept him from fighting at his full potential.

If I have to say who is the powerful jedi of star wars, I say Anakin Skywalker. He is the chosen one; born from the force. He will bring balance in the force. Sure many jedi have great ability, like Kenobi, Yoda, Windu, Revan, ecc... But only anakin bring balance in the force, and he is the only jedi who became a ghost of force without learning the power from Qui-Gon Jinn (yoda and Kenobi have to learn this power). Nothing more to say!

He is the chosen one. I like Yoda as much as I like him. He's super cute as a boy. He won a podrace as a human, killed Darth Tyranus, the emperor, and cut off Luke's am which scared the galaxy. He soon became the darkest sith of all time. He then filled in his role as a jedi, and showed that he was the true jedi chosen one.

6 Qui-Gon Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn is a fictional character in the Star Wars saga, portrayed by Liam Neeson and is one of the main protagonists in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

One film and yet he proved himself both a great character, talented dualist and awesome jedi

Truly the most peaceful of the jedi and even though he disagreed with the council many times. He was right in believing that Anakin was the chosen one. He was also the first jedi in history to become one with the force. The other jedi are skillful like Yoda and Kenobi but none had the same connection to the force as Qui-gon.

Without Jinn, there would be no redemption of Anakin and there would be no balance in the force. Jinn taught Yoda and Obi how to become force ghosts. Without Luke having communication with Ben's ghost, his training would never be and he was the only one strong enough to face Vader. The empire would have crushed the rebellion with Sidious and Vader and the galaxy would be lost.

He found the greatness in Anakin, trained one of the greatest Jedi of all time obi wan kenobi, if it weren't for him the sega won't be the same!

7 Kit Fisto Kit Fisto Is a Jedi from the Star Wars universe who appeared in Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge Of the Sith, and also appeared in the TV show, Star Wars the Clone Wars,

He's a Jedi Master on the Council who actually has a good sense of humor. He can breathe underwater, and a really fast swimmer. By the way, he gets to save Aayla's life and won her heart!

He is one of the only Jedi to have mastered type one of lightsaber arts, and his skills as an amphibious species is awesome.

The only other jedi apart from Obi-Wan Kenobi to come anywhere close to defeating General Grievous. Plus, he later gets to use two lightsabers and has that awesome smile! It's really too bad that we never got to see his true fighting talent so much in the actual movie series. He may not be as important or as powerful as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, or Mace Windu, but he'll go down in jedi history none the less, as the guy that "fought with a smile".

this guy can breath underwater and on land he's awesome

8 Plo Koon

All around one of the greatest Jedi as he was smart and cunning skillful in the force as he was the most notable example of the few Jedi who could use force lighting (not true force lighting but emerald lighting as it was dubbed by him I believe) and he was a accomplished Jedi battle master and one of the finest duelists to live

He is the a really powerful jedi. He only lost to the clones because the shot him down when he didn't notice

He's the coolest Jedi ever. I really don't like how he died thought. I always wanted a figure of him. Yoda is hilarious. So I say he should number two. All I can say

He can control the environment, practices 2 types of lightsaber combat, amazing pilot and Darth Maul is afraid of him!

9 Ki-Adi Mundi

Awesome Jedi.
The guy was able to defend himself before his death even though he didn’t know what was going on.
Survivor of the battle of geonosis.
One of the wisest Jedi of all time.
Cool as cool can get.

Greatest death scene in star wars. Has one of the highest seats on the council behind only Yoda, Mace and Plo koon. Def underrated

In the last scene before he dies he did pretty good

Wow you need a head cut

10 Count Dooku Count Dooku of Serenno, from the House of Dooku is a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise, appearing in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith as a primary and minor antagonist respectively. He was portrayed by Christopher Lee and more.

He was trained by Yoda and before turning bad trained qui Gon. He was when he was good a powerful jedi, even if only referenced in the movies. I think he counts.

