Most Hated Big Brother (U.S.) Contestants Ever


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81 April Dowling
82 Daniele Donato Daniele Donato Daniele Donato-Briones, was a contestant on Big Brother 8, and Big Brother 13 along with her father, Dick Donato.

The only reason she got as far as she did was because of her dad. She was super whiny and annoying and acted as though the world revolved around her. But to be fair, Dick did understandably screw up her entire childhood, so she's not completely at fault for how she behaved.

83 Judd Daugherty Judd Daugherty
84 Jennifer Vasquez
85 Kalia Booker

If you're against production, the viewers will see your edit less favorably than the feeds, which is what happened here.

86 Jase Wirey V 1 Comment
87 James Rhine James Rhine
88 Jordan Lloyd Jordan Lloyd

Floater who's life vest was a showmance. To be honest, her season kind of sucked so anyone winning that season would have been an absolute disappointment. But she was just bland. She's like a slightly less appealing slice of bread; not quite the end piece, but not good enough for a grilled cheese.

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89 Ragan Fox
90 Victor Arroyo Victor Arroyo

I liked Victor. He battled his way back into the house 2. I wish he would still be in the house.

I like him, he's annoying at times, but he seems kind. He cleans a lot which is good and shows his respect for the BB house. His mama raised him right. Hope he wins.

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91 Erika Landin Erika Landin

Racist bitch

92 Eric Stein
93 Michael Donnellan Michael Donnellan
94 Tonya Paoni

Homocidal Maniac

95 Kristen Bitting
96 Renny Martyn

Doesn't even notice when shes insulting people and expects people to be nice

97 Marcellas Reynolds

How is howie not on this list. His exit from All stars was rediculous.

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