As a Jedi and a sith he was equally one of the greatest dualists ever

He shouldn't be in this list... He became a sith later... What was the use of becoming a jedi then?

He is stupid he should get out of this galaxy

The Contenders

11 Revan

He mastered the ways of the light side of the force, until the only thing to learn was how to leave the Jedi. Tired of their sissying around, he left the order to fight the Mandalorians (Space Huns), then became a Sith, mastering the dark Side and the Star Forge, a great and powerful dark side nexus. He then very nearly destroyed the old republic and the Jedi order, until he was betrayed by his apprentice (he also started the rule of two). He was then taken back to the light and retrained as a Jedi, then refaced with the power of the dark side, and in full knowledge of both sides, rejected the dark, redeemed himself and his lover, Bastilla, defeated Darth malek, now a master, destroyed the Star Forge and rebalanced the force thousands of years before Anakin was even conceved.

Revan's only weakness was blindness towards his trusted companions goals, had he not been betrayed he would have ruled the galaxy and been the most powerful leader ever to lead the sith and the republic.

Revan's legacy is the greatest of all Jedi/Sith, embodied in both Darth Bane's 'Rule of Two' and the continued survival of the Republic itself.

The only person who would even stand a chance who is above him is Luke

12 Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka Tano is a character in the Star Wars franchise. Introduced as the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, she is a central protagonist of both the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the subsequent TV series.

Over clone wars and rebels she developed into one of the most interesting original characters of these series.

Better than most of the jedi in the order. She knew staying with the order would have hurt her more than it would help her, and she was able to find a greater strength without them and act as a 'fulcrum" for the rebellion. Definitely top 10 material.

Great jedi for her young age, has a great potential as a leader as she is able to keep her cool and think outside the box, hope we see her more in Star Wars: Rebels.

Ahsoka Tano is amazing.

13 Galen Marek Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, was a male Human apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. A powerful Force-user who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire, Marek originated from the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk as the sole offspring of two Jedi Knights—Mallie and Kento Marek—who deserted more.

He beat his own master Darth Vader, then he took out the emperor himself and spared his life, why he even brought down a star destroyer by just using the force! He isn't the best but he deserves a spot in the top 10.

He is not a Jedi, but his clone is. He has amazing force abilities and he should be a lot more places up. He can take on anybody ahead of him in this line. He will make a great fight with anybody. He took on darth Vader and won he should be voted for

100% yes the only person to surpass him would be Bane

Galen Marek was undoubtedly the best. he is the true essence of a hero!

14 Shaak Ti

There was a deleted scene of her being killed during order 66. Anikan was ordered to kill her because general palpatine knew she would be to powerful to take alone. She was without a doubt the most powerful female jedi ad was well known for her connection with nature. General Grevious made it clear that he feared her and she bested anyone that went against her. Sadly she didn not have much screen time.. but it makes up for that in the comics. Overall deserves to be put at least number 8

Shaak Ti is a great Jedi- skilled in the force. She used battle meditation to help the Jedi defeat the seperatists and same with the 501st Legion Order 66. She has one of the highest medichlorian counts and is impressively skilled in lightsaber combat despite her abundant use of the force.

She's wise and powerful, and she can control the environment of planet felucia with her force power! She's one of the best female jedi ever!

Looks great and fights awesomely.

15 Aayla Secura

She has defeated aurora sing in battle she has fought grievous n is highly skilled with the force n with a light saber she has went to the dark side n came back not to mention she saved vos from the dark side too she was also for a short time before order66 became a Jedi master

Interesting Jedi

She is a good Jedi,why is she only 14th?

16 Rey Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by British actress Daisy Ridley. First appearing as the central character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child, and later becomes involved with the Resistance's more.

Speculation; in episode 8 Luke has trained Rey.

She's only a scavenger who has the map of Luke Skywalker. She was scared of the lightsaber at first but she was very strong at defeating Kylo Ren, even she was not trained.

She has raw power, she can control it. She killed palpatine.

Bad at first got better later

17 Satele Shan

Master at Battle Meditation, Master at telekinesis Master at Absorbing even a lightsaber blade from a sith master, Trained in every saber form and Jedi master and council leader during the fall of Vititate, responsible for the discovery of tython and the descendant of both Bastilla shan and Revan.

Battle Meditation, EXTREMELY powerful force wave enough to bring an entire mountain down on Darth Malgus, and SUPREME saber skills. Before battling Malgus she annihilated SEVERAL sith by "dancing" in a line wiping them all out in just a few seconds. She was a no-nonsense beast among Jedi!

Satele Shan was a master of battle meditation. She was also a master of the Force technique Tou-Te-Menaz, or the ability to absorb things like a lightsaber blade or Force lightning. She was also very wise, eventually becoming Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

From Star Wars Old Republic- was Grand Master- same position as Yoda onloy more powerful.

18 Quinlan Vos

Cool and kind of funny, he helped Obi-Wan track down Cad Bane! He was in the Clone Wars. He sadly is not very well known.

The greatest tracker ever he trained with Obi-wan and even survived the great jedi purge then before that trained aayla secura as his padawan need I say more

He dueled Mace Windu and drew him. After he revealed his skill in Vaapad.

Great Tracker. Actually in Mos Eisley in the Backround of episode 1

19 Hero of Tython

He's clearly the best. People just favour the movies for some reason. The sith emperor could destroy worlds and was clearly the greatest sith ever. He defeated revan using only his mind and yet the hero of tython rose to the challange to kill him and save the galaxy and universe from being destroyed by the emperor

To little is known of him

Destroyed the sith emperor, Vitiate.


20 Yarael Poof

Wise Jedi. He sacrificed himself and saved the lives of millions. If it wasn't for him, the Jedi council would be no more. He was stabbed and wounded but still used the force to stop a weapon of mass destruction from destroying Courcant.

If you do some research on Poof you find out he saved an entire planet! He saved master yoda and tons of other jedi from dying! How great is that!

Poof should be in the top ten
For being one of my favorite jedi masters.

long neck

21 Meetra Surik / The Jedi Exile

Defeated 3 insanely powerful Sith Lords including Nihilus who can eat whole planets.

22 Adi Gallia

Smart jedi master, one of the hedi council's leading members for decades, intuitive, her force powers are considerable- being able to achieve basic force pushes, leaps, bounds, kicks as well as being agile. she's a skilled pilot and has trained siri tachi, who was herself very powerful.
She has fought many foes, bested bounty hunters like jenna zan arbor and survived skirmishes with general grievous.
Her fighting style is shien- like fellow master plo koon's, which is very endurance-based but often she holds her weapon in a reverse one hand grip for better effect. she is also a capable unarmed combatant.
Gallia is a well known and respected master but she isn't as strong as shaak ti or depa billaba, so I would rate her as number 7 or 8.

23 Kanan Jarrus

Simply awesome

24 Ben Skywalker
25 Yaddle

She absorbs a deadly biological weapon to save many lives

You look like Yoda

26 Even Piell
27 Anakin Solo

Son of Han and Leia.

Uhh... This awesome dude should be way above Ahsoka Tano. I can't even believe that. Anakin Solo was awesome, he just didn't get a chance to grow up and kick ass.


It's actually Ben Solo. Din't you hear Han Solo shout "BEN! "?

I hate him for the following reasons:
1) He got defeated by a Jedi who's never been trained
2) He does not use the force
3) He killed his own father
4) He is very weak, even though he has a cool lightsaber

Anakin Solo is NOT Ben Solo. Two different people, and Ben does use the force for your information like when he stopped the blaster bolt at the beginning of Force Awakens. Anakin Solo IS in fact a real person. Maybe read the books and play the games before commenting on things you don't know about. - LordEmpyrion

28 Nahdar Vebb
29 Bob

He is probably not called Bob but his name is unknown as the only evidence we have of him is in some sort of Lego set which I have forgotten. He will be found in the Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary.

I love his name

30 Kyp Durron

He is a baller

31 Jacen Solo

Jacen is number one of all time. He turned into Darth Caedus that should be in top 5 sith.

He is the best like anakin or darth vader and darth revan. They was Jedi and then and then sith. Anakin is leias farther and Leia is jacens mother so anakin is jacens grandfather! 😀

32 Coleman Trebor

Well, he did have huge courage when he attempted to defeat count dooku

Meh. he is quite brave

Are you kidding me he is like the weakest Jedi of all time every Jedi except him would beat jango fett even Barris offee would kick trebors but.

33 Kyle Katarn Kyle Katarn is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. Kyle Katarn served many roles throughout his life. Katarn was involved with the stealing of the Death Star Plans in Star Wars Legends. Kyle Katarn later found out he was Force sensitive, and joined Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. He served more.

Kyle Katarn is an excellent Jedi, his lightsaber skills are second to none in the time after ROTJ. He also managed to fight the conflict of the dark side within himself, whilst still managing to harness some of the powers of the dark side. - Reconkiwi

34 Depa Billaba

She should be number 18

Lol what?! Seriously? Adi Gallia and Rey above Depa Billaba?! what?!

35 Rowan Freemaker

He can use the force while with carbonite blindness!, and he's made by Lego - VideoGamefan5

36 Tholme

He survived near death twice and had his eye cut out by darth tyranus and still survived the great jedi purge

He was the leader of the jedi spy network. He successfully placed agents all throught the seperatists. He discovered the second sith lord (palpatine/darth sidious) but nobody believed him.

37 Jaina Solo

Jaina's pretty cool, but probably could only go up a few places.

Who is that?

The first exclusive EU character on the list. Jaina is so many hundred times better than Rey. Not just as a Jedi but as a character. Probably has something to do with the fact that the EU is so many hundred times better than Disney has been making.

38 Stass Allie
39 K'khruk

He just will not die; Galactic Trimvirate after Sith-Imperial War, Survived Great Jedi Purge, one of the few jedi to survive Grievous

He survived Order 66 and he looked cool

40 Cade Skywalker

Great great grandson of anakin great grandson of luke grandson of ben and son of kol skywalker and is the best jedi ever in my opinion. - con

Killed Darth Krayt, who assisted Luke against Abeloth; Best Healer ever

41 Kento Marek
42 Zett Jukassa

He puts up a good show at the jedi temple.

He does I suppose

43 Ulic Qel-Droma

Really ulic qel droma is like the best as swordsmanship

A powerful and noteworthy Jedi Knight before falling to the Dark Side and Exar Kun, Ulic redeems himself before his death by teaching padawan Vima Sunrider, daughter of his former lover Nomi Sunrider, the ways of the force.

44 Cin Drallig
45 N'Kata Del Gormo

One of his apprentices were Yoda so if you think Yoda is so awesome he had to start somewhere!

N kata del gormo trained yoda he's #1 worthy

According to legend he was Yoda's Master - micahisthebest

He is so number one

46 Luminara Unduli

How is Luminara here when Zett Jukassa and Nahdar Vebb are above her. She would woop there asses. Not to mention Zett is a youngling!

47 T'ra Saa

Mace Windu's Master, Survived Great Jedi Purge, Saved Remnants of New Jedi Order in 137 ABY (After Battle of Yavin) by assisting Nat Skywalker in sacrificing their lives to scatter the One Sith Fleet

48 Ganner Rhysode

Not a Great Jedi, but he performed possibly the best feat in the Star Wars Mythos by defeating 10, 000 Vong at the World-Brain and a Vong Tank-Beast before dying.

49 Oppo Rancis

He is a uses ambush. a key to attack

Had to be killed by a trick.

Looks amazing

You are a lazy jedi and stupid SB - matt20061

50 Agen Kolar

A Jedi who took part in the failed attempt to arrest Palpitine with Kit Fisto, Mace Windu & Saesee Tiin.

